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    Also, your employer will be fined and will be investigated to see if your employer knew that you were illegal and/or using a fake ID. This can also lead to checking all employer's employee records to look for other SSN illegalities.


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      These posts are accurate. An ITIN does not prove employment eligibility, it is for taxpaying purposes only. This will not make you "legal", but in the future, if you are able to reverse your situation and obtain legal status, your paying your correct amount of taxes each year will help your chances. If you are claiming more dependents than you have, you have another problem, and if you were not due a return, but rather were supposed to pay more taxes at the end of the year, that's another one. You really need to see an attorney, but getting an ITIN is a good start.


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        Almost forgot! Your employer will be fined for every W-2 they submit with your bad number, so you're hurting them, too. Employers are warned not to take action against employees based solely on that letter, but there are employers who will be scared and angered by this, so be prepared. Get a lawyer and go legit.


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          People who do not have authorization to work in the U.S. never bother to get an ITIN. Think about to why, I mean


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            They don't bother to get a TIN number because they don't care. They're illegal and the only thing they want is to blend into the crowd so they won't get caught. Having a Social Security number (or not) or getting a TIN number (or not) is to them a pesky inconvenience, as is getting a driver's license or driving with insurance. They'd rather break the law than fill out papers and they're only going to worry about it whenever they get caught. Why fill in those nasty INS applications or leave when their visas are expired. They're already here, so they plop their butts down and if something goes wrong they scream for help and cry about how America treats them so unfairly.


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              Sometimes illegals come because they act before they think or take time to find out what to do. They know they have to get back across the border before they can try the legal way so they just stay and hope they don't get caught. Does anyone know what happens if they turn themselves in? Can they go back and then file legal papers?


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                O.K. Guys, eays here. A few comments from personal experience regarding those here without proper documetnation and paying taxes...

                First of all, for those of you born here that have never had to consider leaving your country because it is financially impossible, despite having a college degree, to make a life (living) for yourself or your family...listening a little more to people instead of dismissing them with your words might prove a little more fruitful.

                Secondly, For those that are in the US that want to remain here, despite their legality, are more often then unaware that they have the option or legal obligation to claim/pay taxes via an ITIN. Their natural fear is deportation, and rightly so. At the same time, for those that are sincere about making a life here (and not here for just a few years to earn what they can and scadaddle) do not realize how it can benefit them in the long run.

                So please, before some of you just asume that people just "plop" their butts down here, try for a moment to walk in the shoes of those less fortunate.

                Now what I say does not negate legal avenues. I agree that they should be persued, particularly if it is possible to obtain legal paperwork enabling one to cross the border on a daily basis to work. But once again for those that come from overseas, from destitute regions, it is at times hard to pass judgment without knowing all of the facts. I feel it must be said that despite waht I have expressed that I do support security checks and clearances in the interests of national security.


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                  Well, Zanna, here's the problem. I'm an American and I see Americans all around me who are "less fortunate." I want my government to help them more than it does. I want my government to help the elderly folks. I want my government to help Americans who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. I want to give some money to charities and to Americans who are victims of tragedies. But first, I have to support my own family - or I will end up in some federal program myself.

                  A person's poverty in some other country will not get him or her legal entry to the U.S. In fact, if he or she has no way to take care of himself, he or she WON'T be allowed to come here and take a low paying job - or HE/SHE will end up in some federal program him or herself.

                  If he or she has had no education in his or her country, it's even worse. How WILL he or she ever get a decent paying job?

                  So it's not about sympathy and it's not about charity. It's about who is going to GIVE this "better life" to any immigrant when that "better life" requires more than a poverty level job? Who is going to PAY for an immigrant if he or she needs to go to the hospital? Who is going to PAY for it if he or she crashes a car into another car? Who is going to PAY for any of his kids born here?

                  Sure, there are standards set where wishful immigrants are NOT ALLOWED TO COME - but I understand them and agree. The next trouble is that THEY COME ANYWAY BUT THEY COME ILLEGALLY!

                  Because of ILLEGAL aliens, hospitals are closing RIGHT NOW, and leaving neighborhoods where Americans rely on them! Schools are overcrowded and there are all kinds of community problems. The government sets LIMITS on the GRANTING of immigration applications to avoid this in the first place - but ILLEGAL aliens COME ANYWAY!

                  No, you can see, it's not about sympathy at all.

                  (Sorry for the long message.)


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                    Okay here it is the form:



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                      Zanna brings up the issue of ignorance regarding taxes, TINs, filing returns, etc. and I think this does play a role in the tax evasion problem. However, what do you say to a young guy of 21 who claims 9 dependents - then we hire his friend, explain what a dependent is, and he claims one - until he goes to work with guy #1 and calls to claim 9?! Anyone who works for a legitimate American company is taught how to fill out state and federal withholding forms, and they are explained to them. How about all the W-2s that come back to our office because people move and don't notify us of their address change, and they never file their return? I know all about the fear of discovery, fake SSNs, lack of TINs, and the rest. This board has taught me a lot, and I see this kind of thing at work every day. It just kills me to see half of my pay go to the government, but an entry level helper brings home more than I, works less hours than I, and I had to fund my own college education to get this job! I appreciate your effort to further educate the readers on this forum and your attempt to try to get more sympathy and empathy, but on this issue I am standing firm on the conviction that if you live here, you should pay your fair share. That goes for the stinking rich Americans, too!


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                        Interesting thread this one...


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                          My fiancee is here and working illegally. He has a fake ss number and his boss was well aware of that when he hired him. He has a ITIN number. He got a letter recently about his ss number and name not matching. What is the best solution and what exactly does the ITIN number do and mean??? Im really clueless.


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