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  • Making Money Unofficially?

    I'm on nonimmigrant visa without work authorization; Know any unofficial methods on making money besides mowing lawns/shoveling snow? LOL!
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    I'm on nonimmigrant visa without work authorization; Know any unofficial methods on making money besides mowing lawns/shoveling snow? LOL!
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      g.a..y phone s..e...x

      if you're laughing and think it's stupid -- you obviously haven't researched this way under-estimated mega million dollar industry that's still very profitable.

      -= nav =-


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        moonie I know you were g a y...


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          Aw come on; Something Legal/Ethical/Moral please; I ask some of my peers and one of the responses was another illegal method also; Come on everyone... How do some of these so-called "illegals" make money when they aren't even authorized for work, got a green card, or citizenship; How the heeck do they survive and make money without official employment? How does one tap into this nonofficial income source? Hmmmmm.......
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            Hey johnsmith2,

            The best way to get a good answer to ur question is ... ask someone who is illegal here ... and goes through that situation ....


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              Get a job that is paid in cash, usually in a small services business that is newly opened... chef-owned small hole-in-the-wall restaurants, painting, moving, delivery... if reluctant to give you a full-time position, ask for a part-time and do two jobs... you can save pretty neat sum that way, but your social life goes away...


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                learn some sort of "hands-on" skill and then go do it.

                Or help me start a company that teaches illegals all across the country read/write English for $10/class. The profits would be off the roof.

                -= nav =-


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                  hmmmm Moodin.. what do u mean "hands on"

                  What do u think Aguila


                  try those newspaper ads : the one that state

                  Read books and watch T.V. & make a million dollars. they've been running those ads for years so it must work


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                    Know how to paint? lay bricks? work on farms or in the fields?


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                      Someone12: Im not illagal; Im 100% Legal on NonImmigrant Visa WITHOUT Work Authorization; Why dont I go back to my home country? Becuase my home country isn't THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or Canada for that matter; Only 2 countries I'd prefer to live in, in this world; The other White/English Speaking countries has either weird accents or are too remote from the rest of the world

                      Pasha Patel: Where do I find those illegal personell locally?

                      blueyes: How do I find such businesses? Cold calling every local business in the yellow pages?

                      moondin: My english is my 1st language (I dont know any other langauge) and consider myself pretty good at it; How may I "help"?

                      reina90: Perhaps; But where would I find such work?
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                        Dear johnsmith2,

                        I don't have answer to your question ...where to find illegal ? but they are everywhere and if u socialize with people ... u might find out about someone's status .... Other than that I don't know how to find them.... Wish u all the best with ur job hunting ... Pasha


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                          No cold calling, come on... I was trying to be helpfull, but obviously was understood differently. Look at the ads in the local newspapers; those for restaurants, construction, etc. I don't know where you live and certainly cannot go there and take you by the hand and say "here, go here and do that". This country was built on self-reliance among other things, so try to be self-reliant and ready to work hard...


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                            Check out franchised convenience stores.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Hey Moonie, can you do that phone thing from your own home?
                              Sweet Madame Belu


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