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Processing Time for US Citizen Spouse based I-130 in CA Center

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  • Processing Time for US Citizen Spouse based I-130 in CA Center

    I have submitted for my india based spoused all requisite paper in CA in first week of March. Earlier, It was 90 - days process. Later, my lawyer told me that it'll take take around 4-6 months. Till now I haven't received any information form INS about the availability of number.....Can Any1 Help? and let me know..why is the processing taking suach a long time?...thru' internet i am always getting that the application is in process...

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    My friend did the same way like you and its taking time if you file it from here...and you can do much about that...that's how BCIS is working right now....DCF is much more faster ...and in my case i came to this country just in 108 days after marriage....


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      a friend of mine just filed the form I-130 her in california for her husband who is overseas...she received a package from the BCIS telling her that it will take around 800 days before she hears from them....


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        DCF is much more faster ...and in my case i came to this country just in 108 days after marriage....

        I suppose, DCF is not applicable in case of India...pls correct if i am wrong.


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          Hi Mojo,
          They do DCF in India at New Delhi. I came through DCF...


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            Hey guys,
            Just to let you know. One of my family members had the same problem. it has taken about 2 years for him to get his wife over to the USA. He is very happy and I am happy for my family members since his wife has a visa call comming soon.


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              Hay you all:

              I think if you are USC, when you go on vaction to your home, if you file the same I-130 then it should be quick. the consular officer can approved while you two are already in India.
              This was the case of with my friend in kuwait.and he got his visa within one month. Is it true


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                I-130 processing may be faster but prima facie eligiblity to be proven,need good evidence. it will not make much of difference if processed in USA or in consulate. only differenc is if you process the I130 and approved in US and then sent to consulate ,takes time to transfer, another procedure to follow to get transfer.
                Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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                  In there any way to know about the current state of your I 130 application? The processing time reflected on ILW.COM seems fancy to me. Sometime it moves rapidly within 15 day cycle and other times slips just a day in a month.

                  Everything in my case on prima facie shows clear eligiblity backed with good evidence and application is submitted thru' well known lawyer of San Francisco.

                  Being a USC, won't we have enough rigths to know what is going on at BCIS...Or government runs everywhere in same fashion either in US or in India.


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