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    To all CSS/LULAC.
    Does anyone know if those who's applications are pending for adjustment under CSS,LULAC Life Leg also need to go for Special registration or they are exepmt since some of them have already been finger printed and photographed and have gotten new EAD. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I turned in my appointment letter just before 8:00am on the 6th floor.

    I was asked to fill out a sheet of paper about me and my parents.

    A clerk called me up to the desk and asked me "Do you have your passport?"

    I told her that I left it at my parents' house. Then she asked an INS officer next to her if it was alright that I did not have it with me. He then nodded his head signaling that it was okay.

    I turned in the sheet and waited to be called upon. About 11:00am, I was called by an adjudicating officer. My attorney accompanied me, and we both followed the INS officer. The officer told me to remain standing, and to raise my right hand to be sworn in.

    As far as I can remember, the events that follow remain vivid in my memory:

    INS Officer: Got a job?

    Me: I am self-employed. I sell and repair computers from a small office.

    INS Officer: What is the address?

    Me: I gave him the complete address. He was inputting all this information in the computer, although he already had some info pulled up on me with respect to my Late Amnesty application.

    INS Officer: It appears that you filed an I-687? Do you remember what that is?

    Me: I do not remember. What is it? It has been a long time (since 1990)? He then started checking the INS website, then printed a sheet and read it out aloud. It was something to do with legalization.

    INS Officer: Do you remember what the status of this application is? It appears that this has been sitting for a long time and no decision has been made. It looks like the file was transferred to Missouri Service Center. When did you file? Did you move?

    Me: In 1990. I was living with my family in California. I filed the application. I was attending Cal State. When I finished, I moved back to LA in late 1995.

    INS Officer: Did you receive any decision from INS?

    Me: No they kept renewing my EAD for awhile while the case was under litigation, and then they stopped. He then left the room for a while.

    INS Officer: You are here regarding registration and any information is voluntary...........

    After he asked the questions listed on the questionnaire, he gave the sheets for me to initial and sign. I reviewed them with my attorney, made minor adjustments, initialed the form and signed it. He had in his possession my CDL, EAD, and I-94.

    He left the room again for about a few minutes.

    He came back and stated that I would be detained, but that the good news was that I have a chance to see a judge. He stated that he would request the file from Missouri and then I will get my green card. He explained that I did the right thing by coming in today. The INS officers are just following the orders from Washington unlike what is mentioned in the LA Times. My attorney asked the officer if I could be released under my own recognizance. He indicated that this was not possible. He asked me to wait outside until I was called in.

    My attorney and I waited outside until they called me at 12:40pm.

    Detention Process: Tuesday Afternoon
    While I was still on the 6th floor, they asked us to make one line. There were about nine of us being detained. The line started with one female inspector and finished with a male inspector. We proceeded to go into a conference room. We all sat in the same row and they had a pile of files and placed each one with the corresponding person.
    The male inspector indicated that the reason we are taken into custody was because we have some immigration violations. He indicated that the correct procedure was to apply for an immigrant visa through an American Embassy or Consulate. The female inspector tried to comfort us indicating that everything was going to be okay. In my group, there were eight Iranians and an Arabian man. The male inspector then started questioning us starting from the first person in the row. The first Iranian person was upset and irate and demanded a refund for his EAD application fee because it was not accepted by the INS. Most of the group in my row had entered with a valid visa but overstayed. Most of the other men who were detained had pending I-485 applications and work permits issued through Laguna Niguel. One person to the left of me had entered without inspection. He told the inspector that he paid a smuggler $500 to come from Mexico.

    When we were all finished, they asked us to stand up and proceeded to put us on handcuffs. They handcuffed two people together using the right hand of one and the left hand of the other. I was sandwiched between two other people because there were nine of us.


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      Thanks for the great detail, it's really helpful. Could you please tell me how long you were detained?


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        pham ,

        thank you so much for telling us about your's interessting to see how things are going on there..
        good luck to you
        people who have to register should register no matter what...just show that you have nothing to hide...

        happy holidays


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          Yes, all CSS/LULAC/Life Act applicants should register with the INS, and most likely they'll be detained, so you should hire a lawyer before you register. The CSS/LULAC/LIFE will be in trouble if he register; also he'll be in trouble if he did not register. So it is loss loss situation,
          and it had been lose lose situation since 1990
          the INS do not want to approve anycase !


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            please review this pdf file from INS, it will answer many of your questions regarding special registration


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