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How Sept 11 changed my life

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  • How Sept 11 changed my life


    Speak your mind on this topic by clicking on 'Post reply' below.

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    Speak your mind on this topic by clicking on 'Post reply' below.


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      How has 09/11 changed my life? Now I have to pay a hefty security fee anywhere I go. Now I have to watch my back at any mass-transit facility to see what doon-coon might trip the next bomb.
      You pro-immigration goons ****! America's past may be based on free immigration policy, but its future certainly isn't. All people should REMAIN IN THEIR RESPECTIVE COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE, and not flood the USA with the stupid, talentless, uneducated masses.


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        I wonder if you are native amerocan indian, otherwise shut up because whatever produced you must hve came from outside the US. Making you inadvertantly "an immigrant"!


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          i have to disagree with you my friend. im living in england at the moment where ive married a beautiful english woman and am desperately ready to come home. sure ive got my quirks with immigration privlages but i dont see ANY problem with a foreigner coming to america to live out a fruitful life. why is it the KKK can still have marches and preach the hatefull preachings they do. if they were any bigger in society people with the same **** you just spewed from your fingertips would be ruling the US and it WOULDNT be the land of the free. it would be a different version of Nazi Germany.

          But back to the topic at hand. i think good people have been shafted by it. Security is so tight that when a every person walks through the gate of a US airport, or any other ally to the united states, they are asked what colour their **** is and have to answer before they are let through. i dont know about anyone else but that dont sit right with me. id like to move around my, MY world without the problems im facing today. its really a bothersome situation. if i had a suit and a briefcase and said "im here for business" id breeze right through with a whistle. but when i say im visiting a friend, im considered as a person trying to find sancuary in another country illegally cause my length of stay is questionable. not happy....not happy at all.
          sorry ive been shafted by immigration before. put into a confined room with REAL criminals for 7 hours straight. no word to anyone except for the officers and no sleep except for the 24 hours prior in the car on the way to the airport i started from. the worst day of my life


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            side note to DMC491... The "American Indians" also migrated here. They did not originate here either. Only shame is that they did not conjure up a good bureaucratic immigration system after they got here. That might have slowed down the squatters some.


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              Life and routine is severely effected after 9/11. Travelling from Inter state become more time consuming, long line at airport, for baggage checks, each and every bag are screened to ensure security. Friendly atmosphere of Airplane crew are disappearing day by day. Airport system has software run for security which hurt many travellers who book their ticket within 24 hrs of flying time. computer automatically generate code for second checkup regardless of if you are an immigrant or not. person has to spend 45 minutes to 2 hour in these security checks.
              9/11 has big impact on Immigration system, INS is merged and become one department. more power given and database is shared with other departments and many occassion misuse of power occured. more then 4000 aliens were detained in brooklyn without any charges after 9/11. alien can be deported just for speeding ticket and previous criminal offences.
              many people got seperated from their family.. this incresed the people on public support and tax payers has to pay the price.
              9/11 impact is not limited only in US but it also spreaded to consulates abroad. intended visitor and future immigrant also got effected. before consulates give you any forms you need and you can either submit your application on the counter or in drop box.. etc but now these days everyone has to get form download from the internet , only some form people had to get via mail. submitting forms to Consulate is also a chellenge, Ther are agent who first collect the form with fees and then agents will submit these forms to Consulate and also collect the answer. these are win win situation for agents as well as consulate because by doing that no line will be formed in consulate and have less sceurity concern , agents makes money.. but Intended immigrnat or visitor pays the price which means, We are the one who got effected.
              Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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                Since I was in high school when the world trade centers got torn off, I didn't have that many experiments as other people here are saying/writing. But it changed my life in a way, that my eyes are more open now, and I realized how vulnerable a nation can be, and that how much hate people can have towards others, and how they can look down on someone, and go "jump" for whatever they do/say/think. It's sad how we just left nature, where animals only kill each other for survival. We're not humans anymore with higher level of intellectuality, but rather a "something" who just wants to kill, to degrade, to make people feel bad about their life. Yeah, 90% of the people are "let's be mean, let's yell at someone, let's attack someone, or a nation". It all seems "fun" to them......where? how? I feel shamed that I belong to this same race, called human. And I can see how the first people who came to US (yes, they're immigrants, and what about it?) what was their plan. They were tired exactly of the same thing I wrote above. They were tired of how people were mean, racist, and just kill. That's why US became the "land of the free", so that people could speak their mind up without others yelling at them, not tolerating them, or even killing them. Look where we are now? (we-as people in this whole universe) And I wish I had the power of change all this, and let people (even bad people, who flew into the wtc) know, life can be so much better if "we" didn't kill each other, and would appreciate each other for who they are.
                Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.


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                  I shall always remember that morning. I was in New Jersey when it happened. I am extremely sorry about it, and that it came to that.

                  I live in America, illegally (out of status), I've been trying to adjust for the longest but don't seem to be able to do it. I work in New York and see police officers everywhere. I am to feel good about that, but for real I am afraid, because it has the opposite effect on me. It makes me nervous, nervous to live in a country that is being targeted in that manner. I have two American born children and have been thinking about their and of course my own safety.
                  “...I may condemn what you say, but I will give my life for that you may say it”! - Voltaire


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