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Divorced in another country and getting married in US

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    Yes, I'm totally with Max. Just tell her, get it overwith, it really is not a big deal. half the world is divorced! Seriously! You are single. No one I know considers themselves 'divorced'-- I think that stereotype is old-fashioned. just explain to your wife, just like us. You never thought about it until you had to fill out this form, but when you were young you made a brief mistake. You don't think about it because it was so long ago, and never brought it up because it wasn't relevent (and it isnt'). I don't think you need to tell everyone you know, like you have this big secret. Just talk to your wife. She is the only one that this is pertinent to.

    Meanwhile, I totally agree with Max on the divorce papers. Make sure that they are legal. The INS can be picky about divorces which didn't happen in the USA. Since you're from the UK, I wouldn't expect there would be much of a problem. Two friends of mine (US and UK cits.) just went through it and her divorce wasn't questioned.


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      I have a question about divorce papers. Do u think the bcis will question a divorce paper obtained from home country, while both husband & wife are here in USA? This is because to obtain a divorce paper here in USA in not only expensive but also very time taking. I was wondering, if I can get our divorce paper from my home country while me & my wife are here in USA. This will cost me very cheap & quick. But at the same time I am worried that it may not be acceptable to BCIS. What is ur knowldge on this subject? Thanks


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        A divorce paper from UK shouldnt pose any problem, you are ok.

        Plus you dont even have to have it translated, thats good.


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          BCIS doesn't really care if you have been devorced or single in his home country when he came here. He got devorced in his home country so he can file his status as a single. He is here in the U.S. and different law than his home country. Someone can marry in the u.s. eventhough they are married in their home country nobody will find your status in your home country except you will tell to anybody.


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            u didn't give reply to my question.


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              it probably depends on what country the divorce is from. I guess I wouldn't risk the INS accepting my divorce papers, because then you would be subject to deportation, because your current marriage wouldn't be valid. It isn't expensive to get a divorce here. There are services which can do it for a few hundred dollars, and then you know it will be accepted.

              In answer to poster before you, the US does not allow bigamy--so if one is married --anywhere-- it does matter. you can only be married to one person here. It even says this on the adjustment application, it asks if you plan to practice bigamy-- if you commit fraud, you could jeopardize your application. Why would anyone risk this? If you don't want to be married to that other person --whereever they are-- why not just divorce them so your marriage here is legitimate?


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                I did shop around about the services the cheapest is $550.00 plus $285.oo cost of court fee. Where as same services in home country for $80.oo only.
                But the problem, I foresee is the INS may ask that u got divorce paper from home country, while u are physically here in USA. They may make big problem, that's why I requested ur views. Thank again.


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