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  • probably pillow and sleeping mat..LOL


    • you guys are bunch of idiots


      • If You dont want to answer the question its fine, just dont insult me with your dumb reply.


        • Just make sure you bring your green card. NO GREENCARD NO SWEAR. Make sure you bring those documents that was sent to you along with the questionaire answered the day of the cermony.

          The invitation letter you got in the mail should tell you what to bring. But all in all its what I mentioned above.

          Congrats na rin sa iyo pare ko!!

          Hope this helps.


          • Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. God Bless you!


            • Dear Pinoys,

              I am sorry, but I must to asks this questions in our native language.

              Meyroon bang nakakaalam kung let's say nawala ko and aking I-94, pipilitin ba ako ng AirLines mag fill-up nang panibagong I-94 form bago ako payagan sumakay sa eroplano, o pwedeng hindi mag fill-up? Ayokong me record kung kailan akong umalis ng USA, at baka sakaling makabalik sana ako someday.


              • gruenet khtrernat omebron fansyat.


                • First things yourself know when you arrived here in the U.S., Is your I-94 expired yet? if not, you are in good shape, all you have to do is tell them that you lost it. Since 911, Government required airlines to have the manifest turned in to them, therefore your departure is logged into the system and INS is aware of that. My advice to you is never lie. Tell the truth. If you already passed your time limit with your I-94, you overstayed and there is a penalty to that. You can be barred from 3 or 10 years, depending on how long your overstay. Good luck to you.


                  • Someone told me that, there are some states that will give you a working visa/permit, should you have a degree in Medical Field. How true is this? A friend of my friend got hers in Atlanta. I am not sure how long it will take for processing. Any input anyone?


                    • boni where are you?


                      • boni? tinutubuan ng buni?


                        • What do you mean by medical field, a degree in medicine or something else? There are only 2 occupations that fall into schedule A category and if you are in one of these fields then it would be very easy to convert to working visa. What is your status right now? If your friend had successfully convert his visa to working then you need to get his advice because he had gone thru the process, he knows what to do.


                          • She's a friend of my friend, she is P.T., I have a degree in nursing but not licensed. I will ask her, and will share to everyone how did she do it.
                            as far as I know she did not even use a lawyer, she just walked in the INS office in Atlanta and ask for it, I'm not sure how long was the processing time though.


                            • Since your friend belong to a schedule A category it was so easy for her to get a work permit because we have a shortage of PTs in this country.We would be glad to hear what she did with her application.I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from her experience. What is your status right now? How did you enter the country? I'm sure if you have no problem with your status it would be easy for you to get a work permit too as long as you pass the NCLEX. Even if you won't take the CGFNS as long as you passed NCLEX it will override the prerequisites of visa screening.


                              • up nang panibagong I-94 form bago ako payagan sumakay sa eroplano, o pwedeng hindi mag fill-up? Ayokong me record kung kailan akong umalis ng USA, at baka sakaling makabalik sana ako


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