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    I am about to fill out the application for the Green CArd lottery. If my wife is a US citizen, do I need to include her info in the application?

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    I am about to fill out the application for the Green CArd lottery. If my wife is a US citizen, do I need to include her info in the application?


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      If your wife is a citizen, why would you participate in the lottery? You already won...
      However, when you or anyone else tried to use the photo validator on the what did you get as a result? All I got was a blank page...
      There is no link to the webmaster of that site. Anyone has the same expirience, or maybe the answer?


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        You must be going to the wrong site.
        I have been able to apply for a nother of people without problem. The only problem I had was that they have very specific sizes for the JPEG files. Be careful when you scan the photo to specify the file sizes you need, on your scanner.

        Please go to the following page to complete your lottery application:

        Read that page then click on the link below the page PROCEDURES FOR SUBMITTING AN ENTRY TO DV-2005.

        If you still cant access the page from here, there must be a problem with the computer settings of the computer you are using.

        Try another computer, or if it still doesnt work, take note of the message you get on the computer and post it here and we will try to help you complete the process.

        Good luck.


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          Evo, if you can't adjust your status via your U.S. citizen wife for whatever reasons (uninstpected entry, crimnal history, illegal presence?) there is no way you'd qualify for the DV visa...


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            Maximus... your name says pretty much all of the BS that you're about, but nevertheless, I'll extend some obsolete energy to point out to you that you're a dummy giving people false hopes! I'm unpopular, and that's O.K. (so much for truth anyway!), but at least I state things as they are!


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              Minimus: Evo stated earlier in his posts that he's an illegal, entered without inspection. That's probly the reason why he can't adjust over his U.S. wife. No one who entered the U.S. without inspection can adjust his status. Very few exceptions may exist for people who were brought here against their will (human trade or minors). If you can't adjust your status with a marriage to a U.S. citizen, there is no way you would qualify for a diversity lotto visa.

              Just because you realize that some of my answers may be affecting your case negatively, too, doesn't mean that you have to show off your low grade verbal abilities so embarrisingly obvious!


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                Well first off, I am not an illegal immigrant. I have a legel status here. I don't know where you will get this idea from.

                Second, I am just posting a question here. I don't need ppl guessing what I have or haven't done. I have not commited any crime or anything. I am fully eligible for adjusting status in any different ways.

                CHILL OUT!


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