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    NO really have no mercy, you cant even spell Philippines right. And if you have problems, you can go in some website, and not in this website, coz you are messing this website. People here wants to learn and wants to lead a good life....a legal way of living, and what do you think you're doing???


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      Admit it grace... All you want is to stay in the US. You don't "love" your husband. You just pretend you do. And if he agreed to marry you then he's got a big personal problem.


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        Grace, your husband should have filed the separate I-130 for each of yr child immediately after marrying with you or when he filed the petition for you. But, since he did not file anything for them yet, then he should not wait any further to file for them. Yes, he must need to file separate I-130 for each child, and he need to file those I-130 petitions at BCIS Service Centre rather than local BCIS office. Your applications/petition are being processing in local BCIS office because you are here, but their must need to process in BCIS Service Centre because they are at abroad, and after approving those I-130, BCIS will notify to State Dept (U.S. Consulate) and then Consulate will notify yr children in order to process visa processing over there. Once I-130 is approved, then they don't need to wait any more time to file for immigrant visa because they fall under immediate relative category of USC being minor and unmarried, so visa # would be available to them right away without waiting for it anymore. However, yr children would also be allowed to come over here on K visa once I-130 is approved, if you choose to bring yr children earlier and want to adjust their status here instead of Philippines.

        You should have submitted 'Affidavit of Support' form alongwith yr I-485 with all supporting documents since it is a requirement which needs to be met with I-485. BCIS will definately contact you for yr failure to submit it alongwith I-485, and will ask for it, that meant it will take more time to adjudicate yr case since BCIS needs to verify all the information and doucments on 'Affidavit of Support' form befor approving yr case, so if you delay more in submitting it then it will delay your appplication also. However, BCIS will also ask you again when they will send you appointment letter for yr interview, but you should submit it as soon as possible so that they can verify all the relavant information on it, but send them only notorized photocopies and keep the original with you so you can show to them at the time of interview. If you don't move fast in this regard then your case most definately will take unnecessary more time to adjudicate it. The projected time to process yr application is subject to each and every requirement has been met by you, and those information and documents pertaining to yr case has been investigated or verified throughly. So, the projected time could be more or less depending on individual's situation.

        Each applicant can receive EAD and Advance Parole regardless of what as long as s/he has pending I-485, so getting approval for EAD or Advance Parole means nothing, it's just a temparory permission to you while yr case is pending. If yr case is denied, then yr EAD or Advance Parole would die altogether because they are based on yr pending case, so you should focus more on getting approval on yr case rather than all other stuff. However, keep in mind that marrying with a USC doesn't mean that yr case would be approved guaranted or automatically, instead you need to prove yr case with documentary and 'preponderance of evidence', which means BCIS officer must need be convienced that yr marriage is bonafide, and it is not necessary that officer must be convienced by documentary evidences only, because s/he may disregard to whatever documents you have if you can not able to convience him or her otherwise, because law requires only 'preponderance of evidence' in order to determine the legitimacy of the marriage, and I just want you to know that even if you knew about it very well.

        I hope the above said information would help you. Good Luck, Grace.


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          deport illegal aliens


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            Sammy, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. God Bless !!!


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              deport illegal aliens


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                deport 'Sammy', who helping all these illegals people to get settle here and these people really don't need to be here in our contry because All are laws breakers and law manipulators.


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                  Just because Sammy offers advice, it does not necessarily mean he's helping these immigrants stay here...


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                    Regadless, we want him to be deported.


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                      Who is this "We?" I do believe you stand alone in that thought.


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                        deport illegal aliens


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                          Yep, that is what I thought.


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                            What? I could not get you understant when you said-"yep, that is what I thought". Could you make me to understand specifically that- are you with me in deporting 'Sammy', or are you with me deporting 'illegal aliens'. I would prefer you to choose 'Sammy' to deport.


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                              Sammy, wow, did I say wow, that's quite an answer. You should be commended for your efforts and the amount time donated to this board. Somewhere, somehow, your good deeds will come back to you. You my friend are a good righteous person.


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