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Mariage failing before interview

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    Hi Mike. New Mexico is a state that allows fault marriage. Adultery is grounds. Adultery is difficult to prove for court pictures, These days actual pictures of the act of intercourse are not always necessary to prove that adultery has occurred for the court. Word of advice. Always better to be Plaintiff and not Defendent in a divorce. If she is going for a H Visa to stay.. Jump for joy. Looks like her plan B is to claim emotional abuse( hint: the psychologist visits) and/or physical abuse from USC to stay here for the green card. Your only concern right now should be about your sponsership, and you are lucky becuase you have not been to the first interview correct? And if your I-485 etc petitions have not been approved yet, you have a good chance at having these petitions withdrawn . particularly the I-864 which is your sponsership. Move on... You've been hit by a Smooth Criminal.


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      Hi im a USC and I
      am in the same situation almost, but I would like to clarify it first before i take any action. I was married for 2 years to a foriegn national and we had gotten divorced because of irreconcilable differences. It has been almost a year later and ive met a very wonderful, warm divine person that is like a needle in the haystack to find nowadays when it comes to a soulmate that loves you for you (and not what you can do, for them). He is from another country and we as well as our families(we are of the same origin, just borned in two separate countries) want us to marry. Is it ok to marry another foriegn national and sponser them, Im in fear that If I cannot, he will simply be taken away and I will be abandoned here :-/ I have all the proofs plus some that my first marriage was bona fide, and this one tops the fide in the list of bona. Please Help.


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        What is an H Visa? And what can it do for her more importantly me. Remember she overextended her stay in the US on a J-1 Visa that had expired. Her first employer had a difficult time with sponsoring her because of it. Forced to terminate her employment with them because she had fallen out of status. Our marriage was the only way to keep her here and at the time I felt it was strong because my love was true.

        This was when she used my love for her and our marriage to go back to school to start her MBA, which led to a great employment opportunity and more importantly allowed her to stay in the United States. This is when she met this new guy. I call it "Trading up", because he makes more money than I do right now. She wants a husband that can take care of both her and any children the marriage would produce.

        She denies that they are dating and my jealousy made him a "fictional boyrfriend". Claims shes living alone and not talking to anyone and having a tough time making rent. Not sure how she could be struggling because I never saw a dime of her money except for her share of the rent. She was paid $60,000 during the two months she interned this past summer under her new employer; not sure what she's making now that they've extended her a full time position.

        Will the marriage be her only way to remain in the country if the H visa doesn't work out? I would like to reconcile, but if she doesn't then I would be forced to report it to BCIS and have her deported. Its not what I want because I do love her a lot. Its difficult to move on when someone you love has lied and used you for their own personal gain; you beleive in them to much to ever think they could be so selfish.


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          Does an H visa have anything to do with speicalized training like health care workers, Department of Defense employees, Fashion models, etc. if so, then the answer would be "no". She has no specialized training of any kind that an American could not produce.

          Thanks Swissnut. You've been really helpful with your advice. It was good to know I have someone who understands the mental/physical anguish that I'm under. Just hope my wife snaps back into reality and realizes that there is a lot more at stake then Mr. Rightnow.


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