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why some Americans Are anti immigrant?

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    Bin Laden OR saddam is just a person, I was talking country wide. its the same As one person ready to pay more for american made product in America but majority of them prefer cheap product. and cheap product only can be delievered if you either degrade the quality or get cheap labor. I,m talking Retail here. don't go for extra ordinary things like arms Or tanks or missile etc.


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      I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to live in other countries during my life, and believe me, most people who live in thier native countries are anti-immigrant. That is not a trait that is exclusively American. Just because the US is a country that is viewed as a traditional immigration country, that does not mean that we should expect its citizens to accept all immigration without reservation. It is only human to be a little bit uneasy about people who are very different from you settling on your home turf. Even animals protect thier territory from others. It is an instinctive defense mechanism. All animals, including humans, want to protect thier offspring and fight so that thier offspring will be on top. That is why immigrants come here and that is also why some Americans wish that so many of them wouldn't. Americans don't want immigrants to come for the same reasons that immigrants want to come: for selfish reasons. It is probably foolish for an American to think that immigration is actually a threat, but it is just as foolish for an immigrant or potential immigrant to think that he cannot have a good life unless he leads it in the US. I am not saying that people have a right to be hostile or mean to immigrants, I am just saying that Americans are no worse than anyone else in this aspect. I am not afraid of immigrants, because of the experiences I have had, but I just try to look at both sides of the coin. All Americans aren't anti-immigrant, greedy, hateful people and all immigrants aren't hard-working, saintly, people who would starve if they had to stay in thier home countries.


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        What makes native americans unique is that they were the first to the land. Under most legal system discovery is a recognized means of ownership.



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          deport illegal aliens


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            I know America is not the only country with anti immigration sentiments. And I realize that we cant let everyone in for political, social and economic reasons.

            I also think however that those not give us the right to treat people like animals. To start with I find the word "alien" offensive. These are people not aliens. Also I find unacceptable the way legal immigrants are treated. Families are separated for years, not because they are here illegally but just because the INS hasnt had a chance to look at their application. The INS is intentionally inefficient and bureaucratic and no one cares. That is very wrong.

            I also dont like our immigration policies that reward illegal behaviour. I am obtaining residence through lawful means and I find it insulting that they will grant a MExican who jumped over the border ILLEGALLY his Citizenship overnight but will take years and thousands of dollars to get to my application. As I said earlier, the INS policies and laws contributes to people not wanting to comply with the law.



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              I agree about the mexicans. But at least you won't have to keep looking over your shoulder if you take the time and do it right.


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                  geesh, why bother?


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                    do you use drugs?


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                      Monica already has her ***** ****ed real good...fool!


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                        think about it,do you really think americans,and I mean real americans,who came from Europe,want to see black,asians,hispanics,diaper heads on the street while driving home from work,our goverment is destroying this country,we look at them and get sick to our stomachs. Thesr people do not know how to make there economy work,so they run to the white people,America,Canada,Europe.


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                            You disrespect people in another country by illegally forcing your will upon them and you call it hate and racism? Pretty selfish behavior !!!Where is the compassion you demand from US???? You damage folks finically here and think nothing of it .You affect the Education of my child and think nothing of it??? They have no Rights to be protected??? They sit in overcrowded classrooms exposed to life threatening diseases because you decided to by-pass our laws and health checks. You created the immigration problems and we OWE YOU NOTHING, NOBODY OR NO COUNTRY DOES, THE RIGHT TO BE HERE IS GRANTED BY ME AND OTHER CITIZENS PER OUR LAWS.DOES JAPAN HAVE AN ILLEGAL PROBLEM , NO THEY/WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CONTROLL WHO COMES HERE


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