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do I need to apply for a social security number?

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  • do I need to apply for a social security number?

    I recently got my EAD, but my question is: do I need to apply for a social security number before I'll go for job hunting? Is it mandatory?

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    I recently got my EAD, but my question is: do I need to apply for a social security number before I'll go for job hunting? Is it mandatory?


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      No employer in their right mind will hire you without the ss# !


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        that's what I thought, too...but does anyone know what kind of documents (additional to the EAD)shall I need to bring to the ss office? How long will it take to get the ss number?


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          Guess.. go to the local social security administration office. ( check phone book or ask friends) There is application to fill out, and take your EAD with you, passport , etc. identification. Most states generally issue SS# within 48 hours by phone. The actual card itself will be mailed . allow 4-6 weeks.

          It is illegal for employers to hire without SS# . You can apply for jobs, its no problem. They just cannot hire you to start work without proper paperwork. They must have proof that you are legal to work here. Many employers are even running a check on SS# to make sure that it is a valid work authorization one. So get legal and good luck.


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            That just doesn't sound correct at all from what I've read. If you've been given an EAD, then you are approved for work you wouldn't need a social.

            You'll probably need a social however, if you plan on going for bank loans, maybe health insurance, blah blah..Also, if you don't have a social, you'll have to apply for a Iax Id number from the IRS in order to file your taxes. But I'm assuming if you have an EAD, you are legal, thus getting a SSN should not be a problem at all.


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              Yes, you do need a social security number to work in the UNited Staes. That is the law. If you have a EAD, your card will say"Not valid without work authorization". But it will only take about a week to get your card. You can apply in person without having to send your documents. Many times the federal building where immigration is also has a SS office, so you can apply as soon as you get your EAD.


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                You can go to the site They form that you need to fill out is there. On the intructions it lists what is considered proper documentation and what is not. I believe that you can either submit it in person, or mail it in. Just read the instructions.

                When my husband got his, they told us that they are now required to check that work Visas are valid, but it should be a problem since we already had INS approval. My husbands card arrived in about 2 weeks. It does state "Valid only with proper work authorization".


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                  1. Your EAD card
                  2. Your passport
                  3. Two or One of ID with picture (like credit card or driving licence)

                  Normally you will get your card within 14 days (I got mine only 3 days by mail). Some SS office will check whether your data already in the BCIS SAVE system. If not they have to verified first with BCIS and then you have to wait another 1 or 2 months. SS office won't give SS# by phone anymore. They will ask you to go to any SS office to get your number if you still do not get the number after a while by bringing the SS receipt that you will get when you register your number.

                  To answer your question, YES you need SS# to work. This number is for tax deduction and so on.

                  Good luck.


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