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Sammy, no one has ever answered this question! What are the government benefits a co-sponsor would be liable for?

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  • Sammy, no one has ever answered this question! What are the government benefits a co-sponsor would be liable for?

    What is the list of government benefits our co-sponsor would be liable for? Say if hubby needed food stamps, medicaid, section-8, etc.

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    What is the list of government benefits our co-sponsor would be liable for? Say if hubby needed food stamps, medicaid, section-8, etc.


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      Sammy has been deported. And, your husband will be too.


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        guest- Don't be so f'ing stupid. Pay attention!


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          Here you go Joe


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            josephine you're such a c u n t! How it is possible that youn plan to apply for food stamps for your husband! GET HIM TO GET A JOB!


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              Cosponsor is equally responsible for the alien as original sponsor. Affidavit of support is issued that the alien will not go on Welfare or other means tested programs of the government for 10 years or till alien becomes USC, whichever is earlier. Even if the alien has no health insurance, the sponsor and cosponsor will be responsible for his Hospital Bills.
              Good luck.


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                Hi josephine! don't listen to the people who are being ****y, I thought it was a good question!


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                  LOL those 4 letters that it filtered out for me are J E R and K ! Is that really so bad!? ;-d


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                    If you guys paid attention you would know that Josephine's husband does have a job.


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                      To You're a Scum:

                      Another non-registered PUNK shoots off his mouth.

                      Idiot, for your information, I asked the question to help out another poster.

                      I have cut and pasted below part of my reply to that poster, followed by the link.

                      "I have requested a list of the restrictions on this site before, but never got a response. I will post that question after this reply."

                      Here is the link, go read the WHOLE ****ed post and see what an absolute moron you are for assuming things. Then, come back and apologize to me without calling me by your mother's name.



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                        To: To Josephine Schmo:

                        Thank you SO MUCH for the link!

                        It explains EVERYTHING the other poster was asking. I'll go post the link there right now.


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                          TO: JOSEPHINE SCHMO

                          Under section 403(a) of Public Law 104-193 [Welfare Reform Act], aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States, with certain exceptions, are ineligible for most Federally-funded means tested public benefits during their first 5 yrs in the United States. This provision does not apply to public benefits specified in section 403(C) of Welform Act or to State public benefits, including emergency Medicaid; short-term, non-cash emergency relief; services provided under the National School Lunch and Child Nutrition Acts; immunization and testing and treatment for communicable diseases; student assistance under the Higher Education Act and the Public Health Service Act; certain forms of foster-care or adoption assistance under the Social Security Act; Head Start programs; means-tested programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act; and Job Training Partnership Act programs.

                          FEDERAL MEANS-TESTED PUBLIC BENEFITS= To date, Federal agencies administering benefit programs have determined that Federal means-tested public benefits include Food Stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income [SSI], Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and the State Child Health Insurance Program.

                          STATE MEANS-TESTED PUBLIC BENEFITS= Each State will determine which if any, of its public benefits are means-tested. If a State determines that it has programs which meet this definition, it is encouraged to provide notice to the public on which programs are included.

                          If the immigrant on whose behalf an affidavit of support is executed receives any Federal, State, or local means-tested public benefit before this obligation terminates, the Federal, State, or local agency or private entity may request reimbursement from the sponsor(s)[joint/co sponsor] who singned the affidavit. If sponsor(s) fails to honor the request for reimbursement, the agency may sue the sponsor(s) in any U.S. District Court or any State Court with jurisdiction of civil actions for breach of contract. INS will provide names, addresses, and Social Security account numbers of sponsors to benefit providing agencies fro this purpose. Sponsors may also be liable for paying the costs of collection, including legal fees.

                          The sponsor's liabilities would end if immigrant becomes a USC or if immigrant accumulates 40 quarters of work credit, which means 10 yrs-because mamimum 4 quarters of credit towards work can be earned in a given year.


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                            See Sammy, you know everything!

                            Ok, so what if the sponsoring spouse is on SSI?
                            As per the following link:



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                              It does not matter if sponsoring spouse is on SSI as long as joint sponsor has qualified income of 125% over the puberty guideline. But, it is very important that aliens should not seek any type of welfare benefits before adjusting their status because it will make them inadmissible, and INS officer will most definately ask alien at the time of interview that whether or not public benefit was sought out by him/her.


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