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  • DV-2004 QUERY

    Hi folks,

    I'm living now in US under F1 until May 03 and I want to enter DV-2004. What mailing address do I have to put on the application form? The one from my country of origin or the one in US?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm living now in US under F1 until May 03 and I want to enter DV-2004. What mailing address do I have to put on the application form? The one from my country of origin or the one in US?


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      Don't send it in. You're not eligible. Don't ruin other's hopes.


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        Why is he/she not eligible? I don't think so.

        Put the mailing address you think you are going to be in May-July next year (the period when they are supposed to announce you if you won). If you are not sure about your future address either put somebody's else address, whom you know for sure he/she is not going to move by then, or rent a mailbox.
        Good luck.


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          Don't mind the guest 'no', who said that you are ineligible.

          You are definitely most eligible, after all you are present in the US in legitimate F1 status. So how can you not be eligible for the DV Lottery.

          Even if you had overstayed your I-94, you would still have been eligible for the lottery. The only issue to consider is the fact that, if you had overstayed, you would face either of the following problems:

          1) If you are not in status you cannot apply for an Adjustment of Status (AOS) within the US and have to go back to your home country in order to apply for the DV visa.

          2) If you overstayed by 6 months or more, then you could face the 3-years bar to entry even if you apply at a consulate in your home country. Hence in this case you might not be able to benefit from winning the DV lottery, since all DV 2004 visas must be issued by midnight September 30, 2004 latest.

          In this case of a more than 6 months overstay, it would be correct to say that you are ineligible for a DV visa and not the lottery.

          Since our guest 'no' has not received any information to the effect, that you have either overstayed your Student (F1) status, or have otherwise violated your status, his/her reply can only be considered mis-informed at best and most likely malicious.

          So I would advice you to discount that posting and promptly mail in your DV lottery entry, in the event that you have not already done so.

          As for the issue of the right address, there is no right or wrong address per se. That is to say vis-a-vis whether the address is a US or foreign (In this case your home address) one.

          Use the address that is most convenient for you to receive mail at, within the DV notification period of May 2003 and August 2003.

          I hope this answers your question. Bye and good luck!


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            Thks for your advice. Cheers.


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              Everyone is eligible to apply for the lottery, even illegal aliens. The issue is where they will apply for it in case they win. If you are out-of-status you'd need to return to your home-country for consular processing. If you are here legally OR are illegaly WHILE being eligible under section 245(i), then you can file AOS (Adjustment of Status) here in the US. Be careful, however, in case you are illegally or out-of-status in the U.S., since this year, due to September 11 consequences, you may come in DOS/INS attention:

              -- Quote --

              "The Department of State recently announced that it would no longer shred unused applications in the diversity visa lottery. For years, the State Department had shredded millions of applications from those who were not selected for green card processing, until the practice became widely known a few weeks ago. Many say that intelligence agencies could use the information in terrorist investigations."




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                Check the INS page regarding specifically tells one how to address an envelope, particulary when one is not in their home country, and even shows an example.

                Good luck.


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