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  • I don't mean to sound nieve, but where on the east coast are some of these Pinoy stores. What are their names to walk in and get a phone card for $5. any help thanks. maybe yu have a phone number to call also. thanks gracey


    • Sorry in the usa....east coast...thanks...gracey


      • my husband of 9 mos. and i met on the net late sept.2001. in mar of 2002, i came to visit him in chicago and decided to marry.we got married in may 7, and filed for aos immidiately. i fell inlove with him because he, like me was a christian and finding a man of the same religious background was of utmost importance to us both. at the time that i came to visit, we didn't plan on marrying, but as fate had it, it happened. and since i came on a tourist visa only, i didn't quit my job of 15 years (in the mid-east) and in the process, lost my indemnity. but hey, i was in-love...

        a few weeks into the marriage, i started noticing that my husband (who was a divorcee') was distant and very CHEAP. he'd take me to the salvation army to shop for clothes (which i will never do, being a filipina- i'd wear cheap, but NOT USED!) and after a while, decided to give me an alowance of $10.00 every few months, and if i still have the $10.00 or any other spare change, he'd forgo the allowance altogether. we struggled, and in january 8 of this year, he filed for divorce without even telling me. he told me afterwards. i an brokenhearted, but the worse part is i do not YET even have any documentation proving my legality to stay in the country. i have had my interview in november, but i have yet to recieve my temporary residency. i asked him what i should do in the inetrim, and he said, whatever i want, i am free to do. he said that he is divorcing me this early to avoid having to pay support for the next 10 years once i get my greencard. and the worst part is, he expects me to sleep with him everytime he has the urge, and expect me to oblige. he said that if i do not, he will tell the ins about me, and have me deported.

        i do not wish this to happen to anybody, but it is a fact and is sometimes unavoidable. to all of you, i suggest that you get to know the other person really well before jumping into somthing that is so permanent, unless of course, you get divorced. but for us filipinas, we do value the sanctity of marriage and we like the idea of FOREVER AFTER.

        good luck to all of you internet lovers, and may this serve as an eye-opener for those who are not so sure if marriage is the answer.


        • I can't say that I can relate to you but I feel your pain and the detrimental reliance that you encounter with your "husband". It is sad that a woman has to go through such ordeal. I have a very high respect to woman and more so to Filipina...Why? Just what you just said, they value the sanctity of marriage.

          However, You need to deal your situation the right way. I strongly suggest that you contact a lawyer immidiately and tell him/her your whole situation. You are legally here, therefore there are ways. I suggest you gather all the documents such as your marriage certificate(if don't have one just go back to the county office that you got married and get a copy). Your divorce is not finalized until 6 months from the date of the filing(atleast that's how it is in California). I can't emphasize this enough...CONSULT A LAWYER.

          It's a funny thing but tragedy is an essential part of life. In our
          lifetime, we will encounter plenty. Death is one major tragedy that we have
          had to deal with in the past, and sadly enough we will have to deal with it
          again in the future. That is reality! Life kicks us in the ***, but
          somehow we have to get back up again. But what is so important about
          tragedy in our life, is how we deal with it. Some people just simply ride
          out the wave, meaning they are not pro-active. They don't learn from the
          experience, they just go on. Then there are those that analyze their life
          and question everything that has happened, and surrender it to "what have I
          done to deserve this?" Then you have those that take that question and work
          with it. Tragedy allows introspection in life. It allows us to become more
          intimate with ourselves. Think about it, everyday a lot of people just do a
          lot of routine things. Go to work, come home, eat dinner, maybe workout,
          talk a little bit, and then go to sleep and think about tomorrow. A lot of
          people do this without even thinking about it. But then, bammmm, God puts
          something in your life that you have to cope with, in your case, divorce.
          Tragedy has taken over your life. It is obviously going to take all of your
          energy and effort to get over it, but that is exactly the plan when God puts
          this in your life. You may not see it, but God has already blessed you with
          many things.

          Keep praying and God Bless


          • Hi...I have a small business here in the east coast. I have few employees. My question is: how can I check if the SS no. they have on the card is legal. I have read and seen on T.V. about illegal papers that look so real. I do not want to have problems with I.N.S.


            • and my husband along with our 2 year old daughter are here in U.S., We have multiple tourist visa. Our visa is good 'till June. We are planning to go to Canada (stay with my uncle) then come back here after 3 to 4 months. Is this possible?
              We do not want to go back home bec. of really bad economic situation. We are both college graduate. My wife has a nursing degree, and me in Marketing. We are trying to get working permit but the lawyer told us, it will take at least 6 to 8 months. We are running out of option. The other drastic option is to get a divorce and marry somebody. Yes we are desperate. Any info is appreciated.


              • Your only option right now is to maintain your status.Since your wife is a nurse who is under Schedule A she has no problem getting an employer to sponsor her and can work right away.Does she have CGFNS or passed her NCLEX? If she did then she can just walk in a hospital of her choice and apply and her employer will prepare the paperwork.Do you have a lawyer? What state are you from? If you are in CA contact Atty. Shusterman, he accepts cases like this and won't be a problem.In fact he has a list of hospitals that sponsor RNs.Don't go to Canada anymore, we need nurses here.


                • She does not have any NCLEX or CGFNS or she did not even had the chance to take her board exam in the Phil. She came from a very poor family. (She is very beautiful)As soon as she graduated she was hired to become an international flight stewardess, and the rest is history. We got married had a child she had to quit her job.


                  • I'm sorry to hear that.Sometimes I surf in different websites and I came to see a site for nurses, your wife to post her situation and someone will give her some feedbacks.I'll get back to you if I have some answers to your wife's delimma.


                    • Anyone...How can I check if the SS nunmbers are legal. I have a small business, and I just hired 2 very industrious immigrants.


                      • If you acquired your SS from the SS department then its legal but if you got it from the street..then its definitely fake.


                        • You can call the 800 # of SSA and you can ask them about your problem.


                          • Without taking the board in the philippines will still qualify you to take the NCLEX. Call california or New York, these 2 states don't ask for CGFNS.Call the Board of nursing and ask to send you an application form to take the exams.Don't overstay your visa because you might not be able to adjust your status here in the US.


                            • Thanks to all of you. It really feels good to hear from filipinos. We will probably go back home in June. How many months before we can come back? or can we go to Canada for few months and come back here?


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