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mohan tell us about you:age,origine,education and all that

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  • mohan tell us about you:age,origine,education and all that

    who is you.where are you from?why do you think and feel like you should help peoples up here.we appreciate every single thing you do on this board and that's why we need to know you better.If you make a difference in our lives we should know who to thank don't you think so?

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    who is you.where are you from?why do you think and feel like you should help peoples up here.we appreciate every single thing you do on this board and that's why we need to know you better.If you make a difference in our lives we should know who to thank don't you think so?


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      I am basically from INDIA/New Delhi. I am in california, came To USA in 1993. I,m married to USC and Have two USC kids. I had straight forward case but My case was screwed up by lawyer (BIG TIME). I had no knowledge about the Law at that time. I drained up all my savings thru these lawyers and end up broke. but I gained the knowledge about the Law. I started my search of the each and every questions, bought some law books too.
      Many times I went to INS in Newark ofice . I,ve seen mother with infant standing in line at 5.00 am just to get in and file some paperwork, bitterly cold weather windy and snow everywhere, each and everyone have some kind of story which is painful and specially when you see these people don't have good earning and still they have to pay ton of money to lawyers.
      I,m Engineer and was happyly worked in gulf But I lost everything in gulf war, seen and lived/survived under death, I also helped many innocent civilians womens and families when bullets were flying all over.( A long story, I don,t want to mention here.).

      Now, I know how the person feels when he don't know the law and the his dependents has to suffer. Sometimes he has to pay the price and he might don,t have milk for his/her infant. Law is not simple either, it takes real understanding to know what should be done.
      I guess 80% people comes to this site who need help with immigration matters. regardless of USC/LPR/overstayed/Illigal. everybody needs help her except some who promote some law firm or Law students. Many people can't affort attorney, but little help they will be able to get the right direction. I do my best to help them if I know something. I get better everyday.


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        How about Brownfox BIO?


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          I'm glad i know you a little better and i'm sorry to hear about your route.Life is hard and often time not fair but hey!that's what make it so challenging and rewarding when you get the knowledge and wisdom like you do today.
          I'm from west Africa(Guinea) and have been living here since 1998.I actually chose to come to the states because I always loved this country,i think its a wonderful experience.Yes I have seen horors in all form and shape including seing my father arrested on my very birthday,sent to jail and executed by armed squads simply because his political views was different form those of the President(Sekou Toure).
          He was 45 yo and Secretary of state.I'm sure a lot of peoples you're helping here have had painfull experiences no matters where they are from and that's why I personally thank you for everything and for everyone.
          This board here is our house and people like you make it so beautiful.
          Please keep helping and learning from everything you will be paid some day.
          God bless you,your family and those who you love.
          Ahmed SAVANE


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            I am really happy that u have used what would appear as negatives to help people in a positive way. You are always willing. Thanks.


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              You are a good man. Keep up the good work and God will bless you abudantly.


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                you are a real hero Mohan lol
                god bless you


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                  Mohan you are one of the best people on the board without your help I have no idea how would people get help. Your advice is invaluable here. (smile let us not start that again)
                  Thanks for doing a great job. I think it would be nice if you can take the time and start lobbying for immigrants and telling about their plight.
                  Can you or anyone post your comments about lobbying for immigrants.


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                    Mohan I had read your name and advice many times but have now got a chance to know you. What you are doing is good work. You are helping people who really need one. You are a real modern day saint. Keep it up.


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                      Mohan,I appreciate the way u are helping poeple whom u don't know. This is called service to humanity with no personal interest. U will be rewarded for ur good deed. Well done & keep it up.


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                        I am amazed by your story and truly sorry to hear about the obstacles you have faced and overcome. I deeply respect your ability and willingness to help people here, without judging or condemning, and you show a true respect for American laws, no matter how screwed up they can be! Keep helping -regardless of which side of the immigration fence people are on and whatever their opinions about immigrants and immigration, respect for the law must come first, and you remind us of that all the time. Thank you for what you've taught me and everyone on this board.


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                          Thank you for sharing your story with us Mohan. You are truly a wonderful person. Thank you for everything that you are doing. I am very impressed by all your work on this board. Once again, thank you Mohan from the bottom of my heart.


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                            Mohan Pyre.

                            When I address you first mohan pyre I. Knew you are an Indian. me TOOO.

                            With Your Help this site is really benefited by all of us and sharing good experience.

                            Indians are always eager to help people.

                            I wish you & your Family all the best.



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                              I know that Mohan is very helpful to many people here. And, It is great that he is willing to do so. However, I am not that sure when he is giving the "right" answer. I was doing some research myself and contacting lawyesr and the two opinions diverge greatly.


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