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I-485 AOS case Approved today.

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    It is ok for her to travel on advance parole. there will not be any problem.
    regarding waiver, it depends upon the INS officer How they see the INS law.

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    Thanks Mohan for your reply,

    If you remember, I wrote you regarding this case a month and a half back, and Im happy they didnt have any problems.

    Any reason why they didnt say that his wife entered the US with the intent to file AOS, and therefore would need a Waiver of Inadmissability?

    Im in the same situation and I am anxiety ridden why it seems like some people in that situation need the waiver and others dont.

    On a separate matter, we are applying for an Advance Parole to travel in August of this year. My wife has never been out of status and is pending I485/I130 with New York office (estimating one more year until interview). Would it be safe to travel because as of yet she has never been out of status, and we are going together to visit her family ?(nor has she had any other crimes or anything negative that could affect her case).

    Thanks so much,

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    Thank you for all your useful and great advises over the past few months I have been regularly reading your comments and benefited many times. I have one concern I filed for my I-751 at Vermont service center in December 2001 and have still not received my approval yet. I called them and they said that have not started processing my case yet and could still take up to 90 days. What should I do? should contact a lawyer becuase people who applied after me have got their approval notices. How long does it usually take to get my card after i receive my I-751 approval notice? The reason I am so worried is that I have to travle outside of U.S for to settle some family issues and I don't want to travel without actual card in my possesion. The immigration agent said I could get a stamp on my passport and then travel but I am don't feel comfortable doing that, what would you recommned? I would really appreciate any comments from you. Thank you and may God bless you for posting execellent commnets on this board.

    A friend

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    Guest started a topic I-485 AOS case Approved today.

    I-485 AOS case Approved today.

    Good news ! AS I informed you guys previously . My friend Who IS USC Was filed AOS for his wife and In december They had an AOS interview, They was sent back because of Freeze. TOday his wife got her approval stamp.
    This case is For spouse who had multiple entry visitor Visa before marriage and she entered in US as visitor After marriage and stayed in US.
    Conditional card will be issued and starting date of the card is the date she entered in US, She will be able to file I-751 condition removal application befor 90 days of two years expiration.
    AOS process took almost 11 months and this 11 months included in the part of Conditional status.
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