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getting married, but one of us is not USC

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  • getting married, but one of us is not USC

    I've been living with my boyfriend (USC) for 4 years, first of two in Europe (where I'm originally from) and other two years we've traveled back and forth between US and Europe. Last time I entered to the U.S was in September and my B2 visa was about to expire in December. Since we really-really love each-other and want to be together forever (doesn't matter in which country, but what it does, is being as LEGALLY as possible), we decided that I should apply for the B2 visa extension. As of today I've got the approval for the extension for 6 months (from November until May). But during the time, when my extension was being processed by INS, my boyfriend proposed me. So, what should I do now? I have 2 more months left to be here (legally). What is the best thing to do next? Get married here in the U.S within two months? Or go back to my home country and get married there and do all the frustrating K-3 visa "thing" from there? Need advice, please!

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    You should not have any problem getting married here as you entered USA legally.Even if had over stayed your visa you would have been able to adjust you case here in US cause you are getting married to a usc. Hope fully you should nat have any problem with your case . But you should get married and apply for AOS. Don't worry Laws in this country do work for people some times.Good luck


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      Many thanx for being so positive! But what is AOS?


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        adjustment of status


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          This is what you would need to do.

          First of all...
          You dont need to be an Citizen (USC) or Resident (LPR) of the united states to get married.

          Gettin' married does not makes you citizen / resident

          Once you get married, you would need to apply using this forms

          I-130 Petition for Alien Relative
          EAD (Employment Autorization Document) So you can work/study
          I-485 AOS You need to adjust your status since you overstayed.

          There is some other forms that comes with I-130 you need to fill them out, all of them.

          If you go to..
 (New site) you can search for the forms, download them and check them out, let us know if you have any more questions.

          Good Luck



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            ...and for how long will I-130, EAD and AOS take to process? Thanx again


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