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  • With inspecton or without inspection

    you have to go for registration if you enter USA legaly with inspection , but you don't have to go for Registration if you are enter here illegaly without inscpection ? Does anybody have idea why ??

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    you have to go for registration if you enter USA legaly with inspection , but you don't have to go for Registration if you are enter here illegaly without inscpection ? Does anybody have idea why ??


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      Because those who entered without inspection have decided to remain forever illegally in the U.S. even if they will never be able to legalize their status. The U.S. usually punishes those who abide by the law, and most of the time leaves alone those who break it. Sad but true.


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        A lot of the folks who enter without inspection will probably never be able to adjust their status based on their illegal entry and current laws. That in itself makes it hard on those immigrants who follow the law and try to get and stay here legally. That's why all USCs and legal residents must speak out for fairer laws and border control. A poster on another thread asked why legal residents have such a hard time, but others come here illegally, have bad SSNs and fake ID, yet they live and work here and even own property without problems. Here again, it's because they don't try to legalize their status. The ones smart and brave enough to comply are the ones who confront problems, and I respect their efforts. Everyone is supposed to register - but there are a LOT of people who won't. They "don't have" to register because they supposedly "aren't here". Like But said, sad but true.


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          And what's infuriating is that the government adheres to this abnormal way of thinking...


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            I will put some more light on it.
            The people who are entered uninspected don,t have to registered because if they were, they will be deported , no question asked.
            If Person entered illagillay , he/she had provision to be legalized if have USC/LPR dependent, they can AOS under 245I ( now the date is expired) but if the person entered legally then he is not qualified for 245 i , he has to be aadjusted under 245a, and if he have some kind of case pending in the court then INS looses his juridiction over the case and only court have to adjust his status, and Unfortunately if he has any kind of decision and in the appeal process,normally there are only one appeal and that appeal is also barred by time and number , so most of the time court denied the appeal to open the case and he will never gets his adjustment. Thats how the Law is written. Its sad to see the lots of people who comes legally , have hard time to get adjustment.


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              well---what a strange law !!!


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                if a person enters the country without inspection, is not supposed to be in the country at all, and is completely aware of this fact, do you really think that they are going to register, EVEN IF they were aware of the law or cared about it?

                If you are here without inspection, you aren't supposed to be here legally. Registration isn't possible, because you aren't supposed to be here.

                The united states cannot make a law saying that everyone that is breaking the law and pretending not to be in the usa should let us know where they are or else they will be breaking the law. Do you see the ludicrousy in expecting illegal aliens that have entered the country without inspection to register?


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