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Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in America?

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  • Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in America?

    Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in America?

    Speak your mind on this topic by clicking on 'Post your reply' button below.

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    Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in America?

    Speak your mind on this topic by clicking on 'Post your reply' button below.


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      I think the need to obtain immigration benefits has blinded most of us, actual or intending immigrants to the problems of uncontrolled immigration. The US as a sovereign country has the right to control immigration through its borders. How many people who read stuff on this forum know the details of immigration laws in their own home countries. I just read a story of how an American wanted to emigrate to China (don't know if thsi guy was real or a prank). The Chinese officials laughed at him and told him there is no such thing as becoming a Chinese citizen as a foreigner. Yes you can bring your investment or factories but no foreign long-term workers are allowed the told him.

      I am an immigrant and earned an American PhD and teach in a college now. In fact I am sending in my I-140, I-485 and I-765 in a couple of weeks so I do have a stake in this. However my argument has to do with some kind of control that favors hihgly skilled workers or those who have something of value to contribute to America.

      In spite of the calls for immigration reform, the US still takes in more immigrants than most countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, countries with supposedly easier immigration regulations. Even the EU has an anti-immigrant slant in its policies now. Every coounty must exercise self-interest more than anyting else.

      Immigrants from other parts of the world are getting sick and tired of the huge influx of the poorly educated south of the border that far and away represents a very major portion of immigrants. If you don't believe, check the statistical summaries on immigrants on INS web site. This results from proximity and the unbroken immigration chain initiated once someone becomes a US citizen. As a USC, one can file for a busload of relatives who become USCs and in turn file for a bus load of other relatives, then those become USC and. . . you get the idea. Pretty soon you have a chain that cannot in theory ever get broken again. This does mot even include the illegals who come and have US citizen children who can start filing once they reach 18.

      This large population poses two main problems: resistance to assimilation into the American mainstream and very poor education and skills. Not only does this dilute the labor pool but their heavy dependence on public services paid for by my taxes and yours means they take more out of the system than they put in. I have heard of the arguments that Spanish language should be developed and encouraged because of large numbers, ...helloooo? I am not aware that the US Govt sent out invitations to them or anyone else. If you do not want to speak English stay the heck in your country. If you voluntarily leave your country for a better life in America, then be ready to do like others did and are doing. Life is made up of compromises. Polish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Urdu, Swahili etc are original languages spoken by immigrants but I do not see the US Govt supporting the use those languages do you? I do not believe that the argument of numbers is relevant since this is supposed to an English speaking country and emigrating for the most part is voluntary and even it was not, going to another country obligates you.

      I believe that we are facing serious issues ahead. It is more accurate now to depict America as a bilingual country even though it is not politically correct to say it aloud. Indeed we have all put enact legislation to make it statutory. Already all govt forms have Spanish versions, all customer service calls require one to press 2 for Spanish, That has increased the cost of doing business whether public or private. In fact there are whole communities in states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida and especially Texas where hardly any English is spoken at all. Recently a professor at University of New Mexico has called for a Hispanic speaking country to be called Republic of El Norte encompassing California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Florida and Lousiana along with parts of the northern Mexico. Rantings of a mad man, maybe but I will not bet the farm on it.

      With their runaway population that is projected to make them the majority ethnic group by 2050 we are in for a serious ride. Already the last TV debate between gubernatorial candidates in Texas was conducted in both English and Spanish. How long before debates in Congress and state assemblies are conducted in English and Spanish . . . wanna bet??


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        So is it rocket science that anti-immigration sentiments are rising in America?


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          It's quite clear that Dr. Wazobia's problems stem from the nature of the population of the Americas. His main gripe is with bilingualism and biculturalism, and has little to do with immigration. Unfortunately for Dr. Wazobia, biculturalism is a phenomenon that will never go away, no matter how rigid is the border control to the south.


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            I have observed the rise of the spanish speaking population in my community. Let us be honest!! They establish businesses in Spanish, They speak prefer to communicate in Spanish, Hence if they are doing business in various establishments, there must be an interpreter. They let you know that they "Habla no English." That is awful. They should be encouraged to speak english at all times. Dare you go to Spanish countries and speak only English. This in itself does not warrant us to be against immigration. There are numerous other immigrants here, the difference is, they learn and speak English. Many have lived and work among us for over a decade. and should be allowed to get a green card here. We must concentrate on all immigrants and not only Spanish. The hype given to them is what is fuelling their rise as it seem. Messages, Debates, communications must be in English. This is America.


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              It is clear that Mr. Wazobia is a racist and a bigot. Racism is not logical or defensible. Therefore, neither is his position.


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                In my opinion, if folks from other cultures and countries would like to speak their own language with folks who understand them, then it does not warrant any problems. The problem arises when majority has to change its way of life to adjust for minority. I do not care how hispanics(or any other ethnicity for that matter) arrive in this country, but they must follow the rules of the land and that is to follow the law and speak english except when communicating with their own kind.


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                  It is clear that Baja Bob and ChiAtty1 did not really read my post well. I said clearly that I was not anti-immigration. Why should I be? I am an immigrant!

                  Neither am I against biculturalism, multiculturalism etc. They can communicate with their own people in their native tongue. What I talked about was that if you come to America, you must make efforts to be assimilated, at least function with the rest of the country. What we have now is the majority forced to make adjustments for the minority. Well, thanks to their runaway birth rate, they will not remain a minority for long!!!

                  One major problem is political correctness. People are afraid to say it like it is because they will offend some. Can you go to Mexico and refuse to speak Spanish, will you even be able to minimally function? What is this rubbish about the border being porous and nothing can be done to prevent Spanish language? Thanks to spineless politicians, very soon even debates in Congress will be done in Spanish, you don't believe it? Suppose they elect a Spanish speaking congressman from a densely Hispanic district and he claims he wants to communicate in Spanish, why should he be denied? He was never denied when he filled out government forms, obtained government services, filed his tax returns on Spanish language forms, shopped in stores, saw a doctor, dentist or optometrist (with signs of "Se Habla Espanol") so why should he not be allowed to speak Spanish in Congress? Will not be hypocrisy on the part of government if they refuse him the right to speak Spanish? Why should the chambers of Congress be different? Sorry distinguised gentlemen, you all have to learn the Spanish language or wear head phones to get translations in English as they do at EU, OAU or UN summits!!

                  Open your eyes people, they are taking over. When people decide to leave their countries for a better life (nothing wrong with that), they must be able to function in the new country they CHOOSE to go. Why arent the rest of immigrants getting the same deal? People say they are close to the US, so what? It is a different country!%&*$#$

                  Like I said before, it is more accurate to refer to America as bilingual country of Spanish and English, if you don't believe it you are hiding your head in the sand 'cos all you need to is look around you.


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                    I agree.People do not think.They don't think big.Only what they want.So stupid.
                    Hello, wake up.I refuse to speak spanish.I will learn it if i move to spain.Right?
                    I can't imagine anyone moving to europe and not learning the language of the country they live in.People are complaining.But why are they here?
                    I really think that INS should look and think twice before they give out green cards.
                    They let in so many people.This country has more illegal immigrants than any other country.
                    They shouldn't rais taxes.They should kick out illegal people and give jobs to citizens who would pay taxes.This country is losing millions of dollars every year.Unpaid taxes.
                    I think that lot of areas are already over crowded.


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                      all I have to say is that everyone cares about 9/11 which they should to an extent. I was in the military during that time and yes we cared and yes we were in a foriegn country, but I feel that we are only hurting ourselves by scutinizing immigrants coming into the country and making it harder with stricter laws. America was built on Immigrants in this country. Without all the nationalities in this world in America we would be a bland culture. If any culture at all. I read an article written by president Bush today that said "we are not a fortress, we never want to be that. We want to let people from different countries conduct business and be with their families", well president Bush tell that to my fiance who has been sitting in Japan for the last year without me, and as I might add has never done anything remotely wrong. Who is trying along with myself to bring her here. Yes sir i'm trying like hell to bring her here, me a good ole' American boy who defended his country when it needed it. And only would like to be with the woman he loves. But does the american people care about immigrants "no" why should they, it's not like the made our society any better. My Answer: We are all immigrants, follow the bloodlines and see where they go. Semper Fi-


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                        i think most of those not in favor of legalizing illegal aliens are racists, belieing in the kkk perhaps... these illegal aliens work illegally because they have no choice. in fact i know that they are more industrious than most of the usc or the lpr. instead of wasting money going after these illegal aliens why not let them pay the penalty of $1,000 and let them pay taxes which would benefit the country? and why not go after those drug dealers and users or those who do not do the country any good? i know of someone who is a usc and does not have any work thus not paying taxes. persons like him that do nothing the whole day does not contribute to the welfare of the country! go after him instead!


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                          It seems to me that people's sentiments are basically the same now as they were before 9/11. The only difference is that those who are anti-immigration can now mask thier sentiments under the name of "national security." They spout remarks about 9/11 as a way to criticize any attempt to legalize immigrants. This is quite rediculous since the vast majority of immigrants who need legalizing are from Mexico and Central America while none of the terrorists of 9/11 were from Mexico or Central America. None of the terrists of that awful day entered from Mexico. They all came with visas. They were not interested in getting green cards or becoming citizens. The best way to ensure security is to make sure that all people are accounted for, and unless they get legalized that's not going to happen. To deport them all would probably cost far more than legalizing them.


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                            I certainly hope so! 75% of all Americans want LESS immigration, yet 8 bonehead Democratic presidential candidates are talking about amnesty for people who broke a law that the vast majority of Americans consider too generous to begin with. Since the 1950's Americans have wanted less immigration, yet it increased five--fold after 1968! The phrase "nation of immigrants" makes as much sense as "lifelong childhood." Like childhood and adolescence, immigration is a phase a nation goes through when it's young. We began admitting immigrants in the 17th century, when the country resembled a national park. Today, the country has nearly 300,00,000 people. Obviously, the country has changed. When things change, doing things the old way no longer makes sense. Those politicians who say we are a "nation of immigrants" are liars! Republicans want cheap labor, and Democrats want more people who will almost certainly vote Democrat. In other words--they want to cheat!
                            It was not until very recently we admitted immigrants from outside Europe. If, as those pro--immigration jackasses claim, we were upholding tradition by admitting immigrants, we would still be admitting Europeans. Immigrants are not immigrants! An immigrant from Ireland is one thing, an immigrant from Laos is another. In 1989, a house that was built in the 1850's was demolished to make way for a Hardee's restaurant in Verona, Wisconsin. I consider that a tragedy! They were destroying the town's heritage by demolishing that house. If mass immigration continues (which we have NEVER wanted), whites will be a minority in 2050. That will be destroying America's heritage. There's no denying that until very recently America was almost as white as Europe. I believe no race is superior to any other race physically, mentally, or morally. But just look at any old painting, photograph, or movie from America before the 1970's and nearly everyone was white. By admitting so many immigrants that whites will be outnumbered, America as we no it will be deader than Arlington National Cemetery. I am not a racist, I just love tradition.
                            There are other reasons for why we should stop immigration. Immigration costs us $150 billion per year in higher taxes and lower wages. Immigration is bad for the environment. Immigration spreads disease. Immigration increases the likelihood of crime and terrorism. Without mass immigration, 9/11 would still have been just an emergency phone number. Any politician who advocates mass immigration is as much an America--hater as Osama bin Ladn. End immigration before it ends us!


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                              To respond to Jons post, our Culture is made up
                              of a littany of other cultures. As a result, of
                              the infusion that impacts our society, it is a constant stream of fresh blood looking for opportunity and eager to attain it. No matter
                              what nationality, here they come and it is here
                              they mostly flourish

                              As our economic mount so does the Competiton for wages and a decent standard of living.
                              Business is very hard pressed in todays environment, especially in California.


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