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    I was not born in America but I became a citizen as a child through my mother. A few years ago, I got into some trouble with the law and got a felony because of it. Did I mess up my citizenship static or can my citizenship paper be taken away from me.

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    I was not born in America but I became a citizen as a child through my mother. A few years ago, I got into some trouble with the law and got a felony because of it. Did I mess up my citizenship static or can my citizenship paper be taken away from me.


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      Sometimes, foreigners mistake the legal permanent status ("greencard holder") with citizenship. So it all depends on that. If you mistake LPR status for "citizenship" (which it is not) then yes; your status and right to live and work here can be revoked which will open the way to get you pyhsically removed from the U.S. as well.

      If you're a naturalized citizen - you would have a "certificate of naturalization" in that case - a criminal felony will not have an affect on it. To my knowledge, untill recently (2000), minor immigrants could not be naturalized unless one of the parents was a citizen at their birth. They had to apply for their naturaliziation once their application was legally binding than turning a major (18 yrs. old).

      U.S. citizenship can be revoked for naturalized people for major tax evasion cases, former nazi and genocide involvement or if the basis for the citizenship was obtained fraudelently.


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        If one naturalized US CITIZEN reports that she earned only 3k a year when he/she might have earned 40k and up, is that major Tax Evasion?
        What about if that person got the 37k unreported paid in cash?


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          Thanks Acelaw.....My mother was not born in american, but she applied for our citizenship paper and was granted it over 15 years ago. I am not a green card holder, I have my citizenship certificate paper.


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            uh just a little.. Theres tax avoidance and then there is Tax Evasion. the latter can land you in jail.

            hmmm Tax evasion. not good. Generally the only way the government can get a slick criminal convicted. Al Capone and others.. Eventually they get sloppy & all slip up.

            The only people that seem to be able to get away legally with this are those in the restaurnat service industry business where things are not always scrutinized. A server per se that in reality clears cash tips of $$600 wk and W-2for the year may only show 8-12k and then does not report unreported tips on 1040. However IRS has proposed crackdowns on restaurant business practices, and forthcoming audits of such. you know another one of those deals that government knows about these things and just turns a blind eye becuase project is too big to tackle.

            Also.. Be aware that if a joint tax return is filed and the other party has willingly and knowingly signed a innaccurate return, that party is equally liable for the consequences of filing a fraudulent return. Tread lightly


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              Most (99%) of citizenship revocations occur from them finding problems in your prior status's or initial citizen application.

              However -- once your a citizen, you'rea citizen. The US justice system doesn't make a difference between nat or us-born citizens. There's no double standard.

              Meaning, to revoke your citizenship would require a federal case applied to you, and the IS would have to get the justice department, lawyers, etc. involved. It rarely does that only on nazi cases of if you go take up arms against the US, etc. etc.

              So in reality I guess you could be a mass murderer and they still couldn't take it away really. You're basically a citizen like eveyrone else. The reason the nazi folks lost it -- is cuz of what they USED to do and did NOT disclose on the citizenship/visa applications. The argument being is that if they disclosed that info prior -- the US would NEVER have allowed them in in the first place. Hence, the citizenship was obtained by fraud.

              So you're a citizen of this country. Don't sweat it. Commit as many crimes as you wish.

              God that sounded bad.

              -= nav =-


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                Your mother was born in US she is US Citizen.
                Where were you born?
                If you were born out side of US then your mother must thave reported your bith at the American Embassy Or Consulate. You must have received your Consular Report of Birth Abroad, if you have this document it means that you are a US Citizen born Out side of US of One of whos parent is US Citizen. OR
                Your mother might have file all papers withe INS at that time to get your Certificate of Citizenship.
                You might have the Certificate of Citizenship from the INS( This certificate is issued by INS/BCIS) In both cases you are a Citizen of the United States and you need not to worry.


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