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  • name is Terri name is Terri and I am from the USA...i am trying to help my friend get asylum...and this is a copy of what i have writen to my congressmen, senators, and the president...does anyone else know what else I can do??? if my friend goes back she will be killed from her family...please can anyone help???

    Tuesday, October 15, 2003

    Terri Noe
    21 La Count Road Apartment B1
    Chateau***, NY 12920
    Phone: (518) 497-3103

    Dear To Whom It May Concern,

    I don't know how I should begin this letter to you, for I come to you with a heavy heart and sorrow in my spirit. I come in behalf of my friend, Sarah Leslie Fraser. She is a 23 year old woman, that is soon to turn 24 on October 22nd. She came to the United States from Scotland. Let me begin by telling you how I came to know her and how I came to have her in my home.
    I would say about March of 2001, I came to meet her online on a Survivors Forum. It is a forum that survivors of physical and sexual abuse victims, come to meet online. In effort to support one another and help each other through difficult times. It is to be able to meet others that have been through similar situations and be able to understand, comprehend what we speak about. It is a very difficult thing for people to understand unless they have been through it themselves.
    When I met Sarah, I knew her first as Raina. Her and I were able to get along well, and we added each other to our messengers in able to communicate outside of the forum. Over the time, I got to know her well and she was able to share a lot of things that she was going through in the United Kingdom. She was able to share about her growing up and how she feared her life.
    Sarah was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by her parents. They have threatened her over the years in her life and wanting to make sure that she would remain dependant on them. However, their plan failed to exist and Sarah found what she thought would be refuge in California. She lived with a girl friend that ended up being abusive. She wouldn't have even guessed that her friend, or so called friend would of been abusive, because she had never met her in real life. Sarah took the chance, to be able to get away from her home land that she speaks highly about, to be free and not have to look over her shoulder, wondering if today is the day she is going to be killed.
    What Sarah failed to know is that she was leaving one hell, just to get into another. With a person that she thought was a friend and a person that she loved with all of her heart. Sarah had a struggle in leaving her because she didn't know if she would just be coming to my home to find out that she would be abused here in my home. She would have to take another chance. We sent her a ticket to ride the Greyhound Bus back in November of 2002 and she couldn't follow through with it. She couldn't leave what she was familiar with. She couldn't fathom the thought that maybe she would deserve to be truly happy and safe. She couldn't allow herself to hope that she deserved something better, and that she was truly a human being that deserved to be loved. Because Do you not agree that everyone deserves to be loved?
    Months went on. Life continued. Doesn't it always even though we know what may be happening in someone else's life. We continue to pray for them and we continue to hope that something sometime will break and the Lord Jesus Christ will shine down upon the person that we so deeply love. So, for the months, it continued. Sarah in California and I, in New York. And we continued to speak on the phone, when she was allowed to talk to me, and we continued to be online. Talking through msn messenger, I listened to my friend, who I consider in my heart my sister, talk about the hell that she was living. Where she would ask, do I deserve this? Do I deserve to be abused? Is that what God created me for? Why can't anyone just love me, because of me, and not because of what they can take from me? What had I done wrong? And these are just some of the questions that she would ask me. These are questions that she needed and desired to have answered. I just didn't have the answers for her. All I could do is pray for her, uplift her to trust in Jesus Christ, and hope that one day she would become strong again, and leave the abusive situation.
    One day that day did come, and she told me that she wanted to come home. I had told her over and over that she has a safe refuge in my home. That I didn't have much to offer to her. I didn't have a lot of money. I don't live a mansion. However, what I could do for her, is offer her a place where she would be safe and that no one would ever abuse her again. I told her that I could offer her love, and patience. I told her that I could offer her to be part of my family and that she would have a special place in my heart because I love her so very dearly. She cried on the phone, then secretively she bought the ticket, and left her abusive home. To take that chance of have never meeting my family and I, and wonder, would she really have a safe place? Would she be abused? Would she be loved, truly loved for who she was, no matter what. Because don't you agree that no matter what someone does, or where they come from, that love is suppose to be unconditional?
    I offered her that. I offered her my unconditional love to her. My husband and I offered her laughter, and freedom to be her. Yet, when she did arrive with much tears in our eyes, she came with a heavy heart. Wondering if she would finally be free and wouldn't have to look over her shoulder wondering if someone is going to kill her and wondering if she was going to be beaten because she didn't do something right. When Sarah arrived in my home, she would ask every time if she get something to eat, to drink. She would ask if she was allowed to go to sleep if she was tired. She would cut. She would cut herself, doing self injury to herself, hoping that what she was seeing in my home wasn't a dream. But a reality. Hoping to find herself actually being loved for her and actually being part of a family.
    Yes, I did know that she needed to restore her visa to be able to stay here. We had every intention in looking into that. We wanted to find someone that would be able to help her become a legal citizen and that she would be able to find out that she would be able to stay here clear and free. However, I knew that finding an attorney would take money and at this time, I just don't have it. I know that this country has gone into many battles, hoping to make peace and help others become safe. I know that we have gone to many fights in hoping to make sure that other countries are safe and doing what we know is to be true and just. I just am praying that this time for one woman, that our country can allow her to be here, for safe refuge and know that she will be an amazing woman for our country and a footsoldier for Christ if she was given the chance.
    Sarah is an amazing woman with much inner strength for what she has had to endure. I, myself being a survivor. Know what it is like to look over my shoulder and wonder if I am going to die today. I know what it is like to think that you have no one that can love you for you. I know what it is like to cut because the pain and the fear is so deep within, that you would do anything to make that pain in your heart go away. I know what it is like to wake up in night sweats from a nightmare, thinking that your father is going to be there, undressing you, and making you have *** with him. Can you imagine what that would do to a child? Could you imagine, or even allow yourself to imagine what that would be if it was your own child, that had to endure that? Then you or someone else making the decision that you would send her back to that same situation? Can you imagine, or allow yourself just for a moment to imagine if it had been your child cutting to forget the pain that is so deep within? Can you imagine, if it was your child that looked over their shoulder every day and wonder if today would be their last day to live? Because they spilled the beans about what their abuser did to them?
    I know that you take risks every day and I am almost certain that you understand what it is like to sometimes live your life in fear. However, you have your protectors. You have people putting their lives on the line to ensure yours and your families safety all the time. That is what I am doing for Sarah. I am trying to be her protector. Trying to let you understand that I am doing what I can to ensure that she doesn't go back to the people that abuse her, to a country just so that she will eventually end up dead. Because she ratted on her abuser. How much justice is that really?
    I can not express to you enough what it does to someone, to know that their life is in danger. I can't explain to you enough what it is like to be a survivor of abuse from the people that was suppose to love and nurture you. Living in fear. Living knowing that one day, you may end up dead. Knowing that one day, you may have to pay for telling on your perpetrator. That is the chance that I took and that is the chance that Sarah took. I can't tell you what it is like to be able to take a sharp object to your flesh, hoping that you will be able to forget the pain that is so deep within your heart. I can't tell you how frightening it is, to finally have someone come into your life and begin to love you and accept you. Just because you are you.
    As I stated to you, I am a survivor. I have been married for 11 years this coming November. Something that I thought would never happen. I have been mightily blessed with 4 beautiful children. However, over the years I have had my struggles, and I have fought with my own past, to become someone. To overcome my past, and I still struggle with it from time to time, knowing that today my father is still serving time, and my daughter, that I had by him, will always be in Heaven with Jesus. I know that justice will never or could of never been served. Because he couldn't of gotten enough because of what he did to me. He received 4 to 6 years and he is serving time. Here I am at 30 and finally am able to know that I am safe, know that I will see tomorrow if the Lord is willing and know that when I fall, that is alright because I can always pick myself up, with my husband by my side and know that I am going to be alright.
    However, I have had to make many sacrifices. I have had to walk away from my biological family because they have threatened my life and my families life. I have had to go into basic hiding because I have wanted to ensure my life and theirs. However, I am coming out in the open because I have someone else's life that is in jeopardy today. That is Sarah Leslie Fraser. I know that she deserves to be able to know that she is safe. You see, I have done much healing, through the Lord Jesus Christ. I know that He is able to take away all my pain and heartache of what was done to me in the past. Sarah is just beginning. I have chosen who my family is now. Which is very little but consists of just a few close friends. Sarah, being one of them, and in my heart I have taken her on as if she is my little sister. I know that my walk with God is close, and untouchable by anyone. I know that I do not have to fear any man, what I do have to fear is the one that can cast my soul into eternal hell. Knowing this, believing this, is what has given me the strength now to say, I will not have fear control my life anymore.
    Unfortunately, I have my ups and downs. You could say that I am in an up time. I have learned many things and I have many ambitions in my life now that I want to do for survivors and for more rights. However, it takes time to get to the point in where you believe you are someone. It takes time to believe that you are worth being loved, it takes time to believe that you have someone out here that truly loves you for you, and it takes time to know that you are a child of God and that you are special. It takes healing and believing.
    Sarah has just now entered that part. She has just now found a safe refuge that she can count on. She just found and started to believe, that we are her family not because we have had to be family, but because we chose each other, to be a family. Because when we get right down to it, anyone can be biological family, be called mother, father, sister or brother. However, just because you are born into a family doesn't mean that they are your family. They have to earn that right. My family, nor Sarah's deserve to be called that. Yet, we have found each other, she has my family and it has become hers. She is considered my little sister. Please, don't allow them to take her away from what she has. Please don't allow them to send her to her death sentence. She stated that she would rather take her own life, then to go back there and let them take her life. Is that not fear? Can we not provide for one woman, a chance to know what freedom is, and what feeling safe is like?
    I respect the laws very much. I know that they are there to protect the citizens of the United States. I am appealing to everyone. For we are the people, as the United States Constitutional Rights say. We are the melting pot of the world. We are the free. We are where everyone wants to be. We are the United States, that can make miracles happen. We are free. We are free to make choices. We are free to speak. We are free to serve the God of our choosing. We have the right and freedom to choose whether we want to have someone in our lives, and keep them in our lives.
    I am willing to do whatever means is necessary to help Sarah stay in the country. Tell me what it is you want me to do and I will do it. Tell me what needs to be done and I will do it. I am almost certain that you would also feel the same way that I am feeling now.
    It isn't like I am asking you to help me let Sarah stay in the country because she just wants too, she wants to stay in the country because she fears her life. I am asking and pleading with you because I also fear for her life, just as much as she fears her own life. I think that with our country that we continue to fight to keep peace with other countries. We continue to help protect the innocent and we try to keep justice. Please for Sarah Leslie Fraser, a name just for you, but a human being that I love with all of my heart and soul. Please help me protect her. Please help her be safe from a family that wants to kill her. That her life means nothing to them, after all they stole her childhood, and won't hesitate to take her adulthood. Would you give her an adulthood that she can finally be free and not have to look over her shoulder, wondering if today is the day that she is going to die. Would you show her that we are a country that loves freedom, justice and protection? Can you give her a gift of knowing that she is a person of self worth? Can you show her that she is worth being loved and accepted? Most of all could you give her a gift of a good night sleep? Knowing that she can fall asleep, stay safe, and know that she will wake in the morning with the sun shining down upon her face?
    Enclosed after she was picked up by border patrol, and then taken to the jail, I went through her journals. I have typed them up for you so you can see her thoughts of her past. Would you take a few more moments and walk through her life for just a brief second? Would you take a few extra minutes to see her heart aching?

    Thank you.

    Terri A. Noe
    (518) 497-3103

    Because They Loved Me

    I remember the water, scalding my skin
    I remember the hunger deep within
    The pain and scars that wont ever see the light of day.

    Why? Because she loved me.

    I remember a brother so tender and kind
    Touching and tasting, wishing I was blind.
    The feelings and emotions, the fear of violence or death.

    Why? Because he loved me.

    I remember a Dad so rough and wild,
    Beating and hurting me as a young child,
    Then the apology the most torturous part yet...Rape

    Why? Because he loved me.

    I remember the friends so excited and eager to start
    Abusing their role as adults..forcing my legs apart
    Lesson after less from then did I learn.

    Why? Because they loved me.

    I remember each and every day
    Getting down on my knees and starting to pray
    Please dont let me feel the way they do
    I dont ever want anyone to say about me...

    Because she loved me.

    By: Sarah Leslie Fraser

    This is a poem that she wrote to me:

    For Terri

    I never thought Id be here.
    Sitting at your table, watching the sunrise
    I watched you tonight, when I thought you weren't looking
    Just to see if you were real
    You were.

    One time we didn't know each other.
    When we met I was a better person then.
    We helped each other start a journey
    and there were times when we fell and fell hard.
    Never dreaming we'd be together now
    When we fell we picked each other up
    When we fell together we pulled each other out of our holes.

    The falling grew harder, the path more difficult
    There were times I only kept going for you
    Those times I gave up, you carried me
    We became close, we became sisters
    Again we both fell hard.
    We both needed help, You went one way I another
    I went out of the frying pan and into the fire.
    But you were there for me all the way.

    No one to trust in the world but you.
    And so I pushed you and hurt you and hoped you would leave.
    You stayed and you loved me and you werent deceived.
    Night after night, hour after hour, you were there.
    A sister who loved me, when no one else cared.

    I called for you silently only within my heart
    Little did I know we were never far apart
    You heard my call and were ready to fight.
    Our journey continued our path out of sight.

    You reached out your hand to me
    Opened your home
    fear tore through me
    I pushed to make you gone
    I needed you badly that much was clear
    But life had instilled on me an incredible fear.

    Continued on together still
    Endure it some more until Id had my fill
    My heart wanted one thing my spirit another
    I could not decide my spirit or my lover
    fate or God I dont know which
    Something helped me climb from the ditch.

    A rude awakening for me came here in this room
    Yet my heart and my life still was filled with gloom.
    But truly together we are sister to sister
    Walking that path a journey so difficult
    Hand in hand we will pull each other through
    A family now with real love pure and true.

    It was seldom said, and often doubted
    But two things I know, shouldn't be taken for granted.
    I love you from the bottom of my heart
    Together we walk stronger than when we were apart
    Thank you my sister for things you will never know
    But one things for sure I was right to go.

    My heart is broken my spirit beaten.
    But this I know, there is no doubt
    Together we will heal together we will grow
    At least now Im not afraid of tomorrow
    I love you Terri, sorry its not always clear
    Thank you Terri for bringing me near.

    By Sarah Leslie Fraser

    I Don't Understand

    I dream of escape from you.
    Instead I wake up to this eternal ****ation.
    Created by the inner turmoil you gave me
    How can I love you so much
    Yet hate you with an equal amount of passion?
    I guess thats the thin line huh?
    I don't understand.

    You come to me at night.
    But its not you
    It's someone else -- someone dark.
    It can't be you -- not my dad, not my friend
    You're like a vampire -- you **** the life right out of me

    I don't understand.

    What kind of spirit created you with such a ravenous rage.
    You are a friend that breaks the rules of life and love.
    And you feed off my fears so I will hold back my tears.
    Deep within I am broken by the brutality
    A result of existence with you.
    I don't understand.

    You, me and destiny
    Well I guess that was never meant to be.
    Still I yearn to be with you.
    But your altruism always stank of fallacy.
    My every moment is marked by manifestations of your soul.
    I don't understand.

    At least with bruises I had reason to feel pained.
    It's easier to believe that this madness.
    And this glorious sadness
    Which brings me to my knees.
    It just doesn't exist.
    I don't understand.

    Do you know what you've done?
    Do you know I am broken?
    How can I escape you?
    I kept your secrets -- no more
    I hide my own secrets -- because of you.
    I don't understand.

    The memories are vivid.
    You are here with me now.
    I can feel you.
    I can smell you.
    I can taste you.
    I don't understand.

    How can the thought of your touch
    fill me with fear and loathing
    fill me with joy and loving,
    I don't know how to let you go.
    I only know I have to let you go.
    I don't understand.

    And my secrets?
    My madness?
    I tried so hard to keep those locked up.
    I tried so hard
    But now even those are being exposed.
    I don't understand.

    So I move onward
    Yet every step I take in faith
    Exposes me a little more
    But I miss the little things
    I miss everything about you
    I don't understand.

    The memories that seep through my veins
    They hunt out my heart and destroy it like poison
    I try...I try so hard
    But there is always some reason to feel not good enough.
    To feel not strong enough.
    I don't understand.

    Ive got to rebuild my life again
    But I'm so tired of it falling apart
    It's cold and bitter now
    And its darker than december
    I'm pulled down by the memories
    I don't understand.

    Its better this way, so they tell me
    It makes no difference to me
    You still come to me all the time
    In my head
    It's just the same, just as real
    I don't understand.

    By Sarah Leslie Fraser

    I Will Remember

    I will remember you
    And all those things you do
    I will remember
    Each glowing ember

    I know all the gifts that I got
    I can still taste the dinners you bought
    I was your greatest life prize
    Everyone could see it in your eyes.

    New clothes
    Dinner and shows
    The only problem was
    That I am caught in those jaws.

    You were to me
    How every woman wishes it to be be
    Its just that I was four
    And you were thirty or so more.

    I will remember you
    And those things you do
    I will remember, its etched in my mind
    burning like embers for me later to find.

    You trampled all over me with your dirty hands
    As my life dripped away with the grains of sand
    You were sexual with me
    The way its meant to be.

    And to your friends you took me to show
    So they could pay and have a go
    Enjoyment for the camera was expected
    Secretly I prayed I would be rejected.

    Your wife, she was plenty jelous
    Because for me you were over zealous
    So at her hands I did suffer
    and never a word did I utter.

    I will remember you
    And all those things you do
    I will remember, its etched in my mind
    Burning slow like embers for me to later find.

    But what saddens me most
    Is now that you are like a ghost
    I realize my feelings for you should have been zero
    But no I loved you as though you were my saviour, my hero.

    By Sarah Leslie Fraser

    This is a written will that Sarah wrote on March of 2003. I also found this in her journal.

    I want to be cremated when I die, after my organs have been harvested for those who medically need them. I want Amazing Grace (Bag pipes) to be played as I am cremated. I don't want tears and sorrow. I want it to be a celebration of life, I will be with God. I will know no more pain.

    Sarah Leslie Fraser

    Pray It Doesn't Stop

    Hit me again...I wont cry
    Hit me again...I wont die
    I will stay standing you wont win.
    Its not me you see thats not him.
    Its some other girl and some monster.

    Hit me again I pray
    Please hit me until the day
    I can take more, I wont bleed on the floor.
    Take another drink, you're not tired
    Please daddy, I love you cant I stay?
    Not to my room daddy...its too long ˜til day.

    Oh no he's quiet now,
    No more hitting oh, please no
    Up to my room now
    Staying silent under the covers
    Creak I hear him on the stairs
    A single tear runs down my face
    I pray; please walk past
    I watch the light under the door
    I grip my stuffed rabbit as I shake with fear.
    He is outside my door
    The handle turns.

    By: Sarah Leslie Fraser


    Is there really a God?
    Are you really up there?
    And is that God or higher power so full of love?
    Like Im told, Like people say
    Are you there God?
    If you do exist...can I ask you just one question?
    What did I do?
    Did I anger you sometime, somehow?
    Tell me I deserve it.
    Tell me it was my fault.
    Tell me it was a lesson to learn
    But please tell me...

    I try and think but no conclusions I come to
    give me the reason so I can know.
    So I can learn, so I can know
    Why it is that you dont love me so.

    By Sarah Leslie Fraser

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    Please pull up your post, go to the bottom and click on the little folder to "edit or delete" and take out your identifying information (address, phone number)


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      I will begin by admitting that I did not read your entire piece. My comment is that I doubt the congressman (or their constituents office) will either. A more persusive piece would have the point summarized up front. Eg- "I am seeking help in getting relief for my friend who will be killed by her family if she is returned to her home country". Also you need to be more clear as to what you want them to do. Do you want them to feel the same ache in their heart that she does, or do you want them to sponsor a custom taylored bill for her in Congress?


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        Writing to congressman or president is not going to help. They would care less about this letter or Sarah. You really need to speak with an immigration attorney and seek help in that way. Perhaps fine a lawyer who specializes in asylum, keep in mind it is very difficult to get asylum approved I believe the ratio is 2 in 10.
        I know about this because I came here at the age of 17 with my remaining family and applied for asylum and got denied and it was referred to immigration court but there it got approved and have been waiting for the last 3 years to get an interview for Green card..
        The poems are cute but I am sure she can do a better job in rhyming them, its just an advise from someone who writes himself.
        Again, consult with an attorney and get this process going, it will buy her a few years until they come up with a decision.



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          i want to thank you copper for your advise and that has become my next step...i am trying to find lawyers and have a few that i have contacted...just waiting for them to contact me back...

          thank you all for responding it does mean alot for the advise...i tried to edit my message but it said something about waiting 30 minutes or something like that...i will try after i get home from work tonight...thanks again everyone


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            i suggest calling NYANA
            its a quasi-government agency located in NYC and is for new americans
            they do asylum hearing at low or no fees
            the # 212 8984180


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              Just because your friend was abused by her friends and family sexually, physcially, and mentally, it won't make her eligibile for asylum. There is no need to seek protection in another country, especially when she is from one of the most democratic and law abiding country in the world. The laws over there could protect her very well and there was no need for her to leave that country, unless that country is behind her persecution or won't be able to defend her interests. No congresspersons would do anything in her situation. Million of children and girls are abused sexually everyday all over the world, but it doesn't mean that they need to leave their countries or U.S. needs to protect them thru giving asylum. Taking the steps without the knowledge of her family and friends, doesn't mean that she would definately be killed there. Her situation should be dealt accordance to her country's criminal laws to protect her, and not by U.S.laws.


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                You need to use your skills and write a movie script. Since your chances of getting aslyum are about 1 in 10,000.

                -= nav =-


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                  Yes, the chances in the human mind would be 1 and 10,000 or even a million. However, I do believe in the power of God. I do know this, that I came here for advice, not to have such negative responses, or uncaring attitude as yours just was. I hope that you do not treat every one in the manner or say just so heartless things as you just did. I will like to inform you, she just may be the 1 in the million because our Governor is going to see what he can do. So, you see, negative people there is a God and miracles do happen. Because the congressmen is behind me and so is the governor.


                  PS. How did you know I was writing a book?


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                      This is her solution:

                      Fly back to the UK.

                      Move to a different address.

                      Get unlisted phone number.

                      Remove ALL contact with her, ahem, "killers" in her family.

                      If any problems, dial 911.

                      Problem solved. My bill is in the mail.

                      (btw: giving a GC won't fix her problem. Her, ahem, "killers", couldl still fly her to kill her. Even her lessbian gf in cali could fly to buffalo and ahem, "kill" her).

                      -= nav =-


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                        I want to help you but dont know how....put this question on or try google group... u might get an answer what u r looking for...good luck...Pasha


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