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Expert Immigration lawyer in Michigan?

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  • Expert Immigration lawyer in Michigan?

    Anyone know of an expert immigration lawyer who practises in Michigan?

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    Anyone know of an expert immigration lawyer who practises in Michigan?


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      If you are going to keep posting useless posts for your husband situation you better leave this board.


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        Aguila and Just a Thought Of Mine:

        You know, I really don't know what your problem is with my questions. Let's face it, I have never professed to be informed on Imigration, and I don't offer Immigration advise, because I am not qualified to do so. If you guys don't realize that coming to terms with a most frightening thought of having been used and deceived by someone I loved more than you can imagine, is not a PROCESS, then I beleve that you CANNOT begin to comprehend LOVE. This has beena journey for me, and just because it has taken time for me to come to this point, should be a TESTAMENT to the commitment and Love I had for my spouse. Shame on you for criticizing.

        What on earth is wrong with asking these Immigration questions? Are they not useful for others on this board...and are they not always posted asking for guidelines set up by BCIS for people who find themselves in difficult situations, which are WITHIN (not outside) the law, immigration and otherwise?

        Furthermore, who determines if a question is viable or not? The answer is the viability of a question posted on this board is determined by those fellow posters who read them and want to contribute - Such a decision as to whether I should ask for Immigration information surely should not be made UNILATERALLY by you.

        My question still stands for anyone out there who is interested in giving information and guidance, not for those who wish to presume (erroneously, I might add) that I would not listen or follow it.


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          Where in Michigan do you reside? I know a lawyer in Ann Arbor Michigan.



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            Thank you, Copper. I live in Northern Michigan


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              I don't really know why do you need the assistance of an immigration attorney, because you don't have any immigration issue, instead your husband does or would- if you would take any action that would jeopardize his immigration status negatively. He should be the one, who should concern more in finding immigration attorneys instead of you. Your obligation is just to report to authorities whatever you may have felt or seen wrong or suspicious about the motives of yr husband, and let the authorities to take over from there. You can not expect an action to be taken according to your expectations.

              I strongly believe you should not waste your energy, time and money on immigration attorneys [since 98% attorneys care only about their fees, instead of your well-beings], because it should not be your business/interests what would happen to your husband once you would start taking any action against him. Immigration attorneys' job is to help in getting and saving immigration benefits to aliens, and not to prosecute/investigate them. It is govt's job to prosecute or investigate the matter. BCIS would take over on your situation once you report to them any negative information. Furthermore, no attorney will spend that much time in explaining you all little-little details on these querries even if you choose to pay them big chunk of money, trust me. And, somehow if you would ever be able to get some answer then it would still be the same as others and I've been kept telling you for a long time.

              Nevertheless, if you still want to hire or talk to an attorney, you may talk or hire anyone coast to coast across the United States because Immigration is a federal matter, so it won't make any difference where attorney resides, especifically when there is no need to review your husband's immigration file or other immigration related documents in person, and no attorye's presence is required in court appearances in your situation.

              You may also check the listing of attorneys in yellow pages, or may call your local bar to get the names and numbers of immigration attorneys in your area. You may also visit to get the whole listing of all types of attorneys in your area for any field of laws,if this site is still functioning. You can check a law firm- ALEXANDRA V.LACOMBE, 37727 Professional center drive, suite 125D, Livonia, MI-48145. Telephone # [313] 432-0506, Fax# [313] 432-0502. If telephone number won' work, then you may go there in person if you live close-by or you may call directory assistance to get their new number. Good luck to you.


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                You are right, if I do withdraw my joint I751, I do not need an immigration attorney.

                I asked this question becasue if I only inform BCIS of my siutaion, since my husband's name is on the petition and the receipt was sent to our home when we filed the I751, but since he has moved to an apartment and I do not have his address, and he has alos filed and AR 11, he will get all correspondence from BCIS, and there would be no way of knowing what is going on. I wondered if an immigration attorney could find out the disposition if my alien spouse tried to refute my claim that he tried to gain GC from me.


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