Almost every new day brings news of yet another horrific example of gun violence that is totally out of control in America., often with young children as the innocent victims. At the same time, there is disturbing news of Trump-supporting election deniers being elected or appointed to positions where they will be able to distort the vote count in key swing states in the 2024 presidential election - very possibly meaning the end of US democracy.

Meanwhile more and more evidence that the January 6, 2021 armed invasion of the US capitol by Trump supporters was an organized conspiracy to overthrow the US government by force and violence and install government by dictatorship keeps emerging from the Congressional committee investigating this event. In addition, the US Supreme Court appears poised to bring America closer to fascism by taking away one of the most basic of all human rights - that of a woman to take control over her own body.

There is now dark speculation that the Court might move even beyond this to outlaw same-sex marriages, or even interracial ones.

Overseas, the US is already engaged in a war with a fascist dominated Russia - in which brave Ukrainian solders are now the proxies for defending freedom against a brutal tyrant and war criminal whose ambitions seemingly have no limits - and who is also rattling the nuclear sabre.

In the face of these and other grave threats to freedom and human survival - I haven't even mentioned the global warming crisis and coming world food crisis - does it make any sense to divert attention away by stirring up fears of a "migration crisis" at the US border over the Biden' administration's attempt to end Title 42?

Is this really in America's best interests? Why are immigration opponents so fixated on the "threat" that more nonwhite asylum seekers might be able to assert their human rights under US and international law to seek refuge in the US from violence, poverty and dictatorship in their home countries?

Why is the goal of keeping more brown and black immigrants out of the US at all costs seemingly more important to the "strong borders" crowd than saving the lives of American schoolchildren, protecting our endangered democracy from a right-wing, neo-fascist coup, and safeguarding Ukraine, and all of Europe, from the onslaught of the most dangerous, barbaric, war criminal, human rights violator and mass murderer that the world has seen since the end of WW2?

The above question answers itself.

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law
Harvard Law School LL.B.
Harvard College A.B