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What you should know about-'Change of Address'

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  • What you should know about-'Change of Address'

    Last edited by SAMMY; 04-17-2018, 05:59 AM.

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    Thanks Sammy, your thread is very timely, because am moving out next week. I did not know that the post office request to forward mail is valid for only 6 months.

    I will keep filling in this form online every 6 months then. I completed it online yesterday and will continue doing every 6 months.

    About the address change, I have one question. Isnt the idea of changing the address basically to update the BCIS computers with the new address? Why do you have to send so many places for the same thing? Arent these people using one database such that if you change it in Washinton the person in Texas Secrive center and another at area INS center will be viewing the same database/file?

    Or does BCIS have different computer systems that must be 'harmonized' every time address changes by sending letters to everyone all over the breadth and depth of BCIS from service center to INS HQ to local BCIS office? Does that look really efficient or is there something am missing?


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      Maybe it's because you need to be able to prove you did it. I think it was Aguila (?) that posted that he has sent in change five times and they still don't have it in the computer....


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        It is interesting to note how severe BCIS is with regard to the filing of new addresses. Aguila, Pasha and I have gone around and around on a question of how or if a co-petitioner can request information from BCIS as to whether an alien has reported correctly and on time.

        I was wondering if you could answer that. Now if an alien petitioner has NOT provided BCIS with timely and accurate addres information, according to your above post, you offered that BCIS would void any pertinent applications aand consider the infraction of Immigration law as rendering the alien inadmissible. If an alien has NOT updated address information then is there a way that a USC spouse can inquire...and alert BCIS to this fact?

        I have a close friend, who also reads, and occasionally posts on this board and whom I met thru this board, who's wife disappeared- and he suspects that she did not inform BCIS.


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          I have a question. How about if I will move in the time of my Conditional PR, should I write to them too?'re such a wonderful person.


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            Here are the repercussions of not filing a timely AR-11


            All non-U.S. citizens (aliens) who are required to be registered are also required to keep the USCIS informed of their current address.

            All aliens in the United States who are required to be registered under the law (INA § 262 and 261) must keep the USCIS informed of their changes of address. The only aliens exempt from this requirement are diplomats (visa status A), official government representatives to an international organization (visa status G), and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a visa and who are in the U.S. for fewer than 30 days (INA § 263).

            A willful failure to give written notice to the USCIS of a change of address within 10 days of the change is a misdemeanor crime. If convicted, the alien (or parent or legal guardian of an alien under age 14 who is required to give notice) can be fined up to $200 or imprisoned up to 30 days, or both. The alien may also be subject to removal from the United States. (INA § 266(b)). Compliance with the requirement to notify the USCIS of any address changes is also a condition of an alien's stay in the United States. Failure to comply could also jeopardize the alien's ability to obtain a future visa or other immigration benefit.


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              I moved to a new address last month. I went to my school immigration advisor to ask what I should do to notify my change of address to the BCIS. She changed my address in the SEVIS and said I am all set.

              Is that enough or I need to do other things like going to the local BCIS office, filling out the form and sending so on ?

              Thank you.


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                Yes, I was enquiring for Mike...he's the friend who has no knowledge of his wife's whereabouts.

                But your answer to that question that no one can ask about new address won't help him, I understand.


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                  "her husband is a govt. property since he works for the Military."

                  This is sick! I was never aware I was government property when I was in the military. Sounds like they are out to get her and are grasping at straws to charge her so she gets deported.

                  Reminds me of a case I'm reading about where the Feds issued a warrant on a persons word that the perpretrator sold him one hit of LSD (acid), just so they could get a Federal warrant. Mind you, the perp was a suspected serial killer, but I never heard of drug charges without a sale to an undercover agent.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


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                    I didn;t mean to oervlook your other let me answer them now.

                    I certainly hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, too. Mine was very, very quiet and sad, unfortunately. Last year it was on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that my husband contacted me to talk about reconciling our marriage - so the holiday brought back many memories for me, which are painful to recall. This year, by comparison, he was off in Switzerland with his Mistress - masqueradking to his side of the family (my in-laws) that the and I are already divorced - so he would not feel ashamed to bring his Mistress along for the hoidays. And he did not even mention my Christmas card or call. And the holidays are a time to give and this year with notmuch money I was not able to give those I care so much for much in the way of that made me feel very badly. So for me it was a very difficult time. year perhaps that will be a different case for me.

                    I live in Michigan and I post from my computer at work, although I do have a computer at home too. But to answer your questions - I work a lot right now to try to get my head above water - and I have no one to share my time with - so work is pretty much all I have. And my doctors explained to me that I awaken at 5:00am because of the depression at this time..perhaps soon that will not be the case either, I hope.

                    So if you were wondering why I post early in the is because after I wake up I go stright to my office, and have a lovely Starbucks cappuccino from my coffee shop and read the board.


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                      Jeeze Swissy, you didn't send in-laws a Christmas card or give them a holiday call?
                      Sweet Madame Belu


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                        Jo Schmo:

                        Actually, Jo, yes I did send them a Christmas card with a cryptic message to convey my holiday best wishes, while I was still a member of the family and my husband's wife- for however long that might be.

                        I know, you're thinking that I am awful - but to tell you the truth it was downright arrogant of my husband and his sleezy woman - to even contemplate going there at this time - without us being divorced. I know my husband would evade the whole thing and deceive his family and siblings by making some idiotic explanation like "well, in America, once a person decides that he doesn't want to be married- he isn't married anymore...and everyone does this - and it is OK to sleep with anyone (really, tramp) you meet if you have told your wife you will divorce her - it's the law over there!"

                        So, I thought - ok, I'll beat him to the punch and send some loving card which explains that we will be considered married until the divorce is final, which I do not expect will happen until late Spring 2004. This way, without spelling it out - at least the family will wonder who is really telling the truth and they might see him and his Mistress for the people they really are!!

                        Nasty ? Maybe. Necessary? Yes for wonder my husband some months back threatened that if I had contact with "his" family ever again he would destroy me. I guess he had hoped that he could pull this little arrogant sleezy move off, without my intervention.


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                          I blinked twice when I saw a thread created by you. It was a good idea to clarify to those about the real purpose of the AR-11 and consequences of not following immigration procedures and protocol. Clearing up people's misconceptions and misinformation about it. Good for you!!

                          Does this mean we can also expect to see a poll from you soon then?


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                            Hey Sammy,

                            You've got me laughed to read that 'girlygirl' things. See Jo what you did?

                            Thanks for the info Sammy. Hmmm...I feel scare to drive now! Geeshh...yes, its true that my husband is in army. Now I have to take care of him like a precious stuff (he always a treasure to me though). This remind me of Lord of The Rings freaky things preciouuuusss ring....

                            Anyway, my trip to my country was wonderful. I spent Eid over there. 7 days with them seems not enough, but I have other part of me in here too

                            My boss is wonderful, very nice person. There is nothing else I could ever ask. Wonderful husband, job, work, boss, mother in law and friends.

                            For posting here frequently, I still come back and read the posts everyday, but I only reply when I think necessary. Furthermore, I am working nowadays, that means I can only be here at night or weekend.

                            Oh...short skirts??? Nope, the company I am working with not allow short or mini skirt. It must be in the middle of the knee. I am not confortable with short skirt too, it makes me nervous and I keep pulling it down. So, SHOW LESS SKIN MAKE YOU ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL and respectable.

                            I think I have to keep in mind that I am ALIEN Thanks for the reply Sammy and you such a good asset to this forum. Keep up the good work.

                            opsss....Please act accordingly, I'm not an attorney


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                              I think you are a HERO for sending that card!

                              To me, yours is a special case. If my hubby acted like yours, well, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." I would have buried him!


                              Hi Sis! How ya been girly grrl?


                              Want some peanut M&M's while we wait for Sammy's poll?
                              Sweet Madame Belu


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