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    Thanks for your reply, I have 6 months to stay legally. I have to admit hindi ko masyadong gusto yung lalaki, but tama ka...I do not have much choice, alam nya ang situation ko. How long bago ma-finalize ang divorce? I think gusto nya akong pakasalan out of pity.
    I know a lot of TNT, may trabaho sila...pero malungkot dahil they have to stay here for their family...that's one thing that a lot of people do not understand. I hope the best for you.


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      I think you will be better of going home and getting a fiancee' visa. While you might think it is good that you are already here, I wouldn't think that you would want to be an illegal, especially with a child. Granted that you get married, the duration of your entry visa is just enough to cover the 6 mo waiting period that the INS believe to be "sufficient" time in meeting someone and falling in-love and getting married. I am assuming that you have a multiple entry visa, so coming over is not a problem ifa K1 petition does not work out. Also, while you are here, it will be good to establish your relationship with this guy. Siympre, it's all up to you.


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        I though about going home too, but a filipino told me that I will have a hard time, and the paper works will be processed faster while I'm here. I want to do the right thing, please I need any advice. How and when should I file for divorce?


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          Marible or TNT :

          Is either one of you good looking and **** and not older than 39? I am in need of a wife because I want to divorce the one that I have. I am rich and attractive, just a little bald. I am serious too Email me directly at


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            My divorce didn't even take 6 months. Because it was a no-contest divorce, I signed off and then just got mailed the official notice of the divorce.
            But as bugzy said, kung multiple entry young visa mo, you may want to go home since you can come back naman.
            My advice: DON'T GET MARRIED unless you really love this guy. Remember, your child will be living with you and you would want a better environment that what you already have. If he's marrying you out of pity, don't let him do it. Naku, I can get into personal experiences regarding such things, but this is not the place for it.
            Maribel, kahit na gano kasakit ang nangyari, remember KAYA MO 'YAN! Just think that you need to show your child all the strength you can muster and you'll be able to go through this.
            Don't subject yourself to 'pity' from this guy. Pity is the last thing you need. You need support, prayers, strength and a true motivation to move on with your life.
            Pull yourself together and think ahead, as difficult as it is, and focus on what YOU believe is important; kahit mahirap, kalimutan mo muna yung sakit.
            'Yun lang.


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              we just hope things will work out well in your case.


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                Hi, I understand what you're going through.There's no way that your husband can file a divorce here because you both (I pressumed) married in the PI. As I understand, there's no divorce there but you can dissolve your marriage. why not go back in the Philippines and file for the dissolution of your marriage since I pressumed he's going to stay here in US. Both are consensual so I think there's no problem about that. Then you can ask your boyfriend to petition you for a fiancee visa. don't try to marry your boyfriend here, INS is really hard to please. They knew that you married this man for other purposes and they're going to give you hard time. believe me!! my friend went through all of this and until now she's still tnt. As much as possible don't want my kababayans to go through with this ordeal, as long as there is a better options. Good Luck!


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                  probaly you dont look like exotic TNT kaya ala ka pang makitang BF na amerikano!!


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                      Insulto ba 'yon? Na hindi ako exotic? Siguro pangit ka!

                      First off, wala akong boyfriend NGAYON!!! Since I got divorced from my husband, I've had a couple of relationships with Americans but nothing worked out.


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                        you can try him, you can put a down payment and if after a long period of time and your case is not moving, do not give anymore money, look for another lawyer.


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                          Gurfinkel assisted my husband........... He paid full thinking they will prioritize his papers. We were not very impressed. I could have saved more money by hiring another lawyer.


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                            you are one of those who say so.


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                              What happened to the case? Tell me more about it.


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                                For the Phil. How many years ba will it takes to process an I-130 petitions for unmrried daughters over 21 yeras old of a Natural born USC.
                                Thus anyone have the same case or experience pls.let me know,Maraming salamat!!!


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