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Received my Actual Conditional PR Card - Less than 2 months.

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  • Received my Actual Conditional PR Card - Less than 2 months.

    Hi everyone,

    Just an update. I got my actual PR card today in the mail. It was sooner than I expected. The interviewer said it will take up to 6 months. I got it less than 60 days.

    Have a nice day!

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    Beware of small expenses. A small leak could sink a big ship.


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      Great News !

      Now you don't have to carry your passport to prove you are a permanent resident. When does the card expire?

      As i told you before, my AOS interview is on March 16, 2004 but yet to receive EAD notice. Probably go to Baltimore after Jan 14, 2004 (It will be 90 days since BCIS Vermont received my 765 documents).

      Best Wishes


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        Congrats Me2!!


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          Congrats Me2! Squeak!
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Congratulations Me2 ... Pasha


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              I am here almost 2 years - how long does it take to receive the PR card?



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                Ally, there are certain factors to consider:

                1. When did you file fo adjustment.
                2. Which service center did you file with.
                3. Did you receive any interview notice yet?
                4. Have you received a receipt notice and have you been checking on the status.
                5. You adjustment is based on what?


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                  Hi Congrate,

                  I also got my PR card less than 25 days. But I requested an urgency to travel abroad, for this purpose I faxed a ticket in thisregard.

                  Is there any body got a chance to travel abroad after 31st December 2003. Are they scanning PR card or air port.


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                    Congratulations Me2!!!

                    They are now not taking more than 2 months to ship green cards since they are manufactured with high technology machines, I got mine in the mail exactly one month after my AOS interview.

                    What I don't get is why they don't mail them certified mail, they send them by regular mail and the envelope does not say anything about USCIS, it almost appears as a credit card bill.


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                      LOL Jo!!!! and thank you everyone

                      To Kenny, my CPR card will expired on November 19, 2005. So I have to remove conditions 90 days before its expire.

             still have not gotten your EAD card? Thats strange coz' Baltimore use to be fast. It is a good idea to go there after your 90 days to get it on the same day.

                      The card look sooo kewl! Its light yellow colour GREEN colour ...haaaaa...I know, they call it green card coz' we're 'aliens' do you think aliens are green? Just kidding guys

                      About scanning the PR card, I don't know...but the airports get really strict now especially for visitors. They fingerprinting and take pictures.

                      Have a nice day!!!! Squeakkkkk


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                        does anyone remember what the envelopes return address will say on it(for GC)so i can keep any eye out for it in the mailbox?


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                          It depends because I believe there are only five places in the country that make green cards, being Vermont one of them.

                          The envelope should like a credit card bill with some fine print in yellow.

                          I believe is so irresponsable to send them by regular mail because they could easily get lost or deliver to the wrong address or even an abusive USC could get it and hide it, I believe USCIS should mail green cards outs requesting the signature of the alien to whom the green card is issued.


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                            It will probably say the service center address on the back on the envelope. If you live in the North East watch out for a vermont address.


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                              It was mailed like regular mail (white envelope) with returning address (without stating USCIS or BCIS - just St. Albans...bla bla. I cannot see anything at the outside of the envelope stating USCIS except it written, government official letter or mail with 0.37 cents stamp.


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