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    $5000 in fees excluding INS, photocopies etc...etc....

    INS rules are in black and white. Any competent lawyers can assist u with your papers does not have to be expensive.
    My friend had very good experience with ELI RICH, for those in SFO area I have friends who have good experience with M. Rabuy
    They are not as pricey as gurfinkel and gets the job done..... my friends got their GCs..........


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      what this mean for?


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        Seems like you are marketing these atty.,I know you might have had some bad experience from Gurfinkel but you can't even post what really transpired. You say in your post that your husband's case was not prioritized as you expected it...wethere they prioritized your husbands case or not but the real thing that we are asking is your experience, was there any success, if not why?....oh well...P


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          i have h1-b for teaching job. architect back home sa pinas. filed for concurrent h1-b for drafting job (double-job) filed 2nd h1-b feb 2001, no word from INS, check cashed by ins (filing fee), re-filed jun 5, up to this date no word nor receipt from INS. sought help from congreeman from our district. his office havent received any reply from INS. any suggestion?


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            I have no idea,ask boni.


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              okey where are you pinoy,I keep on posting here para lagi itong nasa 1st page,answer naman all the question here,specially the one who started this posting for pinoy....


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                Please read Lucy


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                  to alanbert,have tried tracking your case online ?
                  for lucy, oh, we have the same thought on having this on the first page otherwise it will be gone to ablivion. salamat


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                    to everyone who reply to this message pls. help out our other is titled pinoy ulit!


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                        If I were you I should have pursue another course of action. You know for a fact that you can only stay a maximun of 6 years on Hi-B. Follwoing the 6 years you have to go home to avoid the 3-10 ban. You can apply again after one years outside of the U.S.

                        this is one option while you are still on status: AOS for LPR IN EMPLOYMENT BASED CATEGORY. Asked you employer to sponor you while you are thier payroll.

                        or hire a lawyer, he/she is well verse on this matter.

                        You know what, you have missed one opportunity and this was the 245i.


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                          say something pl.

                          this may interest you: on 1 -130 instruction #7(d), it says, "if the child was not legitimated before reaching 18 years old, you must (father) file your petition with copies of evidence that a bona fide parent-child relationship existed between the father and the child before the child reached 21 years. This may include evidence that the father lived with the child, supported him or her, or OTHERWISE SHOWED CONTINUING PARENTAL INTEREST IN THE CHILD'S WELFARE.

                          Note the word "LIGITIMATED", it means that you have been recognized as his child, and also note the words "NOT LIGITIMATED" before reaching 18 years old.


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                            thanks for responding lucy. i did not get any notice of receipt for any of my application but the INS cashed the check my lawyer issued to them. a WAC number was written on the check but when i checked it on line it turned out to be somebody else's. right now my only proof that i filed form i-129 are the fedex receipt confiramtion signatures and the returned cashed check from the bank. any thoughts?


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                              thanks for responding boni. right now i have h1-b for my teaching job that will expire on april 2004. i have also started the LC process for this job. i will get laid off in the next few days because i dont have the credential to teach. i am working on it though and will get my teaching credential this october/november. hopefully i cen get back in before april 2004 so they can renew my h1-b for another 3 years. if i do get fired, my application for another h1-b preserves my lawfull status. i want to know what happened to thos application because i never received any WAC number from INS but they cashed the check for all the filling fees. any thoughts/advice?


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                                to allanbert

                                saan ka ba nagtuturo? what subject? teacher din kasi ako sa Phil. for almost 4 years and I past the teachers board there,I want to apply here but I do not know where and how. I am a history teacher in our country.Pwede bang malaman kung saan at paano ko gagawin ito?Salamat.
                                Pwede bang mag-apply habang nandidito ako as a tourist.


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