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which is faster I-129 or I-130 please help ?

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  • which is faster I-129 or I-130 please help ?

    I'm a us citizen and i met my fiancee when i went back home a year ago.
    I will be going to visit her in august 2003 and I would like to file either i-129 or i can marry her and file I-130. Which process is the fastest?
    Please help me guys giving your best adice. I will appreciate it a lot.

    Thank you

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    The fastest way is to marry her and first apply for I-130. After you get a notice of acceptance for I-130 file I-129F for a K-3 (spouse of a USC) visa. It takes 2-6 months to get approved.
    In general I-129F for spouse is processed faster then I-129F for a fiancé visa. 6-8 months for fiancé.
    Also factor in 1-3 months for visa center/consulate processing.


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      double check with a lawyer, one way being married is just as quick as the theoretical fiance visa... but both are non'immigrant visas. teh other way may take longer. Double check


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        What state do you live in? It varies from service center to service center.


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          Peace, I were you then I would marry my fiance at abroad and would go thru Consulate processing since it takes only one yr or one and half yr to process the whole immigrant visa at Consulate. On the otherhand, I-129F would take anyway 6-9 months and it could be more if something goes wrong, and then yr fiance would need to wait another 2 or more yrs to get residency after arriving her on fiance or K-3 visa, because fiance visa or K-3 visa a nonimmigrant visa instead of immigrant visa. So, if my fiance would need to wait for 6-9 months anyway then why should not wait little bit more to get everything done without spending any further time, money and efforts toward all other type of applications or petitions.


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