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Bye all. We all have a threshhold

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  • Bye all. We all have a threshhold


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      Woohoo. Party down!!!!!!!!!!

      Aguila has agreed to pick the tab.


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        You know I love sweetheart, but sometimes I get really upset due to your personal attacks, and when you attack people that's what you get back, I did not meant to attack you in anyway, and I do not agree with some people that have insulted and used really bad words.

        I admire your tenacy too! you are very very smart, thanks for your wishings... I appreciate that, I have your email so if we will have to keep our arguments privately then!

        Te quiero muchisimo! Perdoname si the ofendi okey? esa nunca fue mi intencion.


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          aw come on.... dont go away

          Everybody 's just messin with u cuz u make it easy. Dont be upset or take too serious.. Imagine how Aguila probably felt too. and he's just a newbie. You ll be ok I know u can swing with the best. This is peice of cake after what you've been thru with your hubby.

          Just know when to back off from time to time.

          So come on over to the other forum cuz we're about to have some fun. wouldnt want to poke fun and you are not there. Besides I have seen u at night and u can get pretty witty.


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            If you feel this way, then why act the way you did?

            Rather than battling all of us you could tell us what you said in this message and we would be sympathetic friends instead of adversaries.

            I wish you luck.


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              ok PYB

              I got 5 on it

              Who's in


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                Bye least I won't have to trail thru all of your c-r-a-p to get to the meaningful posts..........If you are fluent in al these languages why don't you put them to more use and move abroad!!!!!!!!

                Irritated don't kid yourself........she'll be back.....she can't resist the temptation to write a novel everytime she hits this site


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                  Si tu quieres podemos chatear algun dia, por ICQ o algo similar. Yo te aprecio mucho, de verdad tu crees que voy a tener suceso con my caso? Yo sinceramente espero eso porque no me quiero ir de los Estados Unidos... seria desvastante para mi.

                  Una vez mas te pido disculpas, si tu quieres me puedes mandar tu numero de telefono como una vez lo mencionates en uno de tus emails y por ahi un dia te llamo y hablamos un rato q te parece?


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                    I know this is not the correct forum for me,(having been criticised for posting issues with regard to my feelings before) but if I post in Spanish, perhaps I will be able to slip under the radar. Believe it or not the conversations I have had on this site, are the only form of communication I have had since July. Perhaps that is the reason I have so much to say. It is a lonely world for me, not a phone call, not a friend or a family relationship and no one to spend time with. I hope you can understand that my debates were just a way for me to feel that I still exist. I have been to edge and questioned so many times whether or not to jump. I realize that this will be a difficult thing for others to understand - a life where I am afraid to trust anyone or anything said and a place which is just me and myself right now. I thought you might be able to know what I am speaking of. I don't think I am capable of being criticized by everyone this way. Not that it is wrong, but that I am far too fragile to handle it at this time. ...perhaps that will change in time.

                    You will be in my heart..and I do truly wish you the best.


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                      Yeah, I know. That's why I said what I said to you.


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                        ok folks let aguila and swissnut play their little games....I was actually going to say to swissnut to stay because a lot of the c-r-a-p I say is just to get a rise out of her because lets face it folks....this discussion board can get very repetitive and so throwing a few insults around livens things up. except in the cases of Michael and Joe Doe...they deserve the abuse.......but I will insist on speaking the queens english swissnut on here.


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                          swissnut stop your little act and stay..........I promise to lay off you for at least a couple of hours!!!!!


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                            Tu me pondrias dar ese trabajo de conductor de tu tren yo necesito ganar mas dinero $$$.

                            Tu tambien me puedes escribir a


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                              I'm not going to criticize you for the last word if you are in this state. I have to agree with Paddy. And if I had known how you really feel, I would not have picked on you at all.


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