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Can my parents still apply for me if we are outstide of US?

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    I knew this question will come back.I already had answer for you.
    245i takes long time, and you don,t want to wait.
    petition under 245i preserved the eligiblity to apply for AOS at the later stage. If you file visa petition before 245i extension expires, properly filed application preserve the eligiblity .
    I don,t have answer regarding waiver based on your parents condition, but to eligible to get the waiver, they have to file petition first, and other condition has to meet the requirment Ex; poverty line.
    I can say for sure that waivers are hard to get.


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      This person has not explained whether his parents submitted any I-130 on his behalf years back when they were permanent residents and they could have done it. If that petition would have been filed before April 2001, by now the petition would be automatically converted to 1st-Preference Category and this person could apply right away for 245(i)-based AOS before leaving the U.S.


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        No,they didn`t submitt. any I-130 before.
        If i wait for i245 to be reinstaled it will take who knows how long, and even if i245 is out now i have to wait 4-5 years cuz waiting time for unmarryed sons is 4-5 years right?
        And without possibility to work while waiting.
        I dont see any fast way for me to stay with my parents.
        We want to be together and that is the reason why we move from US.
        I just dont understand what INS think about people who filed aplications under i245?
        If that people can`t work while waiting for AOS in US how that people can suport their relatives?
        They will be forced to find an job with false SS or something similar then...


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          ...and i spoke with couple of lawyers last month.
          I told them that both my parents are USC and disabled,they cant live without me (only child) and all answers that i got were - you have to wait 4-5 years.
          I dont know if my parents will even live all that years.


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            ...and an more thing.
            I am from an west european country where we also have lot of immigrants from around of world.
            But i know that all that people can bring to my country all children (and even +21) and wifes that they have.
            And when they become citizens they can bring almost all relatives they have.
            Waiting period 3-12 months max.

            I didn`t know anything about US immigration before but i see now that +21 sons or daughters even of USC dont count anything in US.


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              Lexy, that's the immigration policy here - America has MUCH MORE immigrants than any other country in the world, that's why it's not possible that relatives of LPRs/USCs cannot come right away here. There IS a logical solution to this issue, sure, but I am not sure whether it'd suit to the interests of big businesses that unfortunately control our life.


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                Lexy, here it is the Visa Bulletin that you need to look at:



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                  yeah thanx

                  Priority Dates for Family Based Immigrant Visas:

                  First: Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Citizens

                  1st 22MAY99 so, its 3,5 years from now right?


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