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Mohan, I-551 Temp. Stamp Question...

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  • Mohan, I-551 Temp. Stamp Question...

    Mohan, does it only require a valid passport to put the stamp on? Or does it require that the passport has to have at least one full year until expiration before stamping?

    Bu the time I will have my passport to be stamped, it will only have 6 months or so left on it.

    In case the the passport can not be stamped, what other proof regarding permanent resident status can be obtained from INS?


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    Mohan, does it only require a valid passport to put the stamp on? Or does it require that the passport has to have at least one full year until expiration before stamping?

    Bu the time I will have my passport to be stamped, it will only have 6 months or so left on it.

    In case the the passport can not be stamped, what other proof regarding permanent resident status can be obtained from INS?



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      Why don't ya try to do such an easy thing as extending the validity of your passport now that you are about to complete the hardest part, i.e., adjusting status to that of a PR while on deportation proceedings?


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        "Such an easy thing as extending the validity of your passport"

        Definitely not an easy thing! My native country has some jack laws requiring me to do mandatory military service which I don't want and will never do. Therefore they won't issue a new passport, my passport will expire in June 2004 and that is it. No more passport until I get my US passport.


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          I don't know where you are from, Bushmaster, but I have heard that some countries in Europe which have mandatory military service laws allow its citizens to be exempted from the requirement after paying a fine (a relatively high sum of money) in case they don't want to serve in the military.


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            hi John, if you don't extent your passport or it's not valid anymore, BCIS would stamp or issue you another document (this applies most likely to asylum seekers who are fleeing presecution from their native countries).

            But unless you (being from an aly country) have a valid passport, it will be difficult to obtain anything or prolong your removal proceedings, because BCIS doesn't like the fact that it can not remove people without proper travel documents.

            I would try to obtain the renewal of your passport to straighten things up here, or you could ask to denounce your citizenship with permission (it's a complicated process, but it's possible); some European countries request no citizenship or the denouncing of the previous citizenship before they naturalize, so it's a practice often done in Europe by people of your native country. good luck!


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              I would like to believe that renunciation of the citizenship of one country is allowed if the person has acquired the citizenship of another state or obtained a document issued by authorized body of another state certifying that the citizen of the first country would obtain the citizenship of the second state if he/she renounces the citizenship of the first one.


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                DUAL CITIZENSHIP

                Dual citizenship is the simultaneous possession of two citizenships. It arises because there is no common international law relating to citizenship.The most common reasons for dual citizenship are:

                "¢ Marriage to a citizen of another country.
                "¢ Adoption by parents who are citizens of another country.
                "¢ Birth in a country that grants citizenship by birth, to parents who are citizens of a country that grants citizenship by descent.

                Not all nations recognize that their citizens may possess simultaneous citizenship of another country.

                LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP

                This category is divided into two parts, the voluntary and the involuntary loss of citizenship.

                1.Voluntary Loss of Citizenship: Most countries have laws which specify how a citizen may voluntarily renounce citizenship. Precise information on renouncing citizenship may be obtained from the country's embassy or consulate. In most cases, the person can do all the necessary paperwork through the embassy or consulate.


                Under the laws of some nations the person must return to the home country to complete the renunciation process.


                Voluntary renunciation of citizenship may be very difficult for citizens of some countries. The U.S.Department of State may be of assistance to citizens who wish to gather information concerning the voluntary renunciation of citizenship of a particular country.

                2. Involuntary Loss of Citizenship: This entry lists the reasons a particular country may choose to withdraw the citizenship of one of its citizens. Most countries' laws dictate the loss of citizenship upon a citizen's voluntary acquisition of another country's citizenship. The interpretation of what constitutes "voluntary" is not uniform,however. In certain countries it is not considered voluntary unless the person makes an explicit declaration of the citizenship of the other country. For example, in Austria a person
                automatically obtains Austrian citizenship when appointed as a professor at an Austrian university. Some countries interpret this as "involuntary" citizenship and, according to their laws, citizenship is not lost. Other countries state that if a citizen obtains another nationality, and makes no effort to renounce it, citizenship is lost.


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                  Thanks for the replies, especially to my native countryman... I didn't know my people hung around here... Do I know you from other forums?

                  Well, I am not really interested in renewing my passport, I just need to have a document showing I am in process of obtaining I-551 along with my Alien number. It is required for U.S. military enlistment purposes. They need to see either the I-551 stamp in the passport or a document saying I am in due process and my alien number is this or that etc... I am hoping that my recruiter can write a letter to the District Office to obtain this document....

                  I can not renew my passport because I never registered with the native country's military and I won't....

                  In order to renounce my native citizenship, I have to show strong evidence to the consulate that I am about to obtain US citizenship. That is not possible now...

                  I also don't want to have a lot of contacts with the native government/consulate other than renouncing the native citizenship application, since I may be applying for a secret clearance with the U.S. Military in the future. Also renewing a foreign passport and/or having dual citizenship raises security concerns I might get denied the clearance. So let's forget anything that has to do with the native government.

                  I want to repeat my question, when I obtain my permanent residency I will have 6 months left on the passport and the stamp is a fullyear stamp, will BCIS stamp it anyway?


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                    I found something on the net about this...

                    Let me know what you think...

                    "The fourth, and least common document, is an I-94 Arrival Departure Card that is usually issued to an individual who does not have a passport wherein the stamp can be placed. Instead, the Immigration and Naturalization Service will ask the individual to obtain a photograph of himself and glue the photograph to the card. The Service officer will then put the I-551 stamp on the I-94 card. This document entitles a lawful permanent resident to verify their status and also travel to Canada and Mexico."


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                      Yep I now know that I can have the passport stamped even it is expired...

                      "Temporary Proof of Status

                      To obtain temporary evidence of their status when they go to their local INS office, all applicants should bring with them their expiring Green Card and a passport if they have one. If they do not have a passport, they should bring with them one additional photograph so that a temporary document (a stamped Form I-94 with photograph) can be created and issued on-site. [NOTE: If an applicant presents an expired passport the INS will stamp it; however, this documentation is not acceptable for employment verification purposes. Applicants can present to employers an unexpired stamped passport or Form I-94 with photograph, or any of the other documents listed on the Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification Form). Accordingly, applicants who require temporary documentation for employment purposes should inform the INS officer of this fact when they come to the local INS office.]"


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                        I think the I-551 stamp is bigger than a standard I-94; I think it only fits to a passport page.


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                          "I guess" -- that is not the issue, the stamps fits into the I-94, but I would be more concerned if the I-94 has already expired, just like the passport...


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                            No it is just a red ink ADIT stamp, I have seen one of my friend's, and it is small enough to fit on the I-94. Well when it is placed on the I-94, as it is stated on the explanation above, the I-94 doesn't have an expiration date. It is being given only for the I-551 stamp and it will also have your picture .


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                              Pasport should be valid for atleast for 6 months to get this stamp.


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