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Why Are Canadians So Intolerant?

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      Moderator, please delete this thread!


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        There's no doubt that Canadians don't like America and Americans, even on these boards there's so much heated controversy between them on various issues,,


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          That controversy doesn't have to do much with this thread, though...


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            Yes. The US went to war. What do you think they should do. Actions must be taken when your a super power. It is just like a fast gun. No matter how fast you think you are there is always going to be someone come along who thinks they are faster. Sept 11th just for one example. What do people think the States should have done. Laid back, make threats and then back down???Bull****, Bush did the right and only thing he could do. Second. Iraq had 12 years to do the noble thing and then when it finally came to action it was left up to the US, Britian and a few small countrys to fix the problem because all other countrys with any kind of military jammed out thinking the war would go the wrong way for Britian and the US hoping to kiss Sadam's *** for Iraq oil. Canada also. I am a Canadian but ashamed to admit it. The one country in the world who could protect us if a small country ****ed with us and we did not have the guts to at least back them. Now I realize that there is absolutely nothing we could have done as Canada has no military at all left anymore. But we could have at least backed our protection. I am tired of listening to people say that Bush ****ed up and did not find any WOMD. Open your eyes. The US and Britian took the most lethal weapons out of power and most likely destroyed them. (Sadam and his band of killers) Now all that has to be done is to mop up the slime and free the good people of Iraq. I am sick of people who have nothing to do but call the US down or protest on the streets or come on boards like this and complain. But, it is sure great that you can do that without getting a bullet in the back of your head or one of your family getting rapped and slaughtered. Look around at those brave soilders who talk the big talk and then in the dark with no warning come on board planes full of innocent men, woman and babies, cut their thoats and slam the planes into buildings killing 1000's of unsuspecting people then the big brave soilders ran and hid their sorry asses in holes in the ground only to stick their heads out when they knew the US was not around. Think about it people. What do you think the US should do????? Canadian_Guest. At least your in the right country now. Good place for you in the land of a coward and communist government.


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              X, don't try any more to sell yourself as once-upon Canadian, it's obvious you have never been a Canadian citizen.


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                Thats the problem you dumb ***. I still am canadian and always will be ( or have ties )unfortunatly. But at least I got out of the country so I do not have to be lead around like a zombi as you still have to be.


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                  Canadians go back to Canada!


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                    Interesting... Since I am Canadian...

                    The real....



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