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    hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that I met with my lawyer today, and she said that in actuality about 70% of waivers get approved. I am not sure if she was talking about overall or just the I-601 - but either way the general conversation sounded a lot more positive than 10% (ok so it sounded like a range of 10%-70%) but I thought I would share the news that it might not be as difficult as we all imagined (At least I hope not!!)

    Hope you all had a good turkey day (even if you didn't celebrate)

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    That's a very positive update. I believe the board will be hearing some success stories soon.


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      Could u be more clear! Is it about 10% of success or 10% of failure.
      Thank u!


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        Thank you for posting that news That's the most positive thing I have heard in a long, long time.
        I wonder which types of waivers this includes, and how accurate of an estimate that really is...
        but positive news none the less

        Thanks again!


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          Hi guys. Bibi - That is anywhere from a 10% chance of success to a 70% chance of success for waivers. This depends on where, who, and what mood, etc. But, it sounds like there may actually be a chance for well-prepared waivers (although there is still a 30%-90% failure rate).

          I will definitely keep everyone posted on the process (which is driving me nuts... trust me a good lawyer really earns their money - even if it is $10,000 or more!!!)

          Take Care!


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            Hi Juju.. i know it definitely includes the I-601, although I am not sure if it is alone. Also it appears that if processing is done internally (i.e. without being sent out of the embassy/ins office or other place of interview) results might actually be obtained in 2 months or less!

            ok gotta get back to work!


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              Waivers are at 10% @ approval. Normally aliens are filling the waiver of I-601 , either are not eligible for the waivers OR got denials because incomplete information . If the waiver is approvable the INS Ask alien to file the I-601, if not then most probably alien is not eilgible.
              Yes! I-212 has the rate of 70 %, but it does not make any difference in some cases.


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                well that's not always true mohan.
                INS asked me to file for a waiver I601 and they
                denied it 3 times !!!
                I am working on another one with new facts .


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                  A waiver won't get approved until is filed a couple of times with INS.


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                    Do you have any experience waivers to share with us ? How do you know that ?
                    I filed mine three times and I am about to file it again for the 4th time ((


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                      AAA - from what I understand your application was not filed correctly and it was and I-601. Please correct me if I am wrong.

                      That will put you in the denial percentage which from what Mohan writes is about 90% or even if there is a fluke and there is a higher approval rate such as 70%, there is still a 30% chance of denial. Unfortunately, if your waiver was not filed correctly it definitely gives it a higher chance of being in the denial area... Although I do hope that your new application is approved.

                      Waivers your statement is very interesting, can you elaborate on how you obtained that information. I have to admit that I am still naive and hoping for a first time approval, but if I need to prepare myself for another submission before the waiver is approved, I would like to know it now.

                      Thanks everyone for your input.


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