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      NO !!!! not again.
      You both are right in your arguments, yes he can write what ever he/she wants like others. and Maximu76 is write too. If the people keep writing garbage and unnecessary polls which has no meaning Like president of the board etc' of course it hurts people who loook for real answers. People start to stay away from this board because if you open the post you only see either cut past from some old news, statics, unnecesary polls, or arguments. seldom you see some real meaningfull question or answer.
      Not to blame any one but we all contribute to distroy useful info, there are only certain meg assigned to discussion if you keep writing the last old written page is deleted and overwritten by new page.
      Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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        Wrong on every count !

        I have 3 steady girlfriends and a couple on the side. I am 42 and in great shape. I dovorced her she didnt divorce me.

        I stand up for the rights of US Citizens against fraud. If you don't like it - too bad ! This is AMERICA and I can say whatever I want.


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          You are not representing all US citizens nor do your racist views and comments.Why does immigration discussion always turn into race? All types and colors of people are American and have immigrated.This is what makes our country beautiful but by reading our views its also what brings this ruler of the world white-man mentality from persons like yourself.


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            Michael, your village called.

            Their idiot is missing.
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              Hatred and bad prejudice make people go nowhere. Everybody make mistakes, a person who try to understand others always gets blessings. If you start believing and treating others nice people, I believe you will have a happy life. Do you feel happy after accusing others, things that you dont know?
              Nobody can change nobody, its the law of nature, if you can change yourself maybe you can change the world. Happy holidays everyone, have a merry merry Chrismas and a Happy new Year


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                I hope the 3 steady girlfriends and the 2 on the side are full red-blooded American girls. You've seen what happens when you join the dark side with these grint women. Stay pure. Stay American. Be strong. I am hoping you can repent for your past behavior with the Estonian grint. I will give you a second chance. Don't blow it. Stay pure, stay white, stay with blonde American girls. You can do it. Be strong.


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                  Actually I agree and disagree with you guys....there are so many posts where stupid discussion goes that doesn't have direct connection to immigration...but people who come on this board for sure they are not attorney or lawyer or with good knowledge of law ... they are general people with different professions ... once they start talk about immigration ...the whole topic goes somewhere else ... and ends up completely on different destination... we all are not same and this is open public forum so then discussion goes into reasons, society and overall cases and what should be done.... If one person starts that...the chain goes on and on to justify each others view ... and we lose control or boundaries of immigration field...

                  Sure there is lot of useless topics that has no meaning or gain regarding immigration...what I think is no one should accuse others based on their own bitter experiences or prejudiced beliefs ... and try to be in limit of immigration as much as they can...that way we can benefit from each others...Have a good night ! Pasha


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                    At first I thought this was a discussion board meant to give people dealing with Immigration issues some support, networking opportunities and lets them exchange useful information.

                    I guess I was wrong. I guess it was a discussion board meant for Michael to put effort into putting people down and taking all of his daily frustrations out on people who actually aspire to do something positive with their lives.

                    Good job Michael, you found yourself a meaning to your life! You must be feeling very accomplished spilling insults and hatred here.


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                      Exactly! This is a board dedicated to immigration issues, and people come here looking for help and advice in regards to it. They do not come here looking for opinions of people opposed to immigration, legal or illegal.


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                        I do not believe that this forum should allow posts like this:

                        "Your "partner" seems to have quite a lack of morality to begin with by having a child out of wedlock. Furthermore, I applaud the agents who kicked her fat *** out of the country. Anyway, it's a shame they don't kick your fat *** out too." by Michael.

                        Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, but I was shocked when I read this post - since it offered no helpful information the person was requesting -- only insults that make me feel really badly for the Americans. Although I do realize that Michael is not representative of all Americans, messages like this create an awful image of this great country and make an impression that it is populated exclusively by ignorant racist xenophobes. Thank God it's not so.


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                          That particular message posted by Michael was in response to someone looking for help to bring their USC child into the U.S., the person that Michael gladly refers to as "kicked out" came to the States on B1 and accompanied a USC infant. She and the infant were denied entrance to the United States at the point of entry.


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                            Well, I do belong to several other immigration forums, where moderators strictly enforce the language and the rules of the forum. People get kicked out of the forum for offensive language and insulting messages like this. The forums do not bar people from expressing their opinions if those opinions are not expressed solely to offend the other forum users.


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                              yes, I do agree, but as far as I can see this forum lacks moderation and nobody suffers any consequences for their inappropriate behavier. Pity.


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