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    I wish you good luck and all the best for your journey. Be positive and take necessary action and learn your case closely so you know what to do. You can get lots of info in immigration sites.


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      Thanks a zillion guys!
      Beware of small expenses. A small leak could sink a big ship.


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        Hey can anyone answer my questions at top which was:

        My husband is doing an Adjustment of Status from the Visa Waiver Program(I am a USC). His VWP I-94 has been expired for 6 months. On the I-485 it asks for his "current INS status" and "in what status did you last enter in". I have heard that from different sources that I should put down either "expired visitor", "visitor" or "visa waiver program". What should I put down for the answers? Should I mention the VWP or does it not matter?

        On the I-485 they ask for my husbands I-94 #, I have an I-94W# (on a little green card) from the VWP, is that the same thing?

        Lastly, we are moving around the state a lot, on the I-485 it asks for our address, it it ok if we put our address from Mailbox Etc. on the forms instead of our residential address? Do I have to note my residential address anywhere or will putting just my mailing address be ok?

        And FYI my husband and I got married 70 days into it. We talked to lawyer before and said as long as it wasn't really close to the date he entered it would be ok. Yes, w eknew each other before but after two months of him being here did we decide for him to get married so I think that will be ok with INS.


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          For your first question, the answer is VWP. No need to put expired coz' at the time he entered it still valid.

          Secondly, attach the copy of whatever I94. Its the same thing. Do not send any originals with your application except the forms.

          Actually the interviewer not really ask how many days after you came in that you get married? That is why preparation is very important. When they see you well prepared, they won't ask more. The first normally they will ask is the tax returns, then birth certificate, then other proof of marriage.

          Finally, never ever use p.o. box address coz' USCIS letters cannot be delivered to p.o. box address. Do not moving from another place to another coz it might jeorpardy your case. Furthermore they also would like to see the rent lease as the proof of marriage. So stick at one place until the greencard approved.

          Good luck.


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            Hi Everyone...

            I am waiting my Visa to become current for Family based sponsor and then will be eligable for AOS. Currently am F1 student, and was wondering, when I fill out my appliaction for AOS, and provide my current status (F1/I20), will the INS get in touch with the school and acquire information regarding my Student Status is correct or not using the new SEVIS system? or will they simply go by the I20 form (which states I am "in-status") and process my appliaction without doing too much back-ground check? Anyone who has a knowledge in this, your response is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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              Stardust and Me2

              Sorry to break this to you, but being "prepared with paperwork is not going to save you from questions. If that officer decides you committed Visa fraud to circumvent k1/k3 program .. a removal will be in order. Be selective and careful in your answers about how you met. USCIS moves quickly away from this topic if you didnt know each other beforehand. so be very careful and take precaution!!!


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                Every local IS office gets like 5-15 VWP marraiges a day. They're kinda used to it by now. They'll ask you your intentions, so you just say "you married on a whim" and say nothing else. Even if you get denied, just appeal -- and then the IS has to *prove* your fraud, and 99% of the time -- they don' thave the resources, and the judge grants your adjustment. Check the stats. Very rarely do they wind up getting denied once appeals go in.

                -= nav =-


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                  VWP admitted aliens do not have the right to appeal or appear in front of IJ.


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