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    Mohan, as Bushmaster noted, the passport does not necessarily has to be unexpired when going to have the temporary I-551 stamp during the process of the green card renewal, for instance.


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      pasport has to be valid for six months to get I-551 stamp.
      In case of green card renewal, alien will not loose his status if the passport expires.
      these are two different things we are talking here.
      Stamp you get in first time when you get I-551 approved, you need travel doc to be valid for six months.
      ( same rule apply for getting any non immigrant Visa from consulate too)


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        That's what I was saying, Mohan.


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          Thanks Jackie , Made it more clear to understand..


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            Yet the real question appears to be whether Bushmaster meant the same thing as well...


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              I talked to my attorney about it. He said INS will stamp it anyway. My passport will have 6 months or less at the time of stamping, so what am I supposed to do if less? Sit on my butt and wait? I am not traveling anywhere, I just need it to prove my resident status immediately to the military.


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                You should renew it, your attorney is wrong. it not "" stamp it ANY WAY" . its the requirement . passport has to be valid for more then 6 mo. what you will do if they deny to stamp? You know what your attorney will say. oh Go renew it and it will be stamped , not a biggie..


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                  Well I am telling you that I can NOT renew it!

                  I need a document to prove my resident status!


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                    You may be able to renew it by showing copy of I-130 and marriage certificate and Proof of citizenship of your wife. to your embassay.
                    I know the consulate want to know the legal status to get renew the passports.( actually its not related to immigration in any way ,but still consulates want to know the status).


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                      Mohan, it is not that easy with my native country man.

                      The requirement for new passport or extensions is that the male citizen has to show that he registered with the military service of that country. I didn't register for that military duty. I talked to the consulates several times, there is no way they will give me an extension unless I go back and do the military duty. Bah!

                      My passport will expire in June 2004. So it has to be stamped by at the latest January 2004 according to what you say... I can't tell how INS will work in this situation because I know they are slow. My AOS will be filed with the Judge on July 10th. She said it will take 2-3 months for final hearing. So the passport will be still good. The question is what if the INS takes too long to call me for stamping...

                      I wouldn't worry about this at all because I will have the working authorization and I would wait the real greencard. But I have to have a document proving the legal status for the US military enlistment. I may have to ask the Army Recrutier to write a letter to the District Office, I heard they may give a letter stating I am a legal resident.

                      On the other hand, my I-765 is filed April 14th. My attorney received its receipt. So far I didn't hear anything, although St. Paul DO timeline says 1-7 days for working authorizations. It has been more than that!


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                        Here are the processing times


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                          Thanks, unfortunately, it is not that fast thru mail-in applications..


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                            well it says 1 day, but from last November on even those District Offices that once upon a time issued EADs on a walk-in basis do not do so any more...


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                              Bushmaster, did you file your 765 after you adjusted status before IJ? I have my I-130 interview tomorrow, and my attorney said as soon as we get approval, she will submit to the court to move forward (I have another master calender hearing in Sept). I just want to know when I can work. We are dying on one salary. How was your I-130 interview?


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                                EADs are filed once you file for AOS before the Judge I believe..


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