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    Have you been to this board. It moderated by petitioner who has a fiancee in the Phillipines.

    Maybe you might find it kind of useful.


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      Have you considered using "phone Cards" for long distance calls? My Fiance calls me every day using a phone card, you can purchase them on the Net, and it saves him money on his phone bill...just trying to help...goodluck!


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        I have a plan through MCI for my long is 25 cents a minute and 19 cents a minute on the weekends which I think is pretty good....but still we talk a lot and it adds up quickly!!!! I am glad there is a forum like this for people to vent their frustrations....It makes me feel a little better about my situation to know that there are others like me who understand and know the helplessness which we feel.


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          To Kenny:

          Check for answers.


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            Do you talk via computer too? If so you can always install a mic and talk that way, it's cheaper too than a phonecall Thank heaven's for modern technology, I think I would go crazy without my PC, imagine if we had to communicate via letter? We think the waiting is bad enough now...OMG!!!


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              I checked out the prices on the site that you mentioned and they would be slightly cheaper than what I am paying now (20 cents vs 25 cents)....Thanks for the info. To tell you the truth I am not concerned about my phone bills, just my fiance. I would like to forward all of these bills to the INS just to give a laugh to whatever incompetent, non-caring, a-hole opens up my letter at the INS in Nebraska. They certainly don't seem to care when you try to explain to them how much you miss your loved one, but maybe they would understand better if I told them how much MONEY it is costing me - maybe they could relate to that.... What am I thinking??? Of course, they wouldn't give a damn about that either!


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                Of Course they don't care, It's just a job to them and we're just a number


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                  that infor about nebraska makes me sopo mad. they cant keep track of the files, what kinda morons they got workin there i wonder. kenny, when did u file for the visa? mine is 10/8/2. they have ruined our plans also. they are controlling our lives and we cant even get a straight answer. why do we think all the countries want to imitate us.


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                    i forgot, i wrote an email to the lincoln paper, telling them of the protest in tx and also my story. the more press we get, maybe they will start asking some questions and maybe the wheels will turn. i encourage you all to do the same. peace! take care all


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                      Good Idea! My Fiance's family also want to get the press involved. I admit we haven't been waiting as long as you guys, but we will and it's as frustrating as hell We had made some wonderful plans for our summer wedding, and now they're all ruined. Most of my family won't be able to attend now


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                        I think it is great to see some people stand up and be heard. Good Luck


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