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My mom won the green card lottery question...

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  • My mom won the green card lottery question...

    I am 29 years old and my brother is 20. I think my brother qualifies for getting a green card via my mom but do I also qualify? Can someone explain, please? Thanks in advance.

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    I am 29 years old and my brother is 20. I think my brother qualifies for getting a green card via my mom but do I also qualify? Can someone explain, please? Thanks in advance.


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      Let me be more specific. I am not married. I have been living in the States for 8 years (was never out of status) and now I am waiting for my tourist visa extension which I should receive anyday. Of course I don't know if I will receive the extension or not. Thanks again.


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        Only your 20 years old brother can apply together with your mom to get green card. Since you are over 21, eventhough still single not eligible. After your mom get the green card, she can file I130 for you but it will take forever.
        Good Luck


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          Thank you! So, let's say I fall out of status (extension request gets denied) and I wait for my mom to get the green card and then apply for me. Should I leave the country or should I stay until the day she gets the green card so she can apply for me? How long it takes for her to get a green card and how long it takes for me to get the legal residency through her? Thanks again!


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            As long as you remain unmarried, your mom can file for you but the waiting time is somewhere around 11 years - by then, she would be a citizen and your file would (could) be in another category (again, unmarried) where the waiting time would be about 3-4 years.
            Have you really been a 'tourist' for 8 years? Or a student?


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              Thanks! No, I was a student. Then OPT, then tourist visa and then now waiting for 2nd extension. So, what if I don't leave the country (no working) and wait for my mom. I don't think I will do that (I mean being here illegal) I really don't like and do not do illegal things but I am curious what would happen?


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                do not ask then about illegal things if you pretend not liking them...not even out of curiosity !!!


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                  You are right, I should not have asked. Some people here mention they overstayed, etc. that's why I asked. My bad, sorry.


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                    Cellando, Do not pay attention to some people here. They are ****s. You seem like a nice person, but unfortunately you will have to wait for a long time due to being over the qualifying age.
                    If you are somehow caught because you overstayed your visas, then you will be deported and then you will never have any chance at being able to come back. Its the chance you take, But of course if you leave, you wont likely be back until you are close to 40 years old.
                    Good luck, Patrick


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                      Fing you a nice american lady and get married. Then the BCIS will forgive your past wrongs.


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                        Thank you P.A. for your nice words about me. I actually have an American girlfriend that I have been dating for over 7 years! Yes, seven I just feel I am not ready for marriage although she is ready for it. I had some plans/dreams before getting married her but none of them happened. So, now the solution is marrying her but that's not fair for her. I feel like I will marry her for a green card although I have been with her for many years. I have lived so many years in this country that I feel like I am partly American I have learned so much from this country and people and I also have given a lot too. Sure, I want to stay in this country but if I cannot then I have to leave. Thanks again P.A.


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