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    I filed jointly and have been waiting for more than 10 months already. However a divorce action has been initiated a while ago and I delay it by legally fighting against my spouse attorney and probably will be divorced sometime in March next year, and most likely I would still be waiting for adjudication of this I-751 and because divorce brings a lot of consequences to this situation that had been discussed already I will have to file a new one, or I might be called up for an interview, try to get my divorce quicker and show up at the interview with a new I-751 to have adjudicated on the spot.


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      Hi Wish,

      I don't know where to find those stories to read but if I get them, I will inform u for sure. Well they didn't ask u any private question but at my DCF interview they did ask me and my wife. They gave us piece of paper separately and guess what...!!! asked to write date and time when we last had S-E-X.... That's how it is....

      Hi aguila18,
      Just wanted to bring ur attention in sight.... I guess, SAMMY told in one post that after filing joint I-751, if you file for should immediately notify BCIS about it....otherwise they take it as misrepresentation of facts for immigration benefits... isn't that true? I don't know much...Thanks


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        I did not file for divorce, my wife did and she uses a ridiculous ground of extreme mental cruelty when she was the mental abuser, she threaten me that if I would answer she would hurt my immigration case etc, but I did answer and sue her back, and because all her allegations were baseless she could not proceed and get the divorce so the process got halted until she can pursue a no-fault ground. Although is true that one must inform BCIS if there is a divorce proceeding it will jeopardize my case because in fact the divorce has been halted, and secondly and most importantly because I have chances of getting approved before divorce is final, the important and determinable factor is if divorce is final.
        I will use some my last legal artillery next year to delay the divorce even more if I can... then if I am not sucessful I will let them know and file a waiver..


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          I wish you all the best...May God get you through it....Good Luck...Pasha


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            Thank you very much! I know I will be successful but I have the feeling that is going to be hard battle that is why I am getting ready in advance.


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