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    How can INS determine an overstay time if a vistor returned a fake I-94 to airlines when departing US?

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    How can INS determine an overstay time if a vistor returned a fake I-94 to airlines when departing US?


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      If it's fake and it has the same name on it, they will know.

      This is considered fraud and you will be arrested when you attempt to return.

      IMO, this country does not need criminals.


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        It is fake and would have a different misspelled name on it.
        They will not find such an alien in their registry and would not be able to prove my departure day.
        It is a good idea, isn't it.


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          Wouldn't they suspect something is going on if they didn't find any departure record AT ALL in their system?


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            Bottom line is, the burden of proof in relation to overtsay resides soley at the feet of the *alien*. INS does not need to prove that you left, you need to prove that you did not overstay. Hence, if you give them a fake I94, your passport will be stamped in your home country showing the actual date that you landed

            Or is it that you plan to extend your criminal streak and get fake stamp in your passprt?????

            The truth is, this is a very bad idea and might very well backfire. Please re-think this move, it could prove to be to your detriment.

            Good luck.


            P.S. I know of cases where the I94 card was presented and for some reason was not entered in to the database(s). Upon re-entry, the INS officer checked the (home)landing date in the passport. The stamp showed that the *alien* had indeed returned to their country before the expiration of I94. In cases like these, parole into the U.S. is granted. To repeat, the burden of proof is on the *alien*, not on the INS!!!!! !


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              one little correction:
              when entering a European Airport one does not get a stamp for entering into the passport, in fact one does just walk through, the inspector may take a quick look at your passport and scan it, but that's all. Been there and done it many times.

              Total different story when you enter the US.......


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                What if I change a passport after I land in my country of birth and then apply for a US visa telling them that I left before I-94 expiration.
                My new passport will have no record of my previous stay in US.

                You have mess in your US consulates. Although I am here illegally my two relatives got a visitor visa. Normally relatives do not get visa if an American consulate determines that somebody from your family overstayed in US.


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                  You seem pretty proud of how you could get away from things. Do whatever you want, man. Don't say that we didn't warn you when you get caught.


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