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Problems with my wife( US citizen)

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  • Problems with my wife( US citizen)

    Dear Sirs

    I follow closely your very useful web site and I would like to know if you could be of any help in my situation.I married about 10 months ago and so far so good I receive employment authorization haven't been to fingerprinting yet and up to now this was my biggest problem but now the situation changes dramatically.Recently my wife( US citizen) become totally different person I can't recognize her,there were regular problems between us,she constantly try to extract as much money as possible for me and because finally I decide not to give anything to her until I don't receive reasonable explanation for her behavior she moved out of our apartment with her 2 kids.She never requested divorce officially just using this as a treat to take money and after all I still believe that we love each other but on the top of everything is this immigration issue.I've overstayed my visa for almost 18 months and I know that in my case INS will be very suspicious during the interview.I'm afraid also that they can come to check at my home( they didn't do this so far but you never know) and I'm wondering what should I tell them.There is another problem with my employment authorization which will expire soon and I have to renew it personally in their office in downtown.The last problem is if eventually I receive letter for and interview and my question is can I postpone the interview and what I have to tell them in order to do this? As you can see my situation is very complicated on one side are the personal problems with my wife something I don't want to get into details because at this stage it is problably not of any value to anybody and on the other hand my immigration issues which make me so vulnerable? I will appreciate your prompt response.

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    You can postpone, when you get the letter, you write back asking for a later appointment because there is a conflict that day. But it will delay your file. You should sit down with your wife and talk to her. If you love each other, you should try to work this out. If you separate now, you will be ineligible for any other kind of visa, since you are out of status. Even revoking the petition can cause problems, because then you will have accrued so much unlawful presence, and will be barred for 5/10 years if you leave usa. But seriously, you need to sit down and work it out. If one of you didn't enter the marriage for love, it will continue to plague you. If you are not living together, you may have trouble in your interview because your answers won't match, then they could come visit your home, etc.

    My advice, talk to her and work it out.


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      I am in the exact same situation....


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        well,your wife can go and cancel her petition and u would be deported watch out.also,since u havent been married long enough and since u saying she was asking for money that would get u in more troubles as the ins would think one of u were in this marriage as a way to get something else.fraud marriage is so so bad.i will say if u dont get back with her ASAP and work out your marruage u wont have a chance to stay here.It is after all her who petitioned u to stay here and u would stay here only if she helps is all in her hands.u know if ins comes and not find her u would be detained and may be jailed.try to find out if she taled to ins about cnacelling the petition.


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          guest,you need to return back to yr county because you don't have any basis to stay here because yr marriage is failed.why should we allow you to stay here.stop looking tool to abuse the laws.first you entred in marriage fraud and now seeking a reward for that.can you give us a single reason to let you live here.gooooawayyyy. we don'tneedany more ,go somewhere else


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            This is the second thread I found this morning with "another" linda on it. Folks, it isn't me. I asked the moderator on the other thread and I'll ask again - will you and the staff at ILW consider registration to participate here? Only creeps and insensitive people will stop posting and we can try to learn and help people here. This is way past old and you've lost a lot of good people to other sites as a result of these people. I think registration would help, and I'll be the first to do it.
            To the original guest, I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, but I hope things work out for you.


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