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    You need to calm down. We all make mistakes. There is not one person in this world that hasn't done something at some point in their lives that they regret. Stop beating yourself up. It was a long time ago and you were in difficult circumstances. PEOPLE CANNOT JUDGE YOU UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN STANDING IN YOUR SHOES. And believe me, 99% of the world out there would behave exactly the same way.

    It sounds ABSOLUTELY absurd to me that a lawyer would charge you so much money for something that is an easy consultation. Here is what you need to do. Start calling various legal defense funds -- the Catholic Church, etc. Call INS and ask them for a list of free lawyers. Your question is very basic. Any immigration lawyer who is not SLIME can take 1/2 an hour to listen to your problem and give you some advice. One other thought -- start calling the law schools near you and ask if they have Immigration Clinics. Sometimes law schools have helping organizations where there are students who are studying immigration law with professors who are experts and will help.

    I highly doubt that INS checks this kind of stuff outside the country, but you really need to talk to someone who knows the system.

    In the meantime, start developing a LONG list of character references of people who will attest to your morals, your integrity, and how you are a model citizen. Continue to get involved with all sorts of organizations.

    Hang in there. I am confident that it will work out.

    P.S. -- Were you ever arrested, or just sued?


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      Unluckily, I was arrested then I posted bail and I fled.


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        My above advice still applies. I don't think this will affect your ability to adjust your status, even if you disclose it. The length of time that has passed alone is so long. But FOCUS ON inundating INS with character references. Anybody and everybody who will attest to your character, your generosity, your willingness to help those who have less than you -- your boss, your religious adviser, your friends, people that are involved in charities, a teacher, ANYBODY. Your goal is to inundate the INS with proof that you are a good person.

        Believe me, this isn't so serious that I would imagine you would be unable to stay. But follow my advice -- speak to a lawyer (just make sure that you are speaking to an HONEST one and there are honest ones)! An HONEST lawyer will not charge you a fortune for this advice -- you are not the first person to have this problem.


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          I could kiss your feet for being so kind to give me some very important advice that could change my life forever. Thank you so much.


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            don't worry. I'm happy to help you. You can "repay me" by taking the time to help others in similar situations to yours. If we all did that, there wouldn't be so many people being hurt and having their families separated by these unfair immigration laws. Try to get some help -- if you are not having any luck, post here and lets arrange a chat somewhere and I will see how I can try to get you some referrals to an HONEST lawyer in Minnesota. I'll check back to this board so let me know how things are going....


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              Send money to one of your trusted relative in the Phil to pay your debt. The relative should:
              First, hire a lawyer, go to the complainant and pay your debt and have the complainant execute an affidavit of disisstance. From then on your lawyer will know what to do to dissmis the complaint.

              I do not know of any case wherein the INS reguires the applicant to produce a local police or NBI clearance (from the PHILIPPINES) if you are already in the US applying for a change of status.

              I hope there is someone out there that has undergone the experience you are in now to help you.


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                Thank you for this idea. That I will do ASAP. But what will I do if I couldn't locate the person I owed from? But anyway, Ill hire a lawyer in my behalf, hopefully I'll solve this mess that I've been through and I'll let you guys know the result. Thank you so much.


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                  That's why we are here for .To help


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