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    If a person is deported for being in the country without permission and making a false claim to citizenship, is there anything that person can do to be given a waiver or concession after a passage of time? Can a senator, a governor or the president issue a pardon for that individual? Especially if he is married to a USC and has USC children?

    If you have any ideas, please let me know.

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    I believe I was addressing someone who had something intelligent and useful to say.


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      HHHAAAAAA.. HAAAA .. What a Joke.


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        Making a false claim to US citizenship is one of the most serious things an alien can do. This is considered an ineligibility under the Immigration & Nationality Act under section 212 A 6 C (ii) - this is different than 212 A 6 C (i) - why? because Congress made a waiver available for spouses of Amcits for those who are ineligible under 6C (i) - but there is NO waiver for 6C (ii).
        I have never heard of anyone receiving any kind of "pardon" or waiver or anything else for this offense.
        In the post 9-11 era, there is probably no chance that anyone having this ineligibility would be a good candidate for something called a 'special bill' which means a member of Congress can bestow LPR status on someone - but in this kind of case there would be too much bad press if someone got this benefit under these circumstances. Imagine - everyone who is ineligible under 212 6C (ii) would be begging for the same thing.
        This ineligibility is permanent - with no waiver - until the person is 90 years old or until any regulations change - again, in the post 9-11 era, this is far from likely.


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          this is no consolement for the first poster as USC gave you pretty much all the information that is fact right now!

          I just wanted to point out to USC that there have been incidences for "aliens" who "falsely claimed" U.S. citizenship and who have not been (rightly so) removed: these were a few hundred young adults, who had voted, or attended jury duty in frank false beliefs that they were citizens. Some of them were adapted at a very young age into U.S. families, some didn't know that they had been born out of the country and that they had never been naturalized. All of these, otherwise honest, good people, have been pardoned.

          Any adult alien who obviously knows (or reasonably should know) that s/he is not a U.S. citizen, and who makes such a fraudelent claim, pretty much closes all doors for legalization or a basis to settle in the U.S. Good luck!


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            There are Waiver for all most every thing. Since your have USC spouse and USC children, so you will get one. You spouse will have to struggle a lot to get this done for you by contacting Senators and Congressmen for pushing the matter.

            If you would had been a Billionaire and Bubba were still President then you had a chance to get a Presidential Pardon. But nothing is like that.

            So your spouse will have to push for waiver on behalf of herself and your USC children.
            Good luck.


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              to Guest X: There is NO waiver for a violation under INA 212 A 6 C (ii) - NONE. Congress did NOT, repeat, did NOT provide waiver relief for the offense of falsely claiming US citizenship.
              For the poster who spoke about those who did jury duty, etc, the usual instance of this offense occurs at a port of entry.


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                to Lotsaquestions -- USC gave you the correct statement of the law, with one small detail omitted. It depends on when the person made the false claim to US citizenship. The person is permanently barred from immigrating to the US if the false claim was made on or after 9-30-1996. If made before that date, then the I-601 waiver is available because before that date, there was no distinction in the law between false claim of US citizenship and other material misrepresentations.


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                  hi they deported me 2 years ago my wife puerto ricon american but law say no waiver for 212(a)(6)(C)(ii) but why l didnt do any wrong thing just in border show show my american ID and l havent speak english and officers pushed me sign paper and deported me now they say no waiver but my wife in there and she is american US citizen she doesnt have any rights? what kind off human rights? and why they sperated family Im not drug dealer not killer not mafia not terrorist Im clean person and want live with my wife we just came this world one time why they make our life like hell who wants to live sperated of family I want all guys here who spouse parents get deported and NO waiver grounds please be together and go congress and change that racist rules please we just want to be together us family thats all good luck everybody


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