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    Tell me how can a man wants to marry another man. Tell us why should we be okay with that?

    When was the last time people felt something wrong with hetorosexual marriages? NEVER.....Because you know why?
    This is how God made it.
    Now you sick people are talking about ***S, FAGS,marriages?
    If there wasn't anything bizzare about that whole *** stuff why would it be a problem?
    Explain it to me ***s, Fags,Homos.


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      Mokassa, public *** is dangerous, illegal, and frowned upon by polite society. Yet some people are hooked on it, and many more of them have done it at least once or twice, have you?

      So just how public is "public?" What's called "public s e x" can range from f u c k i n g around in the for-s e x space of a back-room bar, to screwing in a car parked in lover's lane, to a blow job at the movies, to cruising public restrooms, to *****-out naughtiness in a park or on a public beach. Some semi-public venues -- s e x clubs, for instance -- provide the exhibitionistic thrill but none of the danger. Still, lots of guys can be found sporting hard-ons in the steam room at the gym, potential loss of membership be ****ed.

      Why do it?

      One aficionado of encounters in the park, a.k.a. a "bush queen," says, "God, I love public s e x. I like the riskiness of it, the idea that I'm getting pleasure where it's forbidden, that even in the most tedious of public places, like the restroom at the mall, s e x can rear its swollen head." Risk is, of course, a relative concept. That guy, for instance, says he always uses condoms and is careful to zip up when those not obviously into s e x enter the scene. Others are more brazen, and not everyone is happy about that. "I hate it when I walk into the steam room of my gym," says another g a y guy, "and dudes are j a c k i n g each-other off and don't even bother to stop to see who's come in. I'm not a prude, but it's a mixed gym, and I don't want some straight guy to get upset and blow the whistle."

      Heedlessness, of course, can have its consequences. Many of the guys who cruise public restrooms, or "tea rooms," aren't even g a y-identified. They may be married guys in search of anonymous relief, but if they make the wrong moves to an undercover cop, it's their cover, not their d i c k, that gets blown. A number of lawsuits have targeted sexual entrapment by the police, but it's a tough issue for many g a y politicos, who'd rather talk about g a y marriage than quickie s e x with truckers. Still, public s e x goes on, pretty much everywhere and pretty much always. And what's the big deal? The outrageousness of public sexuality is a culturally relative thing. Things that can get you busted in the Bible Belt wouldn't raise an eyebrow in Amsterdam, and in olden times, the concept of "sexual privacy" was limited to folks rich enough to own a bedroom. And even in the U.S.A. there are certain events, such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans or San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair, when people "do it" in the road while the law looks the other way.

      "It's just so weird," says a g a y libertarian into public nookie. "Anybody can turn on the TV and watch half-naked boxers or pro-wrestlers beating the c r a p out of each-other, but the sight of two guys having s e x is presumably so offensive that getting caught at it can send you to jail." There are rituals and folkways connected with various forms of public *** -- the foot tapping beneath the restroom stall, for instance -- that can make things a little clearer and safer. But public s e x, by its nature, always carries an element of risk. Q u e e r s aren't the only ones who know where the cruising grounds are; police and bashers know, too. Saying "be careful" is all well and good, but in the long run, the safest thing is to keep your d i c k behind locked doors. But then, as some sage pointed out, in the long run, we're all dead. And in the meantime, some of us like public s e x.


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        *** = s e x


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          Excuse me, dear Sirs, I'm just wondering, why should public s e x, back-room scenes and so on really exist, I mean anonymous-s e x encounters? I can't help wondering why is s e x better there than in the privacy of their own homes? I would think couples would prefer their own homes, but I'm interested to hear how it's like for those of you who have been there. Hence the g a y marriage necessity ...


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            lots of people enjoy the added thrill that the chance of being caught adds to s e x. Think of all the het people who like to get-it-on at the drive-in, or in the car on lover's lane, or in the office after work, or in a stopped elevator, or by joining the Mile High Club, or whatever. There are also straight "s e x clubs" that the participants know could be raided at any time.

            That thrill is not restricted to h o m o s.

            On another dimension, h o m o s have, for decades, had to hide their sexual encounters from the outside world in fear of criminal prosecution. For decades their only outlets were to have s e x in dark parks and toilets, if not bringing someone home (which was rare, since it exposed your place of residence). Eventually, some bars opened "back-rooms". And, of course, g a y bathhouses developed. That need to hide still remains for some people. Particularly for hetero men who are married, or any man who wants h o m o action but is not 'out'. Couple that with the universal thrill of naughtiness attached to "doing it outside the bedroom" and I think you have your answer.


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              You guys missed my point.
              I wasn't refering to anything like Publick *** or bathrooms ***. None of that.
              I was talking about Man that wants to marry other hairy man.
              If you are a **** or if you are a man and you take it up your butt please tell us why you think we should desagree with our president on this issue of you sick people getting married.
              Was your mom with another woman. I am sure if she was your sorry ****** *** wouldn't have been born.
              Tell us why.


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                HOMOSEXUALISM IS


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                    By Devvy Kidd

                    August 11, 2003


                    The '***' agenda continues to dominate the mainstream media, saturating America with propaganda that "***s" and *******s are just normal, ordinary folks who should not be discriminated against because of their sexual "orientation."

                    We should accept their different form of "love" and allow children to be raised by them while they indoctrinate these innocents into their deathstyle. We should fall all over ourselves to bless their desire to marry and further destroy that which the Creator created: a human race where a man and woman marry, period.

                    This writer finds this massive, ad nauseum push to normalize deviancy and perversion to be a well thought out assault on humanity itself and a threat to every innocent child in this country.

                    Going back in time

                    For thousands of years, the practice of men or women having *** with one another has been condemned by every major civilization and just about every religion, including those of the Jewish and Episcopalian faith.

                    God's law on this is well articulated in the King James Version of the Holy Bible. God calls this behavior an abomination and yet, millions of Americans, including so-called Christians, are falling right into line by accepting deviancy and filth under the pretext of a mental illness griping America: political correctness.

                    What part of God's law don't these people understand?

                    "You shall not lie with a male as those who lie with a female; it is an abomination." -- Leviticus 18:22:

                    "If a man lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination and they shall surely be put to death." -- Leviticus 20:13:

                    "For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions: for their women exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature. And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural use of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error."-- Romans 1:26-27:

                    "The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. So do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revelers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the realm of God." -- I Corinthians 6:9:

                    "Law is not made for a righteous person but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers and fornicators and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound (healthy) teaching." -- I Timothy 1:9-10:

                    Those who practice sodomy and other deviant forms of sexual behavior will chant to their dying breath that these passages from the KJV of the Holy Bible are taken out of context and don't really mean what you just read. That may play well with those who are willing to throw their faith into the sewer of moral degeneracy, but this writer never will.

                    Fast forward to the mid-80s

                    Not long after the first cases of AIDS were diagnosed and this new killer began to claim precious lives, a subtle form of brainwashing began to creep into American homes via the stupid tube [television]. This brainwashing took many forms and we can all see the results today at how clever this tiny number of people were in getting an otherwise moral nation to toss its moral fabric into the sewer for "tolerance."

                    At the same time, a slow but steady drumbeat echoed across this land that *****s, as they were called back then [and still are today by their own], were spreading this killer disease through irresponsible and perverted sexual habits.

                    In order to counter this bad publicity, subtle new labels emerged. Sodomites and *******s started to appear as guests on such programs as the Today Show and other talkies. These well orchestrated propaganda events brought Linda and Susie right into your kitchen over breakfast, decked out in business suits and oozing love. The very thought of the act these two women committed with each other's bodies was enough to bring bile immediately to the top.

                    Those who refused to kow-tow to this kind of propaganda and cave in to pressure from well financed groups and organizations, were pilloried and given labels such as "homophobe."

                    In the State of Colorado, courageous Americans decided to do something about all the special privileges and status being given to morally bankrupt degenerates who had the unmitigated gall to compare "homosexual rights" to the plight of black Americans during the civil rights era.

                    In 1992, Colorado voters approved Amendment 2 to their state constitution. This Amendment [later overturned by the Gods who sit on the U.S. Supreme Court], was to ensure that no one received preferential treatment, that all are equal under the law. The voice of the people was once again tossed into the ocean of political correctness and the homosexual, *******, bisexual and transsexual, et al, community rejoiced.

                    An interesting thing happened while this battle was raging on in Colorado. This writer lived there during this time and watched first hand how words are used to deceive and manipulate. Up until the time of the vote, the homosexual, et al, community referred to their perversions as "sexual preference." It was the constant mantra that we heard on the stupid tube and read in leftist newspapers throughout the state for almost a year during the Amendment 2 battle.

                    Those seeking to stop this onslaught by the homosexual crowd continually reminded everyone that these people preferred their deviant sexual practices. The key word here being preferred. There isn't a scintilla of credible scientific evidence anywhere on this globe that supports men or women are born "***."

                    When the homosexual, et al, bunch suddenly realized they were losing the battle in the court of public opinion, America was introduced to a new label, "sexual orientation." Oh, my. It wasn't bad enough that the American people are supposed to think of sodomites as "***" people while they lie in bed dying of AIDS or suffering from the endless medical problems they bring on themselves, suddenly we have "orientation."

                    What does the word "orientation" mean?

                    Worldnet (r) 1.7: Orientation: adjustment or adaptation to a new environment, situation or belief. WorldNet Dictionary: Orientation: n. a course introducing a new situation or environment; the act of orientating; n. a predisposition in favor of something; a "predilection for expensive cars"; "his sexual preferences"; "showed a Marxist orientation" In none of the dictionaries I checked the definition of "orientation," did I find any connection between being born with a desire to sleep with the same ***. I did, however, find the word preference in almost every definition. Think about that.

                    But, the homosexual, et al, crowd figured they could hoodwink most people into believing that all of a sudden, their craven sexual appetites were no longer a matter of preference, but rather "orientation." How clever and what nonsense.

                    Recruiting is their main goal

                    Homosexuals, *******s, bisexual, transsexuals, et al, do not reproduce [except in small numbers through artificial insemination], so they must continue to prey on the innocent: your child(ren) and the younger the better. The mega push is on to indoctrinate your teenager into these dangerous and perverted deathstyles at a rate that is frightening, and yet, Americans sit back, smile and bask in their ability to be "tolerant of others who are different."

                    People are forgetting the act

                    All this warm, fuzzy, "tolerance" media hype is designed to do one thing: make people forget the act of sodomy. Keep people's attention diverted away from men having *** with each other where our Creator never meant *** to take place between two men. It's not necessary to get candidly graphic here, but people should remember the actual act between two men.

                    People should also remember something else "***s," *******s and their buddies in the media don't want Americans to remember: AIDS and physical and emotional problems connected from having "***" ***. The medical industry calls them "Lavender diseases."

                    For those who have been influenced by "superstars" such as Cher and Elton John to "accept those of the *** lifestyle," here's a short laundry list of what sexual deviancy brings to the participant: (****) Douches, Lubricants: Allergic reactions, ****** fatty tumors Active Fellatio: Physical abrasions, **** gonorrhea, Herpes progenitalis I and II, Nongonococcal pharyngitis (Chlamidia and others), **** condyloma acuminatum, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Enteric diseases, Lymphogranuloma venereum, Granuloma inquinale, Chancroid Passive Fellatio: Herpes type 1 and 2, Nongonococcol urethritis (Chlamidia and others), Gonorrhea, Neisseria meningitidis. **** Intercouse, Active: Nongonococcol urethritis, Escherichia coli, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis A, B, non-A/non-B, Herpes, Warts -molluscum and condyloma, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Epididymitis/prostatitis, Fungal infections, Lymphogranuloma venereum, Granuloma inguinale, Chancroid, Cytomegalovirus. **** Intercouse, Passive: Physical protitis, ****** gonorrhea, Warts -condyloma and molluscum (rare), Nonspecific proctitis (Chlamidia and others), Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Trichomoniasis, Corynebacterium, Lymphogranuloma venereum, Granuloma inguinale, Chancroid, Cytomegalovirus, Candidiasis. Analinction (****-eating, "rimming"): Enteric diseases: *** bowel syndrome (explained below) PLUS Escherichia coli and Helminthic parasites, **** warts, **** gonorrhea, Syphilis, Lymphogranuloma venereum, Granuloma inguinale, Chancroid. Fist/Finger Insertion, Passive: Internal scrapes, **** sphincter tears, Perforations of the colon, Acute abdomen, having to wear a diaper. Toys/Apparatus: Allergic reactions, Friction dermatitis, Physical torsions, Varicoceles, Peyronie's disease, Fungal infections, Lost ****** objects, Testicular strangulation ("**** rings"). *** Bowel Syndrome is a collection of bowel diseases which lead to dysfunction of the lower bowel tract and is prevalent throughout the "***" community. GBS requires one wear a colostomy bag. Shigellosis is an acute bacteria infection like salmonellosis, it can lead to a diarrhea-induced dehydration death in infants and the elderly. Infected individuals [HIV] should never handle food, yet how many "***s" work in restaurants and handle food?

                    Hepatitus A and B - a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination (A), or by blood (B). The latter type is considered to be transmitted "by 'parenteral injection' of saliva or semen positive for B antigen through breaks in **** or **** mucosa during anilingual (tongue/anus) contact or proctogenital intercouse (penile/****** sodomy)" (New England Journal of Medicine, 1980, p.302.) This is normal, natural and healthy? When God created man and woman, do you really think he would have intentionally programmed humans to engage in behavior that brings such pain, misery and death?

                    Think about it and pray for all those, especially America's *****, who have been led astray from a Godly existence. Pray that those who have willingly embraced these unhealthy and deadly sexual practices find their way back to a normal, healthy life as heterosexuals and real women.

                    For your children's sake, keep them out of the government's indoctrination centers [public schools] and out of the clutches of these preying perverts who have invaded the educational system.

                    © 2003 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved


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                      Mark T

                      Is personnel attacks all your good for ?Oh and a spell checker? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Why would I debate opinions? The FACTS speak loud and clear. You attack because you can't rebut them as there is no GOOD NEWS about illegal aliens to PRINT. So fire away, your opinion means nothing to no one , except you and you count for what ?????

                      Wow, have you people read it? Acelaw has posted his own words! Even though it is not a complete sentence, it is close. Still, to my amazement he came so very close to completing a sentence. I was completely wrong, I must admit, for thinking that acelaw could not put three words together that made sense. In this posting he didn't address himself, and if that didn't make you sit up and read...

                      What is truly astounding is that he actually attempts to make a coherent argument. If you ignore all the spelling mistakes such as 'tample', 'courpt', and 'your' instead of you're, and the grammar rules since it is not a complete sentence, and you consider his enormous linguistic challenges, what he has written is truly remarkable. Even when it is clear that many mexicans aliens, whom he despises so much, could write better than he does, you must admire his guts and dedication here at the risk of displaying his woefully inadequate literacy and common sense.


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                        ace. open up your nasty bushy a s s legs. m u t h a f u c k a. hahaha


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                          Moderator, here another insult: please delete the post by Tommy2


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                            Crystal, **** you!


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                              Interesting that folks that are Catholic and have GOOD FAMILY values would support *** marriages. HMMMM guess all that is just more propaganda


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                                More and More countries are recognizing *** Marriages and it is about time that America moves out of the past and into the future to get with the program. We are living in the 20th Century now. The *** TV has taken off pretty well that lets us know that people are accepting and more open to the idea. Hopefully with New Election we will get some different attitudes and beliefs in the White house.


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