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  • After being awarded green card

    I was awarded conditional PR coz am married to USC but lately we have been having problems mainly coz she wastes money, wasteful etc. Is it in order for me to wait for removal of the conditions then leave the following week or what should I do?

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    I was awarded conditional PR coz am married to USC but lately we have been having problems mainly coz she wastes money, wasteful etc. Is it in order for me to wait for removal of the conditions then leave the following week or what should I do?


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      Money you can make ay time. Green card once lost is not easy to get, specially in cases like urs.


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        Mohan/Sammy/Umesh helllllllllllppppppppp!!


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          REad the I-751 form and the memo related to divorce on the INS website. It covers what your options are...

          But keep in mind that the I-751 can take years to process and they can ask for proof of cohabitation at any time... So make your choices wisely...

          On the other hand, I stuck in my marriage far to long and even then there is no way to know if my I-751 will be approved even though I filed it while I was still married...

          I could easily find myself deported even though everything was legit... And I have been dealing with the INS since '97 with all this and I am not close to finished yet...



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            ARQU I dont understand what you mean when you say it can take years to process. I thought it takes just a year to remove the conditions! Whats teh reason yours is pending from 1997? Was there a divorce? What was the service center. I need to know these things before I make a wrong move men!


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              Immigration situations should not have ANY bearing on your marriage relationship. If you are planning to leave your wife, do it now. You might get a green card if you "stick it out" for two years, but you will be living a lie and your wife is the one who will suffer, since you will be leading her on. Please think about what is really right. I know that it's tempting to think about yourself only, but she is a person too and needs you to be straigt with her. Maybe you guys can work something out. Marriage is hard work. You can't just give up because your wife spends too much money or you have a crush on someone else or whatever. You said 'till death do us part." You are a lier if you don't at least put all your energy into trying to fix your marriage. Don't be a quitter. Please try to save your marriage. Not just for your wife's sake, but for your own. Married men who stay in thier first marriages are more successful and generally happy then all other men. They have a lower suicide rate than all other men. The list goes on and on.


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                The problems are not all caused by her. If there are problems, then they are your problems just as much as hers. Talk to anyone who has been married for 20 years. They will tell you that problems are a part of marriage and it is a never-ending cycle of resolving them. That's how it is. Don't wait 'till your second or third marriage to realize that. The first year of marriage can be hard because you're both still adjusting to eachother and the idea of being married. The adjustment is harder if you were raised in two different cultures. You need to work hard and tackle the process of ironing out the primary difficulties. You need to sit down and work out a budget that both of you can live with if money is a problem for you. You will both have to compromise. Your wife having different ideas about money than you is not grounds for divorce, nor is it her fault. Please try to go through with your marriage. In 30 years when your first grandchild is born and your wife is beside you, you will be so happy that you stuck it out. You will be happier then the lonely guys who are paying child support and alimony for three failed marriages and living in a studio apartment eating TV dinners.


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                  I see you guys make good counsellors, but I think a major thing is the cultural differences. By the way, alimony kicks in after 2 years of marrige right?


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                    Once you are married and marriage is consumated. If your wife does not work or make less money than you, then you will have to pay her alimony. Amount of Alimony depends on your income and certain other facts.
                    As suggested above, you should try to work out your marriage. It really takes time to adjust to a spouse of different culture. For this you can not blame your wife only. Just sit down with her and explain her financial problem. She will understand it. It is natural, after marriage women spend little more money on fixing the house. A woman knows better than a man, what are necessities in a house. After sometime, you will feel that she is spending less money. Do not take decision in hurry. She had trusted you and married you with the understanding that you love her and will stay with her your whole life.
                    I wish you and your wife can work out this problem asap.
                    God bless you both.


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                      Here is my timeline (BTW - From 1997 to 1999 I was under a different visa - H1B)

                      July 1999 - Married and filed AOS
                      Oct 2000 - First Interview at Newark
                      Nov 2002 - Filed I-751
                      Anticipated Review of my I-751 - Dec 2004
                      1 year to Process - Dec 2005

                      So there you have it... This timeline is standard for dealing with Newark and VSC and assumes that there are no issues.



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