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Anti-immigration sentiment is rising in America?

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    Hi there,
    I fully agree with Wazobia, myself being also an immigrant (but in trouble through my own fault see www.wiZZar,com and holder of an O-visa, extraordinary abilities).
    What we are experienceing and the root of all this animosity against immigrants is that it is no longer immigration but invasion. They do not assimilate, do not integrate but try to change the US to their ways and the Hispanics are most often mentioned here as they are the largest group, so large that it is a treath which tries to change the American culture. Indeed this has happened before, I am thinking now of the large Chinese influx during the explosion of the "iron horse" the train. They have now even have their own city within most cities, i.e. Chinatown in San Franciso and we think it pittoresque. BUT this is limited and even there one still can talk in English (broken sometimes but still possible).
    I have been in a grocery store in Los Angeles for a little jar of instant coffee, they did not understand me because Espaniol only. I know of some blue collar workers who worked their whole life and now at last have their own home. However, during that time the whole neighborhood was taken over by immigrants and now the poor man cannot even talk to his neighbor because he is not understood. The whole neigborhood speak ONLY an other language, the stores sell ONLY things which are favored in another culture, this man is as a stranger in his own country. And then we are surprised there is animosity??

    Also, and this is a thing which seems to be overlooked all the time. There is immigration and immigration. You have immigrants and opportunists. I explain and the root of the problem will become apparent. To me, and historically, an immigrant is somebody who wants to transplant his roots to another country, to go and live there FOREVER, be buried there, have his children and grandchildren grow up there. All the rest are opportunists who want to make a "quick buck" and then retire "rich" in their poor country. It are the latter who generate the problems as rhe first only wants to integrate, become part of his new country. THIS is a disctinction we all have to make and which seems to be overlooked all the time. I would say, immigration OK by all means but NO or very limited opportunism, they do not love this country but see it only as a "milk cow" to be used to the max and then killed off by going back to what has always been their home.

    This disticntion can be rather easily made, first limit the greencard to a single term, maybe one extension and then: become citizen or - leave. Staying on a greencard is as staying in a motel, it implies temporary status, the term permanent resident should only be given to citizens. Also, the US is in dire need of an official language, such as all, or not most countries, that language being English (while we still have the voting majority). Also,although this is a whole other "kettle of fish" abolish dual citizenship, dual nationalities.

    These measures would go a long way to ease the immigration problem, those who would be imigrating would be immigrants true to the definition of the term and as all the forefathers of the Americans have been at one point or the other. The others would be categorized as they are: guest workers.


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      i agree with andre. the greencard does imply temporary status and should be limited, one term then become a citizen or leave no extentions. immigrants should be given rigorous resting as well on history and should be given language lessons as well before becoming a citizen. I don't believe just anyone should be able to come here and live and work and make money or take money rather from those of us who are born here. Because the most unfair thing ever is seeing the immigrant receive money from out government to prosper while the american born resident must starve in the street. All should be given a fair chance if they are a citizen those who are not should not be given any chance until the become one. land of the free and home of the brave....Citizenz not illegals.


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        Originally posted by jon yttri:
        I certainly hope so! 75% of all Americans want LESS immigration, yet 8 bonehead Democratic presidential candidates are talking about amnesty for people who broke a law that the vast majority of Americans consider too generous to begin with. Since the 1950's Americans have wanted less immigration, yet it increased five--fold after 1968! The phrase "nation of immigrants" makes as much sense as "lifelong childhood." Like childhood and adolescence, immigration is a phase a nation goes through when it's young. We began admitting immigrants in the 17th century, when the country resembled a national park. Today, the country has nearly 300,00,000 people. Obviously, the country has changed. When things change, doing things the old way no longer makes sense. Those politicians who say we are a "nation of immigrants" are liars! Republicans want cheap labor, and Democrats want more people who will almost certainly vote Democrat. In other words--they want to cheat!
        It was not until very recently we admitted immigrants from outside Europe. If, as those pro--immigration jackasses claim, we were upholding tradition by admitting immigrants, we would still be admitting Europeans. Immigrants are not immigrants! An immigrant from Ireland is one thing, an immigrant from Laos is another. In 1989, a house that was built in the 1850's was demolished to make way for a Hardee's restaurant in Verona, Wisconsin. I consider that a tragedy! They were destroying the town's heritage by demolishing that house. If mass immigration continues (which we have NEVER wanted), whites will be a minority in 2050. That will be destroying America's heritage. There's no denying that until very recently America was almost as white as Europe. I believe no race is superior to any other race physically, mentally, or morally. But just look at any old painting, photograph, or movie from America before the 1970's and nearly everyone was white. By admitting so many immigrants that whites will be outnumbered, America as we no it will be deader than Arlington National Cemetery. I am not a racist, I just love tradition.
        There are other reasons for why we should stop immigration. Immigration costs us $150 billion per year in higher taxes and lower wages. Immigration is bad for the environment. Immigration spreads disease. Immigration increases the likelihood of crime and terrorism. Without mass immigration, 9/11 would still have been just an emergency phone number. Any politician who advocates mass immigration is as much an America--hater as Osama bin Ladn. End immigration before it ends us!


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          Also jon yttri makes a good point. I am a democrat but I don't agree with them trying to give amnesty. its wrong you don't belong here so you must leave and leave now! why should we harbor another country's refugees. its not our problem we have problems of our own. I feel bad that they must live in the conditions that their countries are in and that they must deal with some inhuman animal who runs the country they live in but they must not be allowed to stay here! Immigration is for young countries and we are over 200 years old not young at all. its got to stop. visit then leave or join us. speak english if you want to be here. because it is what the majority speak or better yet what those of us who were born here speak. I you don't want to be an american leave. you can't half step.


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            i agree.


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              Jul--Since when has "illegal" been a race?

              Illegal immigrants are from anywhere, and include a fair number of Irish, Canadians, Poles and other East Europeans, as well as Africans, Arabs, SE Asians, Asians, and Hispanics. For that matter, residents from many of these regions can be of ANY race, or mixed races.


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                race,culture,language barriers to name just a couple.there are many out there who feel immigration should be limited even further than what it is.i am one of those immigrants ,which many who like to see leave the usa.i came to this country,met a single mom with children,and together we forged a life out love and seeing that the kids were raised out of love ,honesty and respect for others.many folks here in the usa feel immigrants are imposing on their rights and priviliges.yet,all they do is bicker,***** and or complain.we should take all of this negative and turn it into can be done.a wise man once told me "son,never say never"and to this day,i have heeded those words.i agree that borders should be updated and
                better laws be implimented.i also think Toby keith should run for office.but the reality is that it'll never happen.the sad part is that the usa is comprised of many,thousands like i,many of them "greencard holders"we can eat what americans eat,watch the superbowl like americans,have our kids go to school and church with other americans,but when it comes to having a say in what america does,we cannot if any one law should change toward immigrants,the voting law should be changed.

                thank you for allowing me to vent.


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                  I know a lot of Mexicans, and of all of them, only one does not speak English and two are very hard to understand. The people who spout the "they don't want to learn English" garb are usually those who haven't a clue about it. Just because you see somebody speaking a foreign language in the store, it does NOT mean that they cannot speak English. There is nothing wrong or Anti-American about being bilingual. I am trilingual and it doesn't make me any less of an American. Most hispanic children grow up speaking far better English than Spanish. Oftentimes third generation Hispanic immgrants speak very poor Spanish. I speak better Spanish than most of them and I'm not Hispanic!! Listen to little Mexican kids speaking to eachother. The majority of the words they use are in English. I know several second generation Mexican immigrants. They all speak excellent English and see themselves as Americans. "Mexico" is to them a place where Grandma lives or a place thier parents tell stories about. Assimilation is taking place. The Germans in the Dakotas had German-speaking schools, churches, community-centers, and everything else. They were extremely separatist. Now, most of them don't even know any German. If the border is sealed now, in 50 years, most Hispanics won't remember Spanish. I'm sick of the "Hispanics are worse than other immigrants" argument. It's not true and it's not fair. The same was said about all kinds of groups and they have all thoroughly assimilated into American culture. The hispanics will be the same. Even if they're not, who cares? This country first belonged to the Indians, but it got taken from them. Part of it was taken by the English,part by the Spanish. The part that was taken by the English got taken from them by thier colonists (the Americans), the Spanish part got taken by thier colonists (The Mexicans). The Mexican part got taken by the Americans when we invaded Mexico city and forced Santa Ana to sign the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Now the country gets taken by immigrants. Who cares? That's what history is all about. People have been taking things from other people for a long time. Is it right? No, of course not. We are living on land that our ancestors stole from people who's ancestors stole it from other people. It is just a vicious circle. Even Indian tribes stole land from eachother. If the Mexicans "steal" our land it will not be any greater a tragedy than when we stole it from them or when they stole it from the Indians. Do you think the Indians got sick and tired of white people coming over here and telling them to speak thier languages and eat thier foods? I be they didn't like it any more than you like hearing people speak Spanish. Think it's different just because it happened a long time ago? Did the white settlers have permission to immigrate here from the Indians? Not all of them. Maybe a few.
                  Have a nice day


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                    United States is the only country in the world where you can become a permanent resident without knowing English.

                    As a result please grant LPR only to people who can speak English at the inetrmediate level.


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                      Illegal immigrants are from anywhere, and include a fair number of Irish, Canadians, Poles and other East Europeans, as well as Africans, Arabs, SE Asians, Asians, and Hispanics.

                      OK show me a candian, irishman, ploe, any eastern european who is on welfare. None. nada. They come here to work, they learn English (or most of the already know English) and are productive.

                      Mexicans come here and the next day are on welfare and food stamps. Drive by a Social Security office sometime and see hat % are Mexcicans applying for "disability".


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                        If you speak Spanish, take a look at Kerry and Bush's websites. The English sites make almost no mention of immigration. But you go to the Spanish version and it's 2/3 about immigration and both of them can;t boast enough how they will let every Jose and Pedro south of the Rio Grande in the country.

                        This is also true of TV/radio commercials.

                        So in essence there are two campaigns going on. Most Mexcians who care to vote speak English well enough to understand both messages. But most Americans don;t speak Spanish. So you have one group getting both sides and one group in the dark about what they are voting for.

                        Think aout it.


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                          [QUOTE]Originally posted by Glühbirne:
                          I know a lot of Mexicans, and of all of them, only one does not speak English and two are very hard to understand.

                          Dont mean to engage into an argument BUT have you ever been to Miami? There are probably tens of thousands and thousands if not hundreds Spanish people there who are at least LPR's and have no command of english whatsoever.
                          Funny story: I had an accident there and my only means of communication with the other driver was her 6 year old son, who translated her Spanish to me and my English to her. I later found out she had been in the country for 20 (twenty) ???!!! years. Mexican, Cuban or whatever else she could speak nothing but Spanish.
                          And a riddle: what is "Potten Cren"? That will be Boston Cream? I probably should mention that I heard this phrase while shopping for cake in Miami. The seller in the bakery did not know more English than this which made my purchase impossible.
                          My point is: there are many many many legal immigrants in this country that dont speak english of any kind, and as it seems to me, the vast majority of those are spanish
                          (PS This is not meant to offend spanish people; apparently the ones that can read this, are not subject of my posting LOL)


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                            I was laid off from company A on DEc20, 2003(which H 1 B will be expired on May 14, 2004.Then I immediately got job on Company B and file another H-1 B right away.I strat working with this company for 2 months, then I gotlaid off again, while H 1B from company B has not been approved yet; rather than the reciept with EAC number fron INS.On march 7, 2004, I file unemployment claim to labor department, They said I was eligible for unemployment, but I have to get the number from INS.Then, I call INS with explanation, INS's officer told me that technically since I got fire I was automaticly out off status, I have to go back to my country right away. What about my apartment, my suit case?????

                            Last week, the company B called me back to work as a part time job. Eventough, the pay that I get still not enough to pay for food and rent. On may 1, I got a letter from labor department about the eligibility to get unemployment saying the amount that I could get.Then I call the labor departmet, they pulled up my data, and told me that I was eligible for unemployment, but it showns that I was out of status.
                            This is discrimation.Since I work for company B, my pay is not enough to pay for rent and food; moreover, I have to pay money that I owe to federal state govenment.

                            Are INS and the Labor department tied together? I need and advice.


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                              There is a reason as to why the immigration lottery doesn't include Mexico. That being the fact there are too many applicants already for work and permanent visas. It's not discrimintion against Mexicans. It's plain and simple that they are a majority of the illegals here.
                              There is nothing wrong with requirements to speak English in order to become a citizen of this country. They are taking jobs away. Many (not all) use our system for health care, welfare, etc and cost us a lot of tax dollars. We need to find other ways to limit all immigration to the US and take care of the people who are here whether it be natural born citizens or legal immigrants who have become citizens.

                              My feelings about illegal imigrants is just this...deport them and find a way to not let them back. They have broken our laws.


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                                I have one more comment that I want to make here. This is based on my own experience. I was applying for a job with a New Mexico county government when I was told I did not qualify do to the fact I did not speak Spanish. This was a desk job that required no contact with the public. Needless to say this made me angry.


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