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Appeal to the Ninth Circuit

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  • Appeal to the Ninth Circuit

    my asylum case is pending with the BIA. in case it going to be denied, how I can appeal to the ninth Circuit?

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    my asylum case is pending with the BIA. in case it going to be denied, how I can appeal to the ninth Circuit?


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      no experiance?


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        I guess you will need a lawyer to do that! You could appeal BIA decission to that higher Court however, you must have some solid argument to bring the appeal...


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          You need a lawyer who will gladly take every penny you own and you will lose. Asylum is very difficult to get. This is not England. What Banana Repubic are you from ?


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            if the asylum case will be denied then first step is to appeal in BIA then you can go to circuit court.
            I have experience with circuit courts too, what you want to know? any why you think that BIA will deny your case and circuit court will approve it?
            Attorney will charge arms and legs to file in circuit court , aware of that.
            Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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              Thank you for your help, what? and how I can appeal by myself to the ninth Crcuit?, Which forms or document's I have to fill and send?

              I know most these Attorny"s they just looking for money more than the case itself, they don't if you can tell me how to do it by myself, I will be appreciatedd,...


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                Would it be the same process to appeal a wrong decision for waiver denial?

                Does anyone know?


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                  hi mohan , can you give me details on how to file a appeal to the second circuit from a denial of a bia decision motion to reopen denied by IJ.. i need to know what forms and where to find it. a deportation order was entered in absentia back in 1994 now i have a approved I 140 and i'm trying to adjust . the judge doesnt want to open my case


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           appeal of an appeal of an appeal of an appeal of a deportation order? What part of "go home already" don't you guys get?


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                      Why are you bringing up a post from 4 years ago !!!

                      This is a classic from the father of ILW; MICHAEL !!

                      "What banana republic are you from" LOL !!! WE LOVE MICHAEL !!!!!!


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                        didn't you get the message? Liars aren't welcome....thus, your phony asylum claim didn't get the EFF out of MY country (yes, proudusc, and iperson and hudson, it is MY country because I have fought for it, while two of you were learning how to play with yourselves and the other fashioning her lies to our embassy folks in Poland...)


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                          and yes, WE DO LOVE MICHAEL!!!!


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