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OPT work illegally, will INS know ?

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    I am agree with Bush because govt has detained thousands of illegals for last 3yrs just because they are illegal here and even though they have nothing to do with terrorism but govt wants to detain them indefinately, so you will be next. Until 9/11 govt was sleeping, that's why you have got away.


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      Yesterday, my sister who was working as a housekeeper was detained by the immigration officials in Los Angles. She was working without papers and paying taxes. It was very surprised to know how immigration found out about her because we don't have any family or friend whom we may think might have reported about her, but then we realized that because of she was paying taxes, immigration may have found out through IRS. She is detained and under deportation proceeding right now. She is living here since 1988 and has no U.S. relative or any thing to avoid deportation. I just wish that she should be on IRS record.


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        deport illegal aliens


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          to sofi garcia.

          how she could work and pay taxes if she didn't has papers, I mean SS# ect.. OR she had FAKE SS# and thats why IRS reported about her to INS...could U explain?


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            deport illegal aliens


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              My sister came here on tourist visa in 1988 and back then Social Security Office used to issue ss# to a person who holds a valid visitor visa, but they have changed their policy since 1994, so she has valid ss# but it says it is not allowed to use for work, but my sister is using it since ever in order to pay taxes because my employer doesn't know nor IRS until now when IRS & SSA computer system are linked to BCIS systems as what SAMMY pointed out earlier. For the last 15 yrs, she doesn't have any problem.


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                deport 'Sammy', who is showing the ways to all these law breakers, law manpulators to get settlement in this country and we don't want these type of people in this country.


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                  Yes, we do. It is your type that we don't want.


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                    INS has deported my sister on last thursday on July 3,2003 without any hearing in front of immigration judge. She was told that pursuant to new law, she is subject to 'expidited removal' being illegal here. Now, she is barred for 10 yrs to enter to come over here.


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