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    There will be a protest held at the Texas Service Center on Friday (Valentines Day) on behalf of all petitioners who have been placed on hold while waiting for their Fiancée petitions to be approved. If you are interested in hearing more please check out the two links above. They will explain the whole story.

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    There will be a protest held at the Texas Service Center on Friday (Valentines Day) on behalf of all petitioners who have been placed on hold while waiting for their Fiancée petitions to be approved. If you are interested in hearing more please check out the two links above. They will explain the whole story.


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      good for you...maybe we should organize something similar in nebraska. as of 1/15/3 they were processing fiancee visas from august 8th,2002. they are even slower than you are in texas. since i filed on oct 8th, i have along wait ahead of me, and i too am very very angry. grrrrr


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        This doesn't sound good. I have to use this same center when I begin my filing hopefully by end of this month. How far behind are they in Texas? when did you submit your K1? how long have you been waiting? were any of your forms RFI? did you have all of the requirments they asked for? what is the hold up?

        inquiring mind wants to know at least to be prepared for the longhaul.



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            Hey Todd,

            Try coping the link and then pasting on your address line on your browser.



            Also you can email the spoke person for the protest at:


            Her name is Hillary.


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              My first N.O.A. was 10/28/2002 and I am still waiting on the second N.O.A.

              The main reason for the protest is that Texas Service center has completely stopped processing K-1's and have lied to both the public and our congressman and senators. We have documented proof that they have not processed any K-1's since 9/17/2002. (This date could be couple days off because I am going from memory)

              But if you go to the Texas serice center complaint board you will see the whole story. Go back for the last couple of weeks and you will see what I am talking about when you read them.


              Or email Hilary at the email address in the previous post.


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                My K-1 application was filed in Nebraska, on August 22, 2002. Yes, service centers have stopped processing these applications. Can anyone explain why our tax dollars go to waste? I pay taxes for services, and I payed $110 to have this application processed, yet all K-1 applications seem to be laying in boxes, ignored, and rotting away. Can ANYONE explain why K-visas are ignored. I commend the Texas protest, and I wish we had one for Nebraska. These people can lie and do as they please, and we have no rights, rights and services we have payed for with our tax dollars and our filing fees!


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                  I feel your pain. Out of the Service Centers Nebraska is the worst when it comes to K-1's. And it seems they are only going to get worst.



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                    when they first upped the processing times, i wrote my senator in iowa, tom harkin. i asked him to inquire why the delay had occurred. i received the worlds dumbest letter from him. i actually gave them more information than i got back. it never addressed one of the questions i asked.

                    the bureaucraps, as archie bunker calls them, simply dont care, and have no accountability for their actions. is this the system we are trying to force on the rest of the world. how can we organize a protest in nebraska i wonder? anyone know anybody in the press???


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                      According to the processing dates I found on the Internet, the Texas center, although, currently slowed was processing cases from October 11th....I phoned Nebraska on 2-11-03 and their processing date for the K-1 is August 23, 2002. Back in Late November of 2002, they were on August 8th, then in December they found "old cases" and had to back up their date to July 15th. Now it is February 12th and they made the "remarkable" progress of getting all the way to August 23rd....what a bunch of bs...I can't begin to tell everyone how po'd I am.....I can't believe the inefficiencies of our government - the "Great old USA"!!!!!! What Crap.


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                        If you check the links posted in the first few messages in these links you will see that we have found that the reporting dates of the Texas Service Center have been straight out lies.

                        We have check the N.O.A. receipts numbers and can find none processed after 9/17/2002.

                        Also many of us have contacted on congressman and senators and find that the information they are getting is different from what is being reported. For example I recieved a letter from my congressman which said they are working on 10/02/2002 when it was reported at the same time to another person who wrote their congressman that they were working on 10/11/2002,

                        They (T.S.C.) seem to be misleading everyone. That is the main reason for the protest. We want honest answers.


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                          We also filed at the Nebraska Center in December and it seems our plans for a summer wedding are now screwed up We contacted a senator and have made other enquiries and all we get is bullshit and contradicting stories, we're totally fed up with the situation, but we love each other, so all we can do is grit our teeth and wait I agree that people should protest, although it's unlikely it will change the situation.....goodluck to you all and try to be patient, the real test here is being prepared to sit it out, however much it *****


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                            At least if Texas begins to process applications once again, they will be starting at September 17th - one could conclude..... Nebraska has gone from August 5th to August 23rd from November of 2002 to February of thats 4 months time to make 2 weeks this rate my fiance will arrive sometime in 2004....I am almost embarrassed telling my fiance about the delays as the Phillipino people have such a "High" opinion of the USA....she finds it hard to believe that this type of thing takes so long....She is absolutely right...Prior to our engagement, I knew it would take some time and I had "braced" myself for about a 2 to 3 month wait for my approval...still a long time, but I thought it would be worth it....I also expected her to be here before the end of it looks like June or July at the earliest...I am thinking of sending a bill to the INS or to the IRS along with my tax return for all the money this is costing me because of their "GROSS INCOMPETENCE".... I had to take a 2nd trip to the Philippines over Christmas time, my phone bills are about 400 per month, and I would have received a significant tax break had I been married prior to 12-31-02...... I love my fiance with all my heart so don't think that I am complaining about money, but my bills are adding up and it ticks me off that most of these costs could have been avoided had our government acted in a somewhat timely manner.


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                              I am in the same boat as you. And I am just doing all I can to make the most of this K-1 Nightmare. If I had it over to do again, I certainly would have married my girl in March of last year when I was there in her country with her.

                              It is so hard for me to keep telling her to hold on and be strong when I know it may still take a couple months before approval.

                              This has been a real test of our love.

                              Take Care and Good Luck to You Both on your Journey.


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